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  2. Jerry, I have pretty much tried to avoid cast badges until recently because of the repro's. The one you show looks 'dug up' maybe ? I have seen that type of slider on a cast RA gun badge recently but was not sure if they are known to be genuine.
  3. Graham, I have a few but most I think are C. 1970's India market tourist, except this one shown below.
  4. General der Infanterie Eugen Ott (Photo credits to Hermann-Historica)
  5. SS-Sturmbannführer Hans Meyer (RKT) (Photo credits to Hermann-Historica)
  6. Yesterday
  7. Oh, my god ! Impossible to find a nicer one
  8. Very nice addition to your collection Tony! The OLS look great. Regards, Nick
  9. Must agree with Mark . Does look typical of the Lebel with that big brass handle. Regards Pete
  10. Great idea for a thread! Not mine, but this is the one of Oberst Johannes Wiese, RK-OL
  11. The Artificer badge is the wrong hand or a mirror image of the official die struck badge. Graham
  12. I bought this lot of badges from a general antique dealer at a small fair last weekend. With the exception of the 3rd/6th DG they are cast and probably made in India. Although I have no proof, I suspect they were originally the property of one soldier. I am not sure how the Artificer badge fits in. I know it was adopted by the REMI but I believe it pre dates this. If these were indeed one man's, I am guessing his order of service could have been :- Carabiners, 26th Hussars [41-43], RAC, ROAC. I would be interested to see other theatre made [cast] badges if you have any. Graham
  13. For sale this very nice 1St German Eagle Order with Swords and case I ask 3000€, shipping included with reacking number Payment by bank transference or paypal friends option
  14. Last week
  15. I have been looking for a decent 1914 Star to an Indian for a while. Managed to pick this one up Jim
  16. http://www.karkeeweb.com/patterns/1939/1939_intro.html It is explained here. The leather gear was manufactured as there was a shortage of webbing. It also describes its use. Graham.
  17. Cracking, Graham. The bottom left example being a splendid looking badge. Well, as you're already aware these brooched examples are by convention deemed "sweetheart" and/or post-war veteran conversions for wear, too. However, it's not entirely inconceivable to consider the possibility that it was an alteration by an individual (maybe an officer?) for their uniform; head-dress or otherwise? Whatever its history and use, it's a first for me in seeing a brooched 26H 1st Patt. I have a 25D officers embroidered beret badge that was attached via safety pins. And a 26H (2nd Patt.) officers collar that has had the lugs removed with the addition of three small holes bored through the badge as eyelets for cotton thread. Hence, subsequently stitched to the uniform and was worn as a collar - a veteran aquistion that would certainly pose question devoid of provenance. A wonderful story: I know of a 24L No. 1 Dress, gilt and enamel collar badge (factory made with a broach fitting for wear on the uniform) that was acquired by a trooper from one of his officers in the regiment. The troopers intention was for the enamelled collar to be worn as a sweetheart brooch, which is attested to by a wartime dated letter expressing such to his beloved. Today, both the letter and collar reside with the grandson of the former Lancer. Best, Marcus • The top three are a bona fide "set" to an individual.
  18. Hello Tim, Looks like a French Lebel Bayonet, Model 1886/1893/1916 manufactured without the quillion around WW1 era. Sorry can't help with identifying it more, Regards Mark
  19. The whole thing is about 60cm long
  20. I found a bayonet. Any tips on identifying? Only able to upload 1 pic so far if some markings on it. Will try take some smaller size pics. It's got a brass hanlde and the blade part is 4 point in cross section, not a flat blade. In Sydney, Australia if that might help.
  21. WWI Distinguished Service Cross from Lt Harold Hemingway of New Haven Connecticut for sale.
  22. WWI Distinguished Service Cross from Lt Harold Hemingway of New Haven Connecticut. Looking for a home.
  23. Love the collection. I have a WWI Distinguished Service Cross from Lt Harold Hemingway of New Haven Connecticut. Looking to find a home for it. If you know anyone looking to add one to their collection please let me know.
  24. My four 1st pattern 26th Hussars. Slider, broached, lugged wearers left facing and right facing [polished] collars. Marcus, I wonder if these were broached for 'sweethearts' or another reason. Graham.
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