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  2. I've had a couple for a while...but then 2-3 more emerge.."Ambulance / Casualty Clearing" fits....but I've seen a lot of things that fit but are wrong. I was hoping to get some ideas from the various Forums but I read on one this morning that Home Front stuff "isn't militaria"...which goes a long way to explain the tumbleweed..... 🙂
  3. & I was going to ask you what they were.
  4. I can appreciate all sides, and I am not looking for emotional responses. I look forward to your assistance when you can. Thank you all for your replies. I am going to wait to post any additional items. I will keep expanding my knowledge base to be able to converse more intelligently.
  5. I don't think his not commenting is political, it is just as I say they are easy to copy and if he calls it good and it is not then he will loose his name. I have been busy still with the kitchen prep as I have a new one comming on the 17th and I still have only dry walls, I have to tile and lay a floor and wallpaper. I will give this my full attention after the 17th. I don't like the second discs abreviation, makes no sense?
  6. There were some nice Home Fronters sold in the Laidlaw Acutioneers sale on Friday.....'tho I'm still puzzled by "A/CC"....and not totally convinced that the "Ambulance / Casualty Clearing" is right....it FITS but......
  7. Last week
  8. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SCARCE-ORIGINAL-WWII-HOME-GUARD-MkII-2C-BRODIE-HELMET-NET-MkII-LINER-1941/202513732606?hash=item2f26c253fe:g:mGYAAOSwQ5pb-X-Y
  9. Thanks for your speedy reply. I have just googled a bit more and looked closer at the markings (& wiped with a wet cloth for clarity) - actually the S is in fact an S inside a C not a circle, ie CS, ie Clydesdale Stampings as you said. And the 94 in a box is actually not a box but 1941. I feel daft/blind for not noticing this before! It's fascinating piecing this bit of history together. I will put it on ebay. A similar one sold at the end of November for ÂŁ57. Thanks again Jerry B.
  10. Always difficult to comment on values. And yes, probably ebay is best, though sometimes items sell low there.....or sell for mental high prices.
  11. Thanks very much Jerry B. Interesting. Do you have any idea what this helmet would fetch if we sold it and where the best place is to sell it... ebay? Thanks
  12. 13starsinax

    My Little room

    That is awesome.
  13. Clydesdale stampings company made the shell, a not very common maker. the other is probably a batch number. the painted red L is either for large, the owners initial or perhaps a letter code to id it among others, as in helmet A, helmet B helmet L etc...
  14. Hi, I just found your website in my quest to identify this Brodie helmet which my son was given by his grandparents a few years ago. They got it from a charity shop. I have established it is a home front WW2 MkII 2c type. I have scoured it for identifying markers - there is a red L and 2 stamps which look like an S in an oval circle and next to that a very faint 94 in a square box. help is gratefully appreciated. Thank you
  15. Hi, It has been awhile so, I was feeling creative. Best Regards, JustinG
  16. They said, they do not think they will have any in the next auction.
  17. Check Grenadier Auctions. They have a lot of WW2 German collectibles.
  18. Well, I am new here. I really can not compare Europe behavior as it applies to this forum. I just really want to talk about these tags. I have more to post questions about, but as little response Ii have received on these- I feel like all mine could be fake now.
  19. Politics. Pure bull shit German politics and EU politics. They are all scared to death to say anything now days. They don’t want to be labeled right wing anything or be labeled a racist for giving a comment on a mundane historical item. Frau Merkel really has screwed that place up lately...
  20. I am appreciative of his reply, here are the 2 replies from him 1} Thanks for your email. Sorry, Im not a member there and can’t see any pictures. Please send the pictures replying to this email and let me know your question. Kind regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen 2} Thanks for your email. Sorry but we try to avoid SS tags when we can. This is a minefield. I prefer not to comment these. Thanks for understanding. Kind regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen
  21. That’s odd ? I don’t know why he wouldn’t? That all he said ? I don’t want to comment without giving an explanation?
  22. He replied this morning, and I appreciate him taking the time to do so, Ultimately, his response was that, he did not wish to comment at all on the pictures I sent him. So with that said, can anyone please critique these for me? It is fine the outcome, but not really sure why he wouldn't comment, or is there a back story here I do not know?
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