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    Well it seems so far ago now nearly 40 years I had the bug ,there were many old boys about from WW1 as I got older I managed to talk more out of the old soilders.Proberly because I would lisiten.I could not get enough.I was always so happy when the piano tuner would arrive .We were not well off just had a big front room and me dad got it for free. He had been gassed and had lost his sight lovley man .He liked to tell a yarn so I was transfixed. As I was with the WW2 guys ,as I always attended Remembrance day I guess I was (as you may say) a face.People would always be giving me stuff. Sometimes my dad would go and make it safe. got given a small pack once with a messtin in it and inside that were 2 grenades wrapped up.My dad was a Navy explosives guy so no big one .By the time I was 15 I had heaps of the stuff from WW1 WW2 I gave it to a museum before I went into the army with no intention of ever seeing home again.To cut a long story short I kept a Hitler Youth knife until I got married and was asked to get rid of it. Funny thing I started to get interested again and guess what.The next thing I brought was that very knife after about 10 years.Then I was hooked again spent a small fortune on various items to finally focus on Red cross Social welfare ,plus a few Eagle orders. I intend to start with the Red Cross but first here is the Collection Of Red Cross and Social welfare so far.My best regards Pete
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    Johannes Wittenbrink Gütersloh 1922 9/K.G.4 Died 23-05-44 near Kaminobrod... ...while flying with He 111H-20 700143 5J+MT Awards: ROAG,ek2 and forntflugspange in bronze(with just 16 flights)
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    EKII document for the soldier Martin Eisenbraun, 735. Grenadier-Regiment - 715. Infanterie-Division. Confered for the heavt-fights in the Anzio-Nettuno bridgehead. Signed by Hildebrandt, divison commander.
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    part of a split group, TFEM to Cpl. Edward Evans #3388/200703. A pre war old soldier who was discharged time expired in 1919 after 12 years service with the colours. Hopefully one day I can find his missing 15 ~Star trio. He served in Gallipoli and then Egypt with the 4th Welsh.
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    I have been contemplating how to keep this group together and came up with the idea of putting them in a case. I managed to source a plain box and have constructed an interior and placed the grouping in there. Hope you like it Jim J
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    Thank you for the pictures. I'll start from the left: Eisernes Kreuz 2.Klasse 1914 (the black and white ribbon at the far left on the bar) Hamburger Hanseatenkreuz Mecklenburg Militärverdienstkreuz Hessen Tapferkeitsmedaille OR Friedrich August Kreuz 2. Klasse Preußen Rote-Kreuz Medaille Preußen Verdienstkreuz für Kriegshilfe Schlesischer Adler 2.Klasse ( Post 1918) Deutsche Ehrendenkmünze des Weltkriegs (Post 1918 Kyffhäuser Medaille (Post 1918) Feel free to google it, to get more information. I hope this was helpful. Best regards, Nicolas
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    Here is the citation for the EK II along with recommendation, newspaper cutting on the award of his EK I and photo of Rudolf Mayer with 8 Staffel, Jagdgeschwader 5. The citation is signed by Generaloberst Hans-Jürgen Stumpff RK. The recommendation signed by Oberleutnant und Staffelkapitän Hermann Segatz DKiG. He was killed in action 8.3.1944 as Hauptmann und Gruppenkommandeur II./JG 1. He had a total of 40 victories at the time of his death. As you can see the recommendation was forwarded after his first victory. He would achieve five in total of which four would get him the EK I. Unfortunately Mayer was taken ill with tuberculosis December 1943 and he would not return to combat. That was also what resulted in his untimely death in 1987. /Ian
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    I bought a new display to get my goodies out of the sunlight. Hopefully you like it. Nicolas
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    Hello all :) A somewhat rare treat I have to show you today. VGAD Personal Buch, belonging to Hilfszollassistent Valentin Grimm. He served in Nantes, and Pont Aven, France. These do not come up for sale often, and I am very happy to have been able to obtain it. Too bad the picture is gone, but it is still a rare piece. Enjoy
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    Had to have one with non combattant ribbon aswell :-) I have been bitten by the bug
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    Hello, Document awarded to a member of GJR 139 on June 10th, 1940 after the fights for Narvik. Document with a stamp signature of commander of 3. GD, Eduard Dietl. Cordial greetings. Polux
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    Alfred is a panzerschützen when the soldbuch is opened in 1942. He is a young guy with blond hair and blue eyes. In abril 1943 he joined the new Panzer Regiment 24 -as a radio operator- that is rebuilt in northern France with panzer IV and sturmgeschutz III. 8/43 joined the II panzer corps as ocupation force in Italy. 10/43 goes back to the eastern front,this time in Nikopol and Krivoi Rog. From marz to may 1944 it took part in defensive battles arround Besaravia and Moldavia. may and june 1944 participated in the combats of Jassy and Targul Frumos with the GD.And he is awarded with the PAB silver.In this battle of Targul Frumos 24 PD claimed 100 tanks destroyed. September 1944 took part in the Dukla Pass battle and in octobre he participated in the battle of Debrecen. The is transported by train through Hungary and to Prusia where it received in febrary 1945 new equipment. Marz 1945 the deffensive battles in Narmia. April 1945 the regiment is evacuated to Scheswig Holstein where they surrendered to the english tropps. -nice entry in the soldbuch : "feldmutze gelben abzeichen" All comments and help with the soldbuch is wellcome guys.
