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    I picked up two more HSAT's since this one, both WWII examples, one just a relic shell with wartime paint on the inside and post war paint on the outside, with some serious dents in the top of the dome. Second is a 1944 BMB marked example with a few coats of post war over paint and a flash on the side. Inside it is marked to a member of the Royal Engineers Squadron with an army number from 1964 and also a number 41 as well as 5 white stripes to mark his jumps done.
  3. Today
  4. Hi Peter, my main interest is the Volkssturm too :) Very interesting to see some indepth on the Berlin VS, unfortunatly it is rare to find anything about VS in company seize... Many battalions are mentioned, but it is rare to find accounts... But there is some
  5. http://experimentalpistolsmauser-nickl.blogspot.com.ar/2011/10/experimental-pistols-mauser-nickl-in-9.html Acá veran las pistolas pero ademas otros planos de patentes, que son de estas pistolas. Las busque y no hay planos ni patentes sobre estas pistolas. Parecen olvidadas por todos incluso hable (por email) con gente de Mauser y parece conocerlas. Saludos juangomez PD +++ RIP ++++ for Eric-Jan Bakker
  6. Yesterday
  7. We must have posted at the same time. Well, if Lou says the visor is in question by other members, then this is a Frankenstein grouping and so subject to all sorts of scrutiny.
  8. Wow, that's a lot of money. But considering that 35,000 Euro can't even purchase a Pour-Le-Merite, I think it is priced well and should find a buyer. Too bad the Jackboots aren't included as well. Will make a great display. Damn, Wish my last name was Trump or Rothschild. Money wouldn't be an issue. JustinG
  9. Unusual Entry in Soldbuch

    Thank you for the replies. What an odd thing to find for a guy transfered to the front.
  10. Eric-Jan Bakker

    Condolences from Pommerania.Rest in Peace
  11. Unusual Entry in Soldbuch

    Found re: the training ground. The Truppenübungsplatz Gruppe is located near the place Gruppe (pl. Grupa) about 20 km northeast of the city Schwetz (pl: Swiecie) in West Prussia in today's Poland . Today the training area is Poligon Grupa and is used by the Polish army . History The Truppenübungsplatz Gruppe was formed on January 30, 1900 from areas of communities Flötenau (partially), the Gutsbezirk Groß Sibsau (partially), the Gutsbezirk Ober Group, the Gutsbezirk Upper Sartowitz and Gutsbezirk Rohlau (partially). After the First World War , the area, which was in the area of the so-called Polish Corridor , fell to Poland and was used by the Polish Army . The German invasion of Poland led to the battle in the Tucheler Heide , with heavy fighting between German and Polish units in the area of the military training area. From 1939 to 1945 , the German Wehrmacht used the training area group and stationed there the following units and departments: Landesschützen-Bataillon 397 Landesschützen-Bataillon 470 Kraftfahr-Ersatz-Abteilung 6 Kraftfahr-Ersatz-Abteilung 26 In 1945, the site was conquered by the Red Army. From 1945, the Polish army used the military training area under the name Poligon Grupa.
  12. Unusual Entry in Soldbuch

    eine Paar Orthopaedische Schuhe /Ian
  13. Great photos.. Here is another of Anton Bayer. Cheers, Larry
  14. Last week
  15. Hello Friends I made a mistake. The man who signed here was not a Wehrmacht reïnforcement, but a Volkssturmmann (most likely a Gruppenführer) who was assigned to the position of Hauptfeldwebel. (so this is not a rank !) Each Volkssturm Kompanie had its Hauptfeldwebel (AKA know as der Spiess) this man was responsable for assisting the Coy Commander with organisation, discipline and administration. You can see an "a" and a "B" put before his signature, meaning "auf Befehl ". When the commander wasn't available the Hauptfeldwebel could sign documents and with adding the "a. + B." it was clear for the reader that it wasn't the Kompanieführer who had signed ... the "D" after Hfw.- means Hauptfeldwebel-Diensttuer (meaning that the man who held the position had not the right rank or qualifications but nevertheless was assigned to "do the job" ) I found another example in the literature where the Hauptfeldwebel, without given orders, dismissed his Volkssturm-men ... Take care, Peter
  16. Thanks for your words, Kevin!
  17. Hi Lee Luke, I think the second entry is übungsplatz-Gruppe, training area , Kreis Schwetz wich is in West-Prussia! Best regards,
  18. My Little room

    One word sums it up. Superb!!!!
  19. Generalleutnant Adolf Galland with the Italian Pilot Badge.
  20. I didn't know Eric-Jan personally but I hereby want to share my sincer condolences to the family and friends of Eric-Jan Bakker. That they may find all the strenghts in these difficult times. RIP Eric-Jan.



  21. Hi I am curious what the first entry is for, since he has no other hospital entries anywhere in the Soldbuch, why this one? For the second, what is Ob-Pl Gruppe stands for? This U-boat trainee ended up in Posen and Warsaw with Fest.MG Batl 25 then onto Fus. Batl 83.
  22. Franz Joseph I of Austria Pour le mérite am: 27 August 1917 (Oak Leaves also awarded on the same date) He was awarded the Pour le Mérite with Oakleaves as a gesture of goodwill and as a traditional medal exchange between himself and Kaiser Wilhelm II. There were very few Pour le Mérite awards with Oakleaves given to foreigners during the war.
  23. My Little room

    Great display and I really like cabinets for the daggers. You have an MP40 as well? Regards Mark
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