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  2. If I'm not included in the 'about 4 of us' it's now about 5 of us. ūüôā I wasn't aware they came in black too.
  3. I collect Warsaw Uprising 1944 docs and etc. This is a great set. If you ever sell, I'd love to add him to the collection.
  4. The 2017 movie is pretty good. There are a few weird scenes, but all and all, very good.
  5. Very significant item. Here it is with original related display items.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Ritterkreuz award ceremony for Oberleutnant Horst Stoffleth (Kompanief√ľhrer in der Schnellen Abteilung 178). Generalmajor Paul V√∂lckers presents the award.
  8. Kevin H

    26 Pz Div Traditions Abz

    There certainly does seem to be an increase of people coming in to the hobby just for the money, or collectors becoming purely dealers once they make a few £££.
  9. Last week
  10. Timothy D

    My Little room

    Real nice collection! timothy
  11. Timothy D

    Gelatine Klapplaternen

    Nice unique piece! timothy d
  12. Tried to recreate picture of old souveniers Gun is old MGC68 (Model) MP40 good for display. timothy
  13. Timothy D

    Acquired after a 25 year search

    Nice period photo's thanks for sharing. timothy d
  14. Richard Auld

    26 Pz Div Traditions Abz

    Just anoying because it is a friend and now it is all about money? I have given him stuff that cost similar? A shit hobby full of greed?
  15. Richard Auld

    Luftwaffe Schwimmweste Fl30154-2

    No. thank you for the tip it was useful to know what he would offer for it and that was a blind offer he made, even he conceded it was very nice when he seen it as his last one was missing the lable. Of course I will let you know how it goes. Thanks again! Rich
  16. General der Luftnachritentruppe Walter Sur√©n - Spange zum EK 2. Klasse - ??? - ??? - ??? - Ehrenkreuz f√ľr Frontk√§mpfer - Wehrmacht-Dienstauszeichnung 1. Klasse - Wehrmacht-Dienstauszeichnung 3. Klasse - Medaille zur Erinnerung an den 13. M√§rz 1938 - Medaille zur Erinnerung an den 1. Oktober 1938 mit Spange "Prager Burg" - ??? I only managed to find and crop this tiny pic of him in a parade with the ordensspange. Just a guess -- but the order 3rd or perhaps 4th from the left (from our perspective) looks like a BZ3a or BZ3b, most likely BZ3X. And per 1914 Rangliste, he had a Preu√üen Kronen Orden 4. Klasse
  17. Sonderbefehls

    Luftwaffe Schwimmweste Fl30154-2

    That's fine Richard, what you have is very desirable indeed. Good luck with a trade and please lets us know how you get on..
  18. ...let's get back to pretty pictures......well, pretty-ish..... "ARP"-marked helmets aren't actually common...one can only assume this came from a Hospital, a Company starting with "H", area "H"....or perhaps the wearer was the Head..........or he looked after the Hippos at the zoo......or cared for the pitch at Headingley.......or worked in Harrowgate....or his name was Henry........who knows?!!!! ...one thing's for sure, someone would try to sell it as coming from the Houses of Parliament!
  19. Jim those are great photos. Where are the graves located?
  20. Ludwig Bauer, awarded the RK for actions on the Gothic line 5,6,7 September 1944 and KIA October 1944. A posthumous award
  21. Richard Auld

    Luftwaffe Schwimmweste Fl30154-2

    I gave him a spin but I think I can do better this side, I understand they need to make a living but if I trade I get a better margin hopefully. Like for like from a fellow collector would be best! They are not interested in anything not mail orderable so that rules out the big stuff!
  22. Sonderbefehls

    Luftwaffe Schwimmweste Fl30154-2

    I'm sure they will be able to help, that Kapok is quality and don't sell your self short.
  23. Thanks. I will post more as I have time. Gary B
  24. Agreed,this is the only set of these tab/boards I have seen in almost 14 years of collecting Luftwaffe tabs/boards. Gary B
  25. Kevin H

    26 Pz Div Traditions Abz

    As long as you were happy to pay it then its no drama. The drama belongs to the previous owner and the potential trouble maker, and it is something that happens more often than you think.
  26. Richard Auld

    26 Pz Div Traditions Abz

    Yep, A5, normal certificate size but of thicker courser paper, it has a bit of obvious water damage as does the WP front pages. I will put it all up whan I get time. This group is causing me a drama. I paid what my pal asked after he determinded the price and then he got a better offer after I bought it? I doubt the person making the offer would actually have paid what they stated however. Just out to cause trouble! Sour grapes!
  27. Kevin H

    26 Pz Div Traditions Abz

    Nice little set and with a desirable citation. Just out of curiosity, how big is the Traditionsabzeichen citation? I have always thought it was a small size but it looks like a normal A5 size from the size of the stamp.I would imagine that the addition of the Nahkampftage list would really appeal to the collector of the Italian theater.
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