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    Here's another one I did just for fun.
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    My latest acquisition. Upon the formation of the Territorial Force in 1908 the 1st [Herts] Volunteer Battalion of the Bedfordshire Regt amalgamated with the 2nd [Herts] VB Bedfs Regt to form the Hertfordshire Battalion. This did not sit well in Hertfordshire and as they had no regular Regiment it was decided in 1909 to change the title to The Hertfordshire Regiment. Some insignia for the short lived Hertfordshire Battalion was produced including this rare Helmet plate for the Officer's Home Service blue cloth spiked helmet. It was made by Jennen's and Co. There maker's mark can be seen on the end of the title scroll.
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    43/44 set pictured NEVER DONE THIS DISPLAY BEFORE in the 20 odd years of owning the set.
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    Since I started collecting and saw the first Ribbon/Medalbar from the maker "Gebrüder Godet & Co., Berlin", I knew it was love at first sight. Unfortunately it was not possible for me to acquire a Godet bar yet. Feel free to post all your Godet medal and ribbonbars. It may will not be the most informative thread on this forum, but definitely one of the most beautiful.
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    To end this presentation, here is an image of Alfred Haase in uniform of customs carrying the reminder of its three decorations. I hope that this evocation of a particular unit will have known how to get your attention Cordial greetings. Polux
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    Hello, To complete the document presented by Robert S., here is the presentation of a particular document of my collection. The Personal-Buch is a document which consists of 28 pages. It contains numerous sections identical to Soldbuch Heer (reception of equipment less). This type of document was only distributed to the members of the Kommandostelle des Zollgrenzschutzes Frankreich. Considering the dates of establishment of the documents which I was able to observe, I think that this type of document was put into service at the beginning of year 1944. It is of a smaller size (9,5 x 11.5 cm) that Soldbuch Heer (10,5 x 14 cm) and cover of this document wears the mention VGAD for Verstärkter Grenzaufsichtsdienst, this term which can be translated by : strengthening of the surveillance duties of the borders. You will notice that this document was printed in Paris (rue Taitbout, situated in the 9th district of Paris, not far from the Garnier Opera).
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    Just had to have this Urkunde after I saw it for sale. It's a Iron Cross 2nd Class Award document from Grenadier Johann Kvetinowski of the 5. Kompanie/ Grenadier-Regiment 423, dated 5. Januar 1945. So definitely for actions during the Battle of the Bulge. Since his name is not a common one I thought why not run it through the Volksbund database.. I found a match.. There is only one Kvetinowsky listed.. First name: Johann... Rank: Grenadier ... Killed in Action on 22 December 1944. His final resting place is the Military Cemetery in Sandweiler (Luxemburg). He most likely fell during the attack on Consdorf. On the award document is a not so little signature of Generalleutnant Franz Sensfuß
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    Just to fill in those that are missing... Page 22 Fliegerschützen Abzeichen, page 23 leave 3 and 4 - Oblt.u.Stafu. (11 Staffel) Hans Bading. MiA 9.8.1944 as Stafu. 6/K.G. 4. DKiG 19.1.1942 with I/K.G. 4. /Ian
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    Here is one to an officer dated for February 1945 and signed by General der Infanterie Busse. The EK recipient is listed in the Volksbund as being missing in action at the Seelow Heights.
