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  2. Russian Front medal citation is often missing in groups as it could take anywhere up to 3 years to get the citation, if he actually did receive it.
  3. Thank you, , Eduardo D. for the instructions.I got there in the end.
  4. Last week
  5. NARA holds the KTB for both 1.Sicherungs-Division (although some parts are only available from BA-MA) and also nearly the complete KTB for 13.VP-Flottille. It does say in the write-up that KTB for individual VP-Booten (those that still exist) are incorporated in to the relevant Flottillen KTB so you might be able to unearth lots of details for V-1306, including why she was grounded. It looks like the KTB for 13.VP-Flot. is covered in 11 Rolls, and NARA charges $130 for each Roll regardless of whether there are 4 pages in it or 2,004. These files are in the NARA T-1022 series.
  6. Could well be the marking for MTB 434. I have looked in the book Hitler's Forgotten Flottillas and there is no mention of any actions for late June/early July 1943. I dare say it was one of the many nightly clashes between British coastal forces and the German coastal convoys, or possibly a strafing attack from an aircraft. The book does mention 13.VP-Flottille for mid-March 1943 when they were escorting two cargo ships from Rotterdam which were attacked and sunk by MTB's.
  7. Hi Kevin, I forgot to add that there is a photo showing kills painted on the front of V-1306's bridge. They include 4 aircraft and 1 MTB. Possibly MTB 434? Cheers, Larry
  8. Hi Kevin, I own Täuber's photo album. All photos show life aboard V-1306 and also a large segment showing a burial ceremony. There are two photos showing members of 13 V.P. Flottille KIA 1.7.43. Also a photo of a crewman with a severe head wound but no dates on the back of photos. Also a couple of photos showing V-1306 which has run aground on a reef. I know V-1306 survived the war. Cheers, Larry
  9. Nice citations. Do you know if he was still on V-1306 in 1944? On the 9th July MTB 434 of the Royal Navy was sunk in a battle with five Vorpostenbooten and V-1306 was one of them.
  10. Mathijs T.

    Werner Machold grouping

    How could I have missed these .... I'm spending way to little time here it seems .... great LW group !!!!
  11. Two award certificates to Walter Täuber who served aboard V1306 Otto-Krogmann. V1306 served under 13 Vorpostenbootflottille. Cheers, Larry
  12. Trying my best, still have not got it right.🤣
  13. Eduardo D.

    Kriegsmarine dagger by WKC

    Is easier than you are thinking ...
  14. LarryMapex

    U-Boot Prisoners of War

    Howdy I have a copy of this image that is going in to my next book about Luftwaffe maritime operations.The man I'm trying to identify is on the left. Do you have any idea who he is? He was a Bordflieger on the Tirpitz and I have a feeling he may be Hubert Eissing, but am unsure. Cheers Larry
  15. Did anyone get information on how to tie the knot?
  16. Hi Graham I sent yu a PM. I am interested in purchasing ro doing a trade for your First Sea Lord Badge. It will complete my collection. Regards Anthony
  17. I really was taken by how they encompassed the metallic anchor with the beautiful intricate stitch work around the anchor and the wrapped rope. Lovely piece you shared as well. Best Regards, JustinG
  18. Thanks for the reply to this old post Anthony. I had not seen the other badges before. A very different format to the First Sea Lord badge. Graham.
  19. Hi Hans Nice to see you. You can believe me, I would not have the courage "without the blessing" of Dietrich invest in it. It was a gift for my son, at the end of his medical studies greetings Jacek
  20. looks a lovely used example. here is the one I own, circa WWII same as yours dating as post 19020 from the blue jewel
  21. JustinG

    NSDAP Lapel Badge.

    Nice buttonhole badge.
  22. JustinG

    Patriotic Porcilane

    A very nice piece. Great attention to detail.
  23. Guys, As stated above. Rich
  24. Hi Graham Please see message sent to your inbox. Regards Anthony
  25. Tarbet Balfour

    CAUTION BUYING HERE: The Dealers: The Bad and the Ugly

    Paul Waterworth well known con man from England been in court re selling fakes especially Third Reich . MILITARIA 321 users to AVOID BELOW and there are many "Mona90" name MONIKA GASIOR BUT the sender is RYSZARD NOWAK sends copies, lucky I paid by Pay Pal had to get my money back that way Multiple ID User "Micha69" "ottos45" " New and old" "heimat69" "Passat" name MICHAEL WALTER gets reported then re applies wit a new user name,, make you wonder ???? "ROSENBERG 39" purchased items never got them lucky again Pay Pal refunded me. "Germaniateutonia" i asked for postage costs to buy an item , got this reply FY MF I asked what that meant got this reply, F**K you Mother f***er. we had dealings in the past re his horrendous postage charges. Both leaving negatives. I complained to 321 about him they removed his negatives and mine which I did not want removed as they told the true story re the transaction. This time I reported him for his foul language in his email . They accidently sent me an email meant for him Hallo Silke,Du weißt ja, dass ich solche Probleme für dich löse, bzw. auflöse 🙂GrußWilhelm Translated Hello Silke, You know that I solve such problems for you, or dissolve 🙂 greeting Wilhelm Again makes you wonder, such problems solved for him by 321 obviously he is renowned for getting such complaints from users,, he is protected by 321 as it seems are others all form Germany. Such Michael Walter, etc etc. At present I seem to have been conned again but I paid by TransferWise so no protection. I am still awaiting the outcome and will update with result. I HAVE COMPLETELY LOST CONFIDENCE IN MILITARIA321 there is NO SUPPORT for non Germans as I have found out. I hope I am wrong but my experiences have shown otherwise. I have kept ALL emails re proof. my ID is ROUFLAB on that site worth reading my profile re all information BEWARE OF Christian Violard from FRANCE another con man you buy he sends crap then disappears. The amount of times I have been scammed is unreal and I take great care.
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  27. Hans Kondor

    Godet Oakleaves,

    Hello Jacek, unfortunately thisaward is out of my league, so I can't say anything about authenticity. But if you got a thumbs up from Dietrich, thats a good sign indeed.
  28. Sorry correction to numbering of pictures ........ 3. Commander SAM 4. Admiral SAM
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