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  2. Okay. Thank you for the information. greetings
  3. You can pick them up from £45-120 in the UK.
  4. Super thanks for your info. I think this is the normal price for this or not? Or how much is this one normally priced? Thank you in advanced
  5. A nice standard British army Mk2, date 41/42.
  6. Hello, Can sombody identify the following helmet included as file. I looked everywere, but still I dont know. the liner marker 1942. its valued ad €90,-, is that okay. Last week I bought my firts American M 1 helmet😃 Thank you in advance.
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  8. Nice item - I wonder if there was once an additional paper on page 12 & 13. He was in Lazaretts after 1942 too. Questions is - do you also have an ID document of a member of such a Bersaglieri Company? I would love to see that 😊
  9. Richard Auld

    Is it just me?

    There is more than one on there with that same delusion. It is not worth getting bothered about. keep your eye on there and if you must engage with them sort out some extra throwaway logins so you can participate until a banning.
  10. Hello to All, New member but long time user - thought it was high time I joined - and starting with a classic Real or Reproduction inquiry. Well aware that these are rare indeed, so much so that finding a real one is unlikely but this one seems well made so ... What are you thoughts ? Cheers RA
  11. Jerry B

    Unknown Helmet

    JJ, liners canbe bought but sold loose they can be £25 or more so perhaps not worth doing. Copies can be bought but I have no idea what they cost. Most collectors prefer not to buy repainted helmets. Me I would leave it as found and add another helmet with paint and liner intact
  12. Last week
  13. JustJohn369

    Unknown Helmet

    Thank you very much Jerry. Is there anything that can be done with it as far as liner or refurb?
  14. Jerry B

    Unknown Helmet

    A private purchase home front helmet with a dutch bend rim. These never seem to have any markings on them as they were not official issues and whoever made them did not put their names on them.
  15. Hello and thanks for the add. My 1st shot at a Brodie/MK1 and I am having a tough time trying to ID so I can try to put back together. There was no liner, the rivet appears to have been ground off and I cannot find any marks whatsoever anywhere. There appears to be a thick coat of red primer and green house paint on the whole thing. I stripped the inner to try and find marks. There also seems to be a rim only rolled from the shell on the underside. The swivel tabs seem to have also been broken off and folded flat. Any help will be gratefully appreciated. Thank you.
  16. Hey Bart,

    Hope you are well. I have another item I would like to send you for the auction. German WWI item, I am sure someone would like it. May I have your mailing address..



    Good luck to Belgium, can’t believe Mexico beat Germany 😤

  17. Good morning friends, The last weeks I was very occupied with the revision of my " Reichskanzlei-document" research paper. A lot of new new data came up; I'm still waiting for some Berlin BArch files. Last week I found a rare leaflet that "closes" the timeframe of my small battle for Berlin paper collection. If one leaflet (Flugblatt) is symbolic for the start of this very short timeframe April 16th - May 2nd 1945, it is the one shown below (and already posted): Obviously; when BERLIN was finally taken by the Russians on May 2nd, the German "paperwork" in the city stopped. Nevertheless, in the still by the German held parts of Germany this leaflet below was printed and dispersed. It does mention the death of Hitler in his command post in the Reichskanzlei on May 1st (they didn't know at that time that it should be April 30th) "fighting the communists until his last breath" This Leaflet was dispersed after the radio speech, held by DÖNITZ on the night of May 1st, and should therefore be dated May1st/2nd and thereby closes the timeframe of the battle for BERLIN. Take care,
  18. I just tried the Red Cross last week so I hope they are able to come through. The WAST has said it’s up to 24 months for any results. I appreciate the help.
  19. redcar

    Is it just me?

    There is one moderator on WAF who thinks he is "King Of The Hill" . Though he is supposed to mod of only a few sections he runs the whole show, apparently scanning the responses 24/7, 365 days a year, anxious to post a rude reply or kick the member out altogether. It's too bad I didn't study psychology at college - I could pin down just what his problem is.
  20. Wittmann Militaria has the highly suspect Hitler head Christmas ornaments for sale - $500 each or 2 for $1000.
  21. PioneerRAE

    WW2 US Repo Uniforms

    Hi Guy's, I have a friend who has a neat store that sells items for Man Caves (football, Bar, cast models, and some original Military items, and also weapon replicas like Dentex etc) and he has set up some nice window displays, and the theme is Military and now he needs to get his hands on some repo WW2 US repo uniforms to set up a full mannequin display of a combat US solider, So does anyone know of any good repo makers web sites I can put him on to. Thanks for any help, Lou
  22. What an awesome soldbuch Michael! It would look great with my other Abwehr/Brandenburg id's.😉
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