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    Hello, Thanks to Robert to have presented this very interesting and little usual document within the collections of German documents. To answer Michael, this type of document was used only in France and only for the men of an advanced age who were called to strengthen the service of customs, that is VGAD. I possess at present five documents of this type, to see image joined below, I had a lot of difficulty and I put a few years to gather these five documents ! I shall soon present one of these documents in detail. In the meantime, I advise to those that this subject interests the following link : http://www.zollgrenzschutz.de In the pleasure to read you and the cordial greetings. Polux
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    Next up, Zollassistenten Hans Schmitt As you can see from the documents, Schmitt was in the army before and after his Customs service He was promoted to Wachtmeister in 1934, while serving in 2./Eskadron Fahr Abteilung 5. In 1936, he had moved on to 2. Battr. Beob. Abt. 5, where he was awarded the 4 year Long Service Medal. In 1938, he was awarded the 12 year Long Service Medal, while serving with Beobachterabteilung 6. Some time after this he was transferred to the Zollgrenzschutz, where he was awarded his Ehrenzeichen on the 30th of March 1942. Next move is back to the Army, where he was awarded KVK2 and EK2 in 1944 while serving with 3./ H. Art.Abt. 602. He had been promoted to Stabswachtmeister at this point. Pardon my bad pictures, as I do not have my scanner available :)
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    Oh, hi Polux, good to see you here The one given in Cholm is certainly special. Attached anotherone of mine. Not so special but I like it because of the sloppy style - I guess they had other things to worry about then.
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    Hello, Document attributed late, in April 17th, 1945, to a man of Grenadier Regiment 1120, unit of 553. Volks-Grenadier-Division. This document is signed by the Generalmajor Gerhard Hüther. Cordial greetings. Polux
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    Hello, First participation in this forum which seems to me interesting, particularly for my domain of preference : documents relative to the German army. Here is a document handed to Cholm in a member of IR 386, surviving of the Festung, on May 20th, 1942. Document signed by Oberst Viktor Lang, commander of 218. Infanterie-Division. Cordial greetings. Polux
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    Funeral Pillow/Ordenkissen Dear Friends, Unfortunatley the last thread like this disappeared so let us try and recreate it. My hope is that this will serve as a useful reference for the community here. Best wishes Pierce F.
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    Hi Bart, There were some good feedback's convincing me that it is a fake: 1: The pin and catch are not wartime examples, and the rivets are far too crude to have passed inspection , 2: From my point of view the wreath is unlike any known war time examples that I am aware of. The pin, hook and hinge on the back are also unlike any wartime example I am aware of. The rivets seem to large from known examples. Its for these reasons that I personally would not put this cross into my collection. 3: The wreath doesn't match, the rivets don't match, the pin reminds me of a post war Souval or S&L pin, so basically everything. Have a look through the pictures in various thread for the different types of DK and you'll get the idea. Also look at the post war S&L examples in the 57er section. Sadly you may not find too many post war Souval examples, but they are quite different to wartime ones and this one you have is trying to pass itself off as war time so they are the examples to check. I wish we had a pictorial database for these as we do the RKs1 Thank you for your interest and your help.
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    The thing with collecting Third Reich items is that the scope for collecting is huge and does tend to fit any budget depending on what you wish to collect. Not only do you have the full blown medals but you also have the miniature stick-pin versions which are much cheaper and still good display pieces, or you could concentrate on period magazines or newspapers that relate to the German forces with magazines such as Der Adler or Die Kriegsmarine (and of course 'Signal') being very cheaply priced. The fakes are out there in every collecting field, be it German TR, British or US Civil War so gaining knowledge is the importatnt thing. And if you do start collecting, you will get burned and buy a fake. It happens to every one but the thing is to not let it put you off collecting. Try and treat it as just a hobby, after all you can't eat an Iron Cross or pay your rent/bills with a Third Reich Postcard!
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    Generaloberst Eugen Ritter von Schobert
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    After two weeks away with Army I'm back until 23 FEB, then I am leaving again for 3 weeks with the Army, will not have internet connection again, so you know if you contact me you may not receive an answer. Hope you guys are alright Cheers Bart
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    I love these Old Contemptible badges.Those guys were so proud that they had been there from the beginning..That is a nice one Martin Jim
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    Dad recalled that he remembered grandad wearing one of the these badges in his lapel later in civilian life. This one is not his but I managed to find one online. A nice addition I think. Cheers,Martin.
