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  2. I have to thank Kev for this as I had lost it for 12 years........I bought a Truppenausweis 25 years ago for little money and was thinking of selling it at one time. I moved house in 2005 and never saw it again until recently......Kev was talking about a SS Pz. Soldbuch which used to be mine 20 years ago and I had photocopies of it still somewhere.....anyway.....didn't find the photocopies but I did find a folder with a few documents in and this Truppenausweis!!! Relieved to have found it after all this time. Anyone who knows me well will know that I collect Cavalry units, in particular 1 Kavallerie Brigade/Division, later 24 Panzer Division. At the time I was not aware what units this guy belonged to, but came across his name in charge of Veterinär Kompanie 40, 1 Kavallerie Brigade/Division.....of course I thought I must have sold it as couldn't find it anywhere.....you can imagine how pleased I was when I found it!!! Veterinär Dr Hans-Joachim Just was a member of I Abteilung, Kavallerie Regiment 17 on 13.1.1939 when this Truppenausweis was issued. It is signed by Oberstleutnant Rudolf Freiherr von Waldenfels as Abteilung Kommandeur, he would finish the war as a Generalleutnant and Eichenaubträger. Confirmation of officers from the Rangliste of 1.1.1939 with Just highlighted. Confirmation as Kompanie Chef, Veterinär Kompanie 40 from 1940. A few years ago I bought an Archive of photos and manuscripts for Kavallerie Ersatz Abteilung 8, Aufklärungs Abteilung 18, Reiter Regiment 21 and Kavallerie Regiment Nord/5 "Feldmarschall von Mackensen". And to my disbelief I found a photo of him in a group and confirmation from officer lists. Here are the names of those in the photo: Kavallerie Regiment 5 "Feldmarschall von Mackensen" in Dad, Hungary 23.2.1945. 1. Rittmeister Joachim Epping 2. ? 3. Generalleutnant Rudolf Holste EL (Kdr. 4 Kavallerie Division) 4. Major Wilhelm Graf von der Schulenburg 5. Stabsveterinär Dr. Hans Joachim Just 6. Oberstleutnant i.G. Max Schwerdtfeger 7. Leutnant Eckhardt Brandes 8. Oberzahlmeister Karl Uske 9. Leutnant Clemens Prinz von Croy Incidentally the other group that was in the folder was also an Officer with Kavallerie Regiment Nord, later Kavallerie Regiment 5 "Feldmarschall von Mackensen".....he is also listed and need to check if there is a photo of him! /Ian
  3. Hello Gerry, to be honest, there are not an easy one. The badges you bought especially the Osang para, there are very good fakes out there from this type. Straight pictures from the observe and reverse could always help a lot to determine the authenticity of the badge. But I am pretty sure the Deschler IAB is a good one. On the zinc Osang para, a better picture from the maker mark would be good, but looks promising. About the zinc heer flak, I am not sure. a straight picture from the front would be good, the eagle's head and talons look a bit different than what i used to see on Funcke & Brüningshaus badges.
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  5. Is this helmet authentic or a reproduction?
  6. Please read the market place rules. You need to state if postage included in price or not. Please amend or this thread will be deleted. Thanks Pierce F. Moderator
  7. picture with authograph from KC winner 100 euro
  8. Received this in the post yesterday which I was given for free in thanks for helping someone with identifying some signatures. It has seen better days but it is to a member of Pz.Nachr.Abt 86 of 24.Pz.Division and the date of 22nd October 1942 puts it in the time frame for the heavy fighting around the Barrikady & Tractor Factories in Stalingrad. His name also appears on Verleihungsliste Nr 2 from 24.Pz.Division listing those to be awarded the EK I & II with Pz.Nachr.Abt 86 having 82 soldiers winning the EK I & II. The soldier in question is still reported as Missing at Stalingrad, one of over 103,000 German troops still listed as Missing from that batle. The citation is signed by Arno von Lenski (DKiG) who was captured at Stalingrad and then while in captivity he joined the Soviet supported National Committee For A Free Germany. Post war he served as a Generalmajor in the East German Army.
  9. Dear Gerry, this was posted in the wrong forum. I will move it to the correct one. There are certainly people able to help you out like @Hans Kondor
  10. Anyone has more information or update on Stewart?
  11. Soldiers of Sächsisches Minenwerfer-Bataillon XXII (Saxon 22nd Mortar Battalion) posing with MG08:
  12. Sorry for the incorrect info. I should have written now in canberra. I am referring to the A7V, number 506, “Mephisto", world’s only remaining example. Regards Mark
  13. Great thanks for sharing your interesting photos. That is a massive machine. I haven't seen the A7V in Sydney, but I think they have put it out of the weather and doing work on it. Regards mark
  14. Last week
  15. Why march to your next destination when you can ride on an A7V tank?
  16. Ritterkreuz award ceremony for Oberstleutnant Ernst Kaether (Kommandeur des Infanterie-Regiment 14). Generalleutnant Paul Völckers presents the award.
  17. My grandfather served in the Occupation of Japan after WW2 in the late 1940s with the 25th Infantry Division, 35th Regiment. My family and I recently came across this ring, and I am having trouble identifying whether it is WW2 era or newer. It seems to have no markings besides the 25th insignia and two five petaled flowers that I can not identify on the front of the ring. Thank you to anyone that can assist me.
  18. Hi Guys, my name is Gerry and i ´m new to this forum. I was wondering if you can help me out on my badges that i have bought recently so i know if they are fake ones! This way i can send them back and get my money back. Thanks a lot!
  19. A friend of mine picked up this bayonet. Can anyone id? I've looked and asked but nothing firm. How about it..anyone?
  20. Absolutely cracking photograph, love all the little details.
  21. What a great photo.Thanks for posting Jim
  22. Mark, Bart thank for your words!! Today I want show you an other military merit. It is a Order Of military merit 2º class. It was realized by Gerardo Castells, a manufacturer from Barcelona You can see that the crown has been cut. It was a practice of the 2º republic (1931-1936), because the orders and medals didn´t had to show symbols about monarchy There are medals what have lost the crown and the ´´lises`` of the blue center and the four ´´lises`` that we can see next to the cross. But other owners thought that removed the crown was enough and the ´´lises`` there were something about the design of the order and no for the goverment. The owner had to decided buy a new medals or make this modification in her old medals. When the medal was of hight quatily, as for example this that is made with gold, silver and enamel, the price was important.
  23. If someone ares interested , can buy in this page or send me a MP http://www.todocoleccion.net/militaria-libros-literatura/las-recompensas-ejercitos-africa-1860-1936~x91716782 Regards
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