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    I just picked up this group to a 9th Lancers. 1914 trio photos etc. Charles Brown landed in France on 15th August 1914. No doubt he was involved in the charge of the German guns at Audregnies on August 1914. Jim
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    Here is a Wehrpass to an eventual Hauptmann who served in KG-254 & KG-54 and rose to the position of Staffelkapitän and then Gruppenkommandeur before going missing in Russia in 1941. The last signature on page 29 is that of future KG-54 Geschwaderkommodore and RKT, Otto Höhne. The campaign listings give a breakdown of his missions by number and it shows that he flew 4 missions during the invasion of Poland in 1939 and was awarded the EK II, and was also wounded in November 1939 for which he got the Black Wound Badge. At this time KG-54 were flying He-III bombers. He flew this type of bomber in the invasion of France in 1940 during which he flew 12 missions as Staffelkapitän of 3./KG-54 and on one of them his aircraft was attacked by RAF Hurricane fighters near Arras in the afternoon of 19th May. The aircraft was damaged and two men were wounded with Flieger Ogait dying in hospital the next day. For his service in France he received the EK I. During the Battle of Britain and The Blitz that followed he continued to fly as Staffelkapitän but in August & September 1940 during the height of the Battle of Britain he was temporarily appointed as Gruppenkommandeur of II/KG-54 and during this phase of the war he flew 25 missions over the UK. In December 1940 he went back to the position of Staffelkapitän, this time of 10./KG-54, before being officially appointed as a Gruppenkommandeur of IV/KG-54. Although this was the training unit of KG-54 that helped aircrews to bed in and learn the tactics of the bomber wing (a sort of Operational Training Unit) he did still see action in the invasion of Russia in 1941 by flying on a number of occasions with I & II/KG-54, which by now were flying Ju-88's. On 10th October 1941 the Gruppenkommandeur of I/KG-54, Hauptmann Freimann, was taken prisoner after his aircraft was brought down and Widmann found himself assigned as his replacement. However his time as Gruppenkommandeur only lasted 2 weeks as on the 25th October 1941, while attacking railway lines near Bylegorod, his aircraft disappeared without trace. The reason for the loss of Ju-88 B3+CB (WkNr 8665) was reported as unknown and the crew of Widmann, Lt Müngersdorff, Fw Bäcker & OFw Michaelis have been Missing in Action ever since.
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    Typical photo taken in Italy.....Bordschützen and a member of the "Grazer Gruppe", I/Sturzkampf Geschwader 76, later Transport Geschwader 1
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    Variant EK I document printed by General Kommando XIII Armee Korps to Leutnant Heinrich Hellthaler, later Hauptmann u. Kompanie Chef with Georgisches Infanterie Bataillon 823 on the Channel Islands.
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    A nice original steel "Serif J" with curved propeller.
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    It is good that we don't have the usual SS hype on this forum but let's not forget them totally - they saw a lot of very hard fighting too and also did not get their awards for free This one was KIA December 1944.
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    Kuban with edge tabs
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    Hello, Walle : very beautiful documents for 162. Turk. ID and for a Nordkaukasien unit Here is a particular document handed to a German officer serving in a particular unit of 1. Kosaken Division : Aufklärung Abt. 55 was only constituted by German and the soldiers of this unit wore a very particular arm badge. This document was handed to this officer in September, 1944. It is signed by von Pannwitz and this document has the peculiarity to be bilingual, see the reverse of this document. Cordial greetings. Polux
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    A 1940 dated example signed in France by Heinz Guderian.
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    EK I to a member of Pz.Jäg.Abt 305 at Stalingrad. The stamped signature is that of Oppenlander. The soldier would be wounded in October which saved his life as he wasn't present when the Russians counterattacked and trapped 6.Armee.
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    One of my favourite citatons from my collection... EK1 for a Leutnant of Grenadier-Regiment 990, 277. Volksgrenadier-Division. Dated December 31st 1944, awarded for action at the infamous Elsenborn Ridge area, near the villages of Rocherath and Krinkelt in the Ardennes. Came straight out of a household clearance in Austria. Reitterer also received the Honour Roll Clasp in March 1945 (unfortunately the citation was not found, maybe he was never given one).
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    Hi, this is a nice little interesting group from the 79. ID. After destroyed in Stalingrad, rebuild and 1944 destroyed again. This Soldier was part of the supllieunits of the division. What makes it interesting for me, is the award doc for the silver grade. Signed from an unknown Oberfeldarzt (sim. Lieutenant Colonel) and leader of the Divisiongruppe 79. ID regards Walle
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    Another, an Observer with KG26......prior he was in the Kriegsmarine (see Tarnausweis), however no idea what cruiser/battleship he was on.