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    Good additions. I wonder how the Feldpost managed to keep track. I know they had other problems then but I believe the post guys still did their very best to deliver mail to the soldiers. Here is another one. This time for a guy who was really older but was still sucked in by Kampfgruppe Semmering. This Kampfgruppe was renamed into 9. Gebirgsdivision about 10 days before the end of the war. However, when it was still a Kampfgruppe it had the task to hold the Semmering pass to enable other troops to retreat West. So in this case for once a task which was maybe worth the risk. This old guy even managed to get a few days of close combat (April 01 - 04 1945).
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    There are two versions of this badge. One for Instructors who had attended nationally run courses, in a gold colour, marked FGIC [Fire Guard Instructors Course]. And this one which should be in a silver colour, which has mostly gone, marked LFGI [local Fire Guard Instructor], for instructors trained locally. introduced in July 1944. Manufactured by JR Gaunt London.
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    Hi BMB I agree with the others; you have a nice hollow "Egghead" example. To date, the Egghead is the only example found with the teardrop shaped hinge plate in use. The variant the Hans N shows is the rarer of the two hollow Eggheads having the smaller block hinge hardware. Here is one I have to compare. Best Regards, fischer
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    A nice Feb. 1945 issue Brandenburger soldbuch, no awards but a notation of discharge by his Oberleutnant on May 8 1945.
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    Years ago when I still posted in the WAF I opened a thread which was named "This should happen more often" or something like it. It was about two soldbücher of soldiers of the same unit and the special thing was that both portrait photos were obviously taken in the same place. Ok, why should that not happen but I like the idea that the two guys were at the same place at the same time and probably even had a chat when they were waiting together with the other guys of the Kompanie for their photos to be taken. Here is my soldbuch. It is the one of Rudolf Kampshoff who was at that time a member of Pz. Pi. Btl. 51 (an experienced unit of which a lot of documents seem to have survived and which is also quite well documented). Of interest is by the way the special way how he fixed his ASA. I always quite liked the soldbuch and fortunately yesterday I found a very similar group at the page of Kay Winkler. A very good group but unfortunately too expensive. Anyway, I loved the photo ...
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    I've got some of that family. Sarge
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    My first ever item wasn´t a document, but as we are in the documents section I guess we are talking about paperwork only... ;-) The first document in my collection is a very special one and will never be sold, even if I stop collecting one day: my grandfathers Wehrpass. Grandfather was a Flak-soldier and saw action in North Africa and Italy. He was awarded the cuff title "Afrika", EKII for action at Anzio-Nettuno, Wound Badge Black, the Driver´s Badge and the German Italian MedalI. I also have a piece of paper showing that he applied for the Luftwaffe Ground Badge and Flak-Badge, but they are not entered in the Wehrpass. Neither is the German-Italian Medal. Plenty of information on locations and combats! Apart from grandfathers Wehrpass I have his Ärmelband "Afrika" plus citation, EKII, Wound Badge Black (denazified), German-Italian medal (all without citations, unfortunately), a couple of hundred photos and some equipment (binoculars, canteen).
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    Another citation of 246. VGD... Unit: Artillerie-Regiment 246, 246. Volksgrenadier-Division Awarded for action in/at: Ardennes/Eifel Signature: Generalmajor Walter Kühn (mit der Führung beauftragt) Status: Single document Notice the differences and congruities with the other 246. VGD citation I posted... same stamp, but different typewriter used.
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    Well,i thought I was done with collecting awards but I just had to get this rare Hilfskreuzer award in zinc that is attributed to maker Wilhelm Deumer. It is the only example by this maker that has surfaced so far. Good hunting in 2017. Cheers,Martin.
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    Nice addition. They are really not so common. I have seen a few of them for France but never for another country. Would be interesting to know if they existed also for other places.
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    Very cool soldbuch. Really I wonder how that photo was taken ... "quick now, he is very tired - let's secretly take a photo of him" But I am really surprised that he was never promoted to NCO. Have you noted the remark "Ersatzmann" on the first page? Replacement or more closely "replacement-man". What could that have been for?
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    Hauptmann Heinz Walter Bretschneider with the Spanish War Cross
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    Eberhard von Stohrer, Ambassador to Spain, wearing a Spanish/Falangist decoration?