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  2. I was browsing through an antique shop today and came across this which is advertised as a nazi style pocket magnifier. I knew the nsdap logo and was intrigued but I couldn't find anything about anything like this? The photo isn't great but any help or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Translation of service record:Andreas Gerber, identification tag EM-File recorded -17-1./SS-K.R. 18Born on 19.6.20 in Apatin/HungaryName and address of the person to be notified: Father: Andreas Gerber Apatin - Hungary, Kossuth Lajosstr. 394Unit: 1. SS - K.R. 18Rank: Rottenführer* Nationality: Hungary Ethnicity: yespers.85: 147 Front Avenue, Brentwood N. Y. 11717 USA17.2.48 On 13.9.44 near Sceulia missing in actionVermißt Meldung der Truppe = Missing Report from the unit, Nr. 26357.12.6.48 Same Report from Lt.U.V.K 16/9-Vorr.II Std. W. S 297/1213.11.85 VI/2 VII:Dsb leung 1/1 {6.12.85 III P4 Dgd.: Rank, TT: Inf. R. 18 Date of registration 20.10.45Age: 19 years6.12.85 W2 VII: Please check the missing person's report (1/1)6.12.85 VII/4 Ke. Orders fom 17.2.48 and 16.6.48.checked and supplemented 1/110.12.85 VI/2 bibl. Inquiry from 29.11.85 neg(ative)16.12.85 VI/2 III/A to co-examination (1/5)17.Dez.1985 Ref III Kgf. A.** - No record - R.Ga.25.2.85 VI/2 G a. Antr.v.31.10. and 1.11.85 Dzb. about. (s. V.) Kr.Ga.8.9.86 VI/25 LVA Rheinprovinz Düsseldorf a. Antr. v.10.7.86, Az.:13 190626 G 032 -V975-. Dzb. wir vor übers. (s. V.) RK (signature)__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______* Within the Waffen-SS, a Rottenfuhrer was equivalent to an Obergefreiter in the Wehrmacht, in other words, a Corporal.** Kgf most likely means Kriegsgefangene = prisoners of war
  4. I found this bayonet in my basement it is a Tokyo arsenal type 30 bayonet wanted to find out age and value of it so I can sell it
  5. Sorry, bud thanks for replay. Greetings, Rudi
  6. JustinG


    Lets see what you have? There are some fascinating pieces I have seen in several collections. Let's see yours. Best Regards, JustinG
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  8. Yes, I see, that is not much to go on? I see the crows foot but not much else, sorry. Best Rich
  9. any DLV collectors out there?
  10. Hello, Thanks already for info, i dont now if it can be post war? I try to take pictures of the markings, but this is the best with my celphone, sorry Greetings, Rudi
  11. Justin, I think he means a Broad Arrow Marking, IE crows foot? R&S, Pics of the markings may help? Picture paints a thousand words! I must say UK stuff is not my bag though! Rich
  12. Well, I would be curious how you could tell this was time period to the 2nd World War and not a post WW2 timeframe? That is the difficult thing with Allied equipment, especially items like this, it is practically impossible to date. Unless, a design was present during the WW2 period that was changed afterwords to a new pattern to help specifically date this piece. It is interesting. I think your assumption of coverall is a better assumption. Most fire suits I have seen always have a collar which could be secured in an upright position to protect the entire neck of the firefighter. These are just my observations. The name you gave "Broud Arrow" does not show up in a several search engine search. Broad Arrow was what was always attempted to try to reference. No manufacturing/ clothing Haberdashery was found. Thanks for sharing, JustinG
  13. Richard Auld

    Unknown WW2 German Patch ID

    Could you post up the other too. I see what you mean Justin. I am not a fan of KM embroidered in general as they always look shoddy? What I do like about it is the backing thread is not blue, on the machines they used a cheaper thread as the backing, most modern copies are not that clever? Other things you could do is test it under black light, should not glow, particularly useful here with the white backing? Rich
  14. very nice set. could have been made in the far east/china
  15. thanks mate, I though that was the case but it came up recently. I assume the cannuck nicked it off a squaddie
  16. Hard to read them clearly, but, suggest, 12 ra for 12th royal artillery Rga for Royal garrison artillery I am away from home therefore can't easily do any more for now
  17. Dear collectors! I have this P1903 leather bandoleer in my collection for a while. It has a lot of stamps on it but I still dont know the meaning of it. It was sold to me as a 12th Royal Artillery way back for a good price, but thats not possible since they dont existed since 1947. The stamps are: 12 RA 6 R G ? 48 And on the right the maker stamp with 1918. The 12 is also stamped on another part of the belt. Hope you guys can help me identify this bandoleer! https://ibb.co/Sf08Vdw https://ibb.co/TqtCx3L https://ibb.co/Ns2mzQT https://ibb.co/4KCc2Kp https://ibb.co/FX5Gp39
  18. JustinG

    Unknown WW2 German Patch ID

    Looks awfully thick. I am a bit more skeptical. Also, the continuation of the long feathers and the short feathers also raises my suspicions. Best Regards JustinG
  19. They are British, but there is this well known picture of a Canadian soldier with one on his Mk3 helmet. How he got it?
  20. Hello, Have you Any update ? Best,Morten.
  21. I see this type sometimes claimed as canadian, is that true or are they british?
  22. Richard Auld

    Unknown WW2 German Patch ID

    Has a chance, Blue naval eagle for the white uniform. Rich
  23. Landed this one and looks great to me
  24. I was at an estate sale and among a bunch of old boy scout and other kinds of patches, I found two of these WW2 German Patches. A lot of stuff in the house was vintage 1940s-1960s stuff. I was just wondering if 1. These are real and 2. What did these come from? 3. The history behind this? Thanks!
  25. Graham B

    UK medal collection from WW1

    Thanks JustinG.
  26. JustinG

    UK medal collection from WW1

    Nice collection. BR, JustinG
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