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    Here is one other, related ot a member of 363.ID. in Normandie. His KVK 2 kl. award is showed on the specific thread. Document not signed by Div. Kdr., Gen. Dettling, but perhaps by Oberst Freiherr von Gall, Kdr. of GR 957.
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    SS-Totenkopf related example with the signature of Theodor Eicke.
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    Cool items, I particularly like the one to the Romanian. It is true, German awards to members of other armies are not seen often. Attached one I got many years ago (maybe even from a forum member here). The EK2 document is not so spectacular but this soldier was later in the newspaper where he told his story about escaping Tscherkassy and there is also a picture of him with Mannstein.
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    Great idea for a thread! Not mine, but this is the one of Oberst Johannes Wiese, RK-OL
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    Nice thread with great photos. Pollux, yours with mosquée in background is spectacular : near a "photo souvenir" in fact ! And I love the cossack one... Here is one I like very much, even if it damaged : related to an artillery Lt who fought in Festung Brest between august and mid september 44. Second photo was not on the Sb. And unfortuntaly sold separatly, so now in an unknow collection and country.
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    A silver war badge (#116466) awarded to Private Thomas Evans #16650 of the 9th Service Battalion the Welsh Regiment formed in Cardiff on September 1914.. He enlisted 10th December 1914, went to France & Flanders 18th of August 1915 and was discharged with wounds from the infantry depot 26th of February 1916. He was probably wounded during the Battle of loos 25th September to 15th Ocotober 1915. Interestingly the date of discharge is incorrect on his MIC which fits with him being discharged for wounds and also that the badge number has no prefix which is seen on earlier badges, later issues having a B in front of the number to show he was British. A short history of the Bn in WWI. 9th (Service) Battalion Sept 1914 Formed at Cardiff as part of the Second New Army and then moved to Salisbury Plain to join the 58th Brigade of the 19th Division then moved to Basingstoke. Jan 1915 Moved to Weston-super-Mare and then Perham Down. July 1915 Mobilised for war and landed at Havre and engaged in various actions on the Western Front including; 1915 The Action of Pietre; diversionary action during the Battle of Loos 1916 The Battle of Albert, The attacks on High Wood, The Battle of Pozieres Ridge, The Battle of the Ancre Heights, The Battle of the Ancre. 1917 The Battle of Messines, The Battle of the Menin Road Ridge, The Battle of Polygon Wood, The Battle of Broodseinde, The Battle of Poelcapelle, First Battle of Passchendaele, The Second Battle of Passchendaele. 1918 The Battle of St Quentin, The Battle of Bapaume, The Battle of Messines, The Battle of Bailleul, The First Battle of Kemmel Ridge, The Battle of the Aisne, The Battle of the Selle, The Battle of the Sambre and the passage of the Grand Honelle. 11.11.1918 Ended the war at Wargnies north of Le Quesnoy, France.
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    My latest This bar is identified to either Major a. D. Kurt Kaehne or Hauptmann Barchwitz both member of the "Reitendes Feldjägerkorps". Note the 2 different parts of the wreath. The Bulgarian award is the Order of Bravery 3.Class.
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    Central Hospital Supply Service. A WW2 organisation tasked with supervising hospital supply depots and the production of medical supplies.
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    I keep them in a 1945 105mm shell case. Also have a few swagger stick tops. Anyone else have any ? Graham.
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    I only have one in my collection and it is to a German soldier in a Cossack unit. He was also awarded the EK II a month before. Signature is that of Wilhelm von Henning. Soldiers from this unit (Freiwilligen-Stamm-Division) were among 80 German PoW's executed by the French Resistance as a reprisal for the killing French civilians.
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    Hello, Matthias, Richard, Kevin and L76 : thank you for having presented your documents Here is an interesting document handed to an officer after the fights of Normandy. This officer was a member of Pz. Gren. Rgt. 192, unit of 21. Pz. Division. Document with stamp signature of Generalleutnant Edgard Feuchtinger. The following link allows to see a board of the officers of this unit, Rusche appears at the head of 4. Kp : http://www.lexikon-der-wehrmacht.de/Gliederungen/Panzergrenadierregimenter/Gliederung.htm Cordial greetings. Polux
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    Nice additions ! Here is one related to a 276.ID's member, who fought near Caen between end of june and august 44. This NCO won EK 2, ISA, Verw. Abz. i. S. and Nahkpfsp. in Russia. Awarded just after Normandie battle and signed par Gen. Möhring, who replaced . K. Badinski, taken prisoner in Falaise pocket. Note the 276. VGD stamp, used in september (doc probably a bit backdated).
