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  2. Konteradmiral August Böning unknown award

    I cannot recall. The RL are pretty accurate. I would reply more on the old books than a photo that may be staged.
  3. Konteradmiral August Böning unknown award

    Where did you find this photo of his awards groupping? Is it reliable enough to confirm he recieved the U-Boat War Badge? Maybe it's an error it isn't listed in the Rank List?
  4. Konteradmiral August Böning unknown award

    It should be listed in the Rank List- but it's not.
  5. Konteradmiral August Böning unknown award

    The german wiki says: "In the First World War , the award could be awarded to anyone who had performed at least three enemy rides/patrols on a submarine"
  6. Konteradmiral August Böning unknown award

    Not sure what the qualifications were.
  7. Yes I do. It only lists a EK1 and Long Service Decoration.
  8. Konteradmiral August Böning unknown award

    He served as Half-Flotilla-Paymaster, Submarine-Half-Flotilla Constantinople (30 Aug 1918-15 Sep 1918), would that make him eligible for the U-Boat War Badge?
  9. Awards of 4 Admiralrichters

    It is hard to see anything with the photo. I don't know as there is nothing in the rank list. I would only assume he had the EK1 as he had the Turkish War Medal, which was a bit of an equivalent.
  10. Konteradmiral August Böning unknown award

    Good query. The rank list does not list the U-Boat War Badge!!
  11. It is hard to tell. The P/O Badge with Diamonds can sometimes look a little "chunky" in photographs, but this is not always the case.
  12. I picked up a MKIV today but I could not find a date on it, nice textured paint and it has been refurbed as the so called MKV with the sock liner, camo cover and scrimmed net.

    Hello, I like to buy your book . Where do I send the check ? Thank you
  14. Help Translating Text

    But I thought "weder" meant "neither", at least that's what google says. The man in question retired in 1928 and wasn't active again. This is how google translator translates this: "After the discharge neither at the disposal of the Kriegsmarine, nor used for active military service."
  15. WWI Guards MG battalion

    Indeed, as I posted above, but sadly I did not know that before I bought it.....the problem with buying on a whim from an antiques center
  16. After he 'left" (likely a position) (from where is not stated) he was assigned to the Kriegsmarine again (meaning the Kriegsmarine could use him again to fill any other position or so) and put into active service.
  17. Help Translating Text

    Please help me translate this sentence as accurate as possible: "Nach der Verabschiedung weder zur Verfügung der Kriegsmarine gestellt, noch zum aktiven Wehrdienst herangezogen." Many thanks!
  18. Generalleutnant Hermann Plocher wearing the Old Navarra's Shield (Spain) and the Spanish Pilot´s badge.
  19. And Romanian Pilot´s Badge and Romanian Order of the Star (Commander class).
  20. Generalmajor Jens-Peter Petersen wearing the Swedish Order of the Sword (Commander 2nd class)
  21. I bought this uniform from a holiday in Russia just after the fall of communism. I was wondering whether anyone can tell me what it is. Navy? Air force? etc. Thanks.
  22. Justin, I will get it scanned but it is probably better to send you them per email as pic posting on site only allows small file size. Rich
  23. Post them here on the forum I can reduce and resize and create something nice. The higher the resolution the better the overall project. Really the only time it makes a difference is when you are trying to merge an old photo or reference to a more modern building for example. That is part of the reason why the Marienplatz shots were so time consuming. I had the period photo and then had to try to reacquire from the appropriate spot (or as close as possible) to get the modern shot. I did a lovely Mark V tank overlay with a badge prior. I am always up for a challenge. Best Regards, JustinG
  24. Last week
  25. Awards of 4 Admiralrichters

    So just the EK2 for Becker? Because I can't see the EK1 on his uniform.
  26. Vizeadmiral (Ing.) Ernst Friedrich (1874-1957): Awards

    Ok, thanks. Do you have the 1922 Rangliste?
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