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  1. Yesterday
  2. Very nice Jon, it would be great to see some of the wings straight on
  3. I still like this wing more than I dislike it, but SAS is not my speciality so I will bow to others.
  4. OR's gilded metal beret badge by Dowler, post WWII, pre 1953
  5. Originally it was Glamorgan Imperial Yeomanry, the Imperial being central to the sscroll and it was on lugs. Next came a version with the Imperial being removed from the scroll, either at unit level or by the makers, then you get the version Dave showed, which should be on a slider, that said, other variants might exist, I have seen an all brass version on lugs. Here is an example, which is a copy of the post 1922 version, which Dave has incorrectly described as the 1908 version. Sadly these are commonplace and are hard to spot without examination of the finer details.
  6. - September 1916, C Company, 2nd Battalion the Northamptonshire Volunteer Regiment. - July 1918, C Company (Kettering Detachment), 2nd Volunteer Battalion, the Northamptonshire Regiment. Out of the 752 men that joined the Kettering & District Volunteer Corps, 352 went on to see active service. Faitly short lived and probably not produced in great quantities either.
  7. Unidentified funeral... wartime it seems.
  8. Last week
  9. Superb badges, all three of them, Graham. Whilst I have the original 'oil cloth' red coloured backing to my 27L arm badge, I have never seen an example with the genuine brass backing plate. A cracking example...!!!
  10. The VTC adopted their county Infantry Regiment cap badge in 1917 so making this a very short lived cap badge
  11. General der Artillerie Heinrich von Maur Pour le mérite am: 20 May 1917
  12. Hermann Graf, unfortunately without RK.
  13. A 24th Lancers Officer's Service Dress cap badge.
  14. A 22nd Dragoons NCO arm badge. [Thank you Malcolm].
  15. I have recently managed to add a few badges to my War raised cavalry collection . A 27th Lancers NCO arm badge.
  16. Another fairly uncommon badge is this Kettering Volunteer Corps bronze cap badge. Raised in January 1916 and disbanded in October 1919.
  17. Thanks, mate. The NIY has to be my all-time favourite badge that I own. The officers version was gilded with a silverplate horse, I've only ever seen a couple of examples in collections, and that looks really cracking! This badge below was obtained from my dad, whom acquired it for his cap badge collection as a youth from a period between the late 1930s to even just post hostilities in 1945, prior to joining the RAF. It's likely a County Cadet (school?) badge possibly from c.1930-1942 (?), I really don't know. I haven't yet encountered another to date, with the exception of the similar looking Wellingborough School badges.
  18. Hello Friends, An old thread, but still (for me) very interesting. I only collect "Berlin 1945" paperwork. That helps me to keep my collection small , because there isn't that much out there to be found. As this is a thread "Reichs Chancellery" I post an April 24th 1945 document (the battle for the city raged for the 3rd day in a row) written by the Adjutant des Führers, Brigadeführer Alwin Broder ALBRECHT and addressed to the "inhouse" services that secured the Reichskanzlei. This partucular copy was intended for the RSD - Dienststelle 1 (Special Branch police unit responsible for the security of Hitler). On the back 19 members of this service signed to acknowledge they had read the document. For the moment I'm still researching these 19 signatures of wich 12 have been identified. Regards Peter
  19. Thanks for sharing, Bryan, do you know which unit he served in?
  20. Marcus the Northamptonshire Imperial Yeomanry is a magnificent badge. Graham
  21. If he died in hospital he mostly would have been buried already rather than 1-2 months after by the US forces. "Bei Nothum in Luxemburg Gefallen" according to the Red Cross.
  22. Thank you for your reply Bart. Today I have visited Wilhelm's grave in Kalkar. As you can see it is a modest grave with nothing but his name and grave number. It is a peaceful place with 243 German war graves, next to the civilian cemetary. In the second picture you can see his grave at the bottom of the picture.
  23. Very sad grouping. The man who wrote down his name clearly never heard of the name Otfried before. It is indeed possible that he died in December, but is also possible that he died in a hospital.
  24. Hello All! MARINESCHULE WESERMUNDE. Note the officer jacket has only three buttons
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