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    A Beobachter who flew with Kampfgeschwader 76 and Kampfgeschwader 54. He would eventually earn the DKiG, Ehrenpokal and the Frontflug-Spange für Kampfflieger in Gold mit Anhänger. A Frontflug-Spange für Kampfflieger is clearly evident on his Soldbuch identity photo. Regards Richard.
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    Hello, Other type of photography for a type of unit whom I appreciate particularly, the units of foreign volunteers. Here a volunteer of a Cossack unit with the particular collar tabs. Cordial greetings. Polux
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    Hello, Other interesting image of a SB KM. Photography with KM uniform but with a badge Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen. Cordial greetings. Polux
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    Another from one of my favourite units.....11 (Stug) Schw./Pz.Rgt. 24.....he wears all awards except PAB 25
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    Ok, it is not the best picture but at least he looks a bit like Lionel Messi
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    Pionier-Rgt 321
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    Thanks for that info EJ! And vey good eye also, I didn't see it at first. Here are their photos Peter Klaus and the obituary for Klaus...
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    Hello, Document awarded to a member of a particular unit spread in the Caucasus at the time of the allocation of this diploma EK2, Sonderverband 287, abbreviated here So. 287. This diploma was signed by General der Flieger Hellmuth Felmy, this last person in charge of the Sonderstab F who had to allow the German army to get a foothold in Iraq commanded, after the failure of this operation, General Kommando z.b.V. as shows him the registration on this diploma. Interesting detail, presence of a stamp of FP nr 39 798 which corresponds in Sonderstab F then to Gen. Kdo. z.b.V. Cordial greetings. Polux
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    Issued while serving as a Verwaltungsoffizier with Stab./Jagdgeschwader 3 "Udet", the recipient would end up fighting as a Leutnant with I./Fallschirm Artillerie Regiment 5 The signature is Oberst Hans-Joachim (Hajo) Herrmann. Regards Richard.
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    Hello, Document for an officer member of Stab 28. Division, signed Generalleutnant Johann Sinnhuber, for campaign of France. Cordial greetings. Polux
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    Hello, Here is a diploma which I appreciate in spite of its damage. In February, 1945, the Russian troops break out on the east German provinces in the direction of Berlin. It had been decided that every big city had to become a fortress (Festung) to fix the enemy troops, Thorn (at present Torun in Poland) was one of them. Groupings of heterogeneous troops (training school, troop of fortress, Volkssturm, etc...) were constituted in these various fortresses and our soldier found himself in that of Thorn. It was placed in a unit called by the name of commander of his regiment, Regiment Meinecke and was decorated with EK2 on February 10th, 1945. It is not commander of the fortress of Thorn, Generalleutnant Otto Lüdecke, who signed this document although this name appears there but it is his warrant officer, Major Schmidt, that took care of it. The affixed stamp is not very visible but it is the stamp of "stellv. Gen. Kdo. XX. A.K. Wehrkreis Kdo. XX" sector on which was the city of Thorn. Cordial greetings. Polux
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    1914 on war service enamel lapel badge, unnumbered as typical for the early badges, maker marked D. G. Collins. London
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    Just finished this one. A tribute to The Schlachtschiff Gneisenau. Thanks for looking.
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    Indeed a great idea Kevin, thank you for starting up this thread. Although damaged, still one of my favorites is Albert Fabritius. Kompanie Truppführer 8. / Grenadier-Regiment 404 / 246. Volksgrenadier-Division. KC winner February 9th, 1945.
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    General der Infanterie Bodewin Keitel - Spange zum EK II. Klasse - Ritterkreuz II. Klasse des Königl. Sächs. Albrechts-Orden mit Schwertern - Braunschweigisches Kriegsverdienstkreuz II. Klasse mit Bewährungsabzeichen - Hamburgisches Hanseatenkreuz - Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer - Wehrmacht-Dienstauszeichnung I. Klasse - Wehrmacht-Dienstauszeichnung III. Klasse - Medaille zur Erinnerung an den 13. März 1938 - Medaille zur Erinnerung an den 1. Oktober 1938 mit Spange "Prager Burg" - Ehrenzeichen des Deutschen Roten Kreuzes
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    An award to a Flugzeugführer who flew with 3./Storkampfstaffel Luftflotte 4. The signatory is General der Flieger Otto Dessloch (RK, EL). Regards Richard.
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    Spectacular items - here something more normal but I like the wiederholungsspangen.
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    Hello, Richard and Kevin : haughtiness documents, thank you. Now a very particular version of the diploma KVK2 mit X awarded to a member of a unit of police committed in Italy. Presence of the printed signature of Himmler and a embossed stamp. Cordial greetings. Polux
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    Example for DKiG & Ehrenpokal winning bomber pilot of KG-54.
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