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  3. Thanks for the clarification.
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  5. Now I see: It is Order of SS Maurice and Lazarus.
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  7. Hi, I have 3 photos of these! Cheers,Morten.
  8. Hi Larry, Congrats,very Nice My friend! Cheers,Morten.
  9. Thanks Justin! It stands for the Knight's Cross of the "Order of Merit of the Kingdom of Hungary" (Hungarian: Magyar Érdemrend), which according to online sources, Werner received in 1938. Kind regards, Nick
  10. Artillerieschulboot Bremse.🙂
  11. Greetings, Very lovely grouping. Question: What is the ribbon with green backing on the top, white cross with red center? Is this a post war citation from the Bundesmarine? Best Regards, JustinG
  12. Thanks Pierce! This part of the nachlass included a BW photoalbum as well. Regards, Nick
  13. Great to see so many people contributing. Great thread and thanks folks for sharing. Best Regards, JustinG
  14. A nice piece. Blade looks in good condition. Thanks for sharing. Best Regards, JustinG
  15. Kriegsmarine Großadmiral

    Photo of German soldiers wearing foreign decorations.

    Another photo of Donitz wearing the Italian decoration around the neck. On GMIC forum I was told that on the first photo I posted few days ago Donitz is wearing the Commander's Cross of the Miltiary Order of Savoy. Does this second photo confirm the Order of Savoy? Can we concluded it is not the Order of SS Maurice and Lazarus?
  16. Nick, A most impressive grouping. Thanks for sharing it. Kind regards, Pierce
  17. His BW Wehrpass with award entries.
  18. Recently acquired this grouping attributed to Korvettenkapitän Werner Winter (26.03.1912, Hamburg - 09.09.1972, Kiel). ,,Werner began his naval career in April 1930. He served on the line ship Schlesien and then on the light cruiser Emden before transferring to the U-boat force in July 1935. After a few months on U22 he took command of this boat in October 1937, and during the fall of 1939 made two brief and unsuccessful patrols. In November 1939 he was attached to the BdU Op staff. In July 1941 Winter took over command of U103 from the famous ace Viktor Schütze and made three successful patrols. He sunk a total of 15 tankers/freighters (79,301 GRT) near the US East Coast and Cuba, earning him the Knight's Cross on the 5th of June 1942. In July 1942 he took command of the 1st Flotilla in Brest, France. He was captured after the surrender of Brest in August 1944, returning home from British captivity (POW camp 18, Featherstone Park) in November 1947. After the war he served for a few years in the Bundesmarine and retired as Kapitän zur See in March 1970.''
  19. Hi Collector Friends, This Mützenbander in wear phot arrived today. Z , 8 ZERSTØRER BRUNO HEINEMANN Cheers,Morten.
  20. J`ame

    Reichsbahn Lamp.

    Sorry no, It is in a private collection in Colorado,USA.
  21. Generalleutnant Heinz-Hellmuth von Wühlisch with the Order of the Cross of Liberty (Finland). And Seyß-Inquart, Kleimkamp, Reinhard and Rauter too.
  22. char.Vizeadmiral Hans Kolbe with the Royal Order of Vasa (Sweden).
  23. Yes it is always filled in normaly it just gives them another area where they could perhaps use or generate a suporting document. They are very active and imginative over here.
  24. I've only ever had my hands on one Soldbuch so perhaps a silly question. Is it unusual for the serial number to be missing and can the number, if present, roughly confirm the date of issue?
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