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    Hello Luftwaffe enthusiasts, I thought I would share a rare and unique piece of Luftwaffe, and more specifically, Luftwaffe uniform ephemera. They are pre-war schematics created by the DAF (Deutsche Arbeitsfront) for tailors and uniform production of the new Luftwaffe. There are several posters each for the fliegerbluse, mantel, and tunic. Their were also booklets for each with instructions and regulations in text form, but only the fliegerbluse version has survived in this case. There are some for officer and some for NCO, in most cases. I doubt many have survived - this is the first and only one I've seen for the Luftwaffe, but perhaps others exist out there somewhere. There is a version for the Heer pictured in Tim Curley & Neil Stewart's well-received book "Waffenrock." The Heer versions are owned by a U.S. collector, I believe. I thought these would be nice, framed, in my eventual collection room. Too bad for me everything is still in a storage unit! I just don't have any space yet in the home, unfortunately. First, let's start with the blueprints for an officer's fliegerbluse... J-
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    Beautiful Hans hope to purchase my first cross soon.
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    Thaks for your fast replies gentlemen! Due to some little uploading problems, I could only post the previous pictures... Here are somemore... Adler
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    maybe a little late but this is actually a civil gasmask intended for telephone and switchboard personell, it has nohting to do with KM. I know this piece popped up on the bay some time ago and frankly, the sucker who bought it payed way to much for it, it's worth maximum 60euro. The guy who bought it propably thinks it's a KM piece but unfortunately for him it's not as the KM gasmasks for radio operators had a removable microphone (and the microphone is quite rare).
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    Hello guys, I would like to share you some ideas about the possibly maker of the so called "egghead" IAB. This is just an assumption so far, we need more proof. I think it has a good chance that the maker of this IAB can be Gustav Brehmer. We know that G.B. made GABs, he has marked and unmarked GABs too. If you compare the reverse of the Brehmer GAB and the "egghead" IAB you can see that the set-up (hinge, pin, catch) are the same which is a good sign. Furthermore, if you check the finish of the two badges, you can usually encounter two variants, a later war variants got only a silver wash, and the middle war variants have a very milky frosty finish which wasn't really used by other makers. Some other note: Juncker and Brehmer shared very similar designs with other badges such as LW Flak Badge, Heer Flak Badge, GAB, Numbered PABs, etc. If you check the design of the egghead IAB, you can see how much is it familier to Juncker, but because Juncker already has hollow zinc variant, and probably also solid zinc variant (Slim Stalk), Juncker is out of the possibly makers. Also note that this kind of finish wasn't used by Juncker. So again, this is only an assumption, I am not saying that its a Brehmer for sure, more detective work needed and more proofs.
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    And some more on the hardware ....
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    Lastly we have the side shots. First thing to note is that on Fake 2 the pin is made of 2 pieces, an original is of one piece construction which is nicely soldered to the hingeblock. Onto the hingeblock on both fake 1 and 3 the hingeblock is an open piece it should on an original be of solid design. The reason for it being open is that these fakes utilise a much later make Dk made by S&L in the late 70s when the open hingeblock was used to save in metal. The catch is the next piece on the list on an original the catch sits atop a small circle being slightly raised in the very centre both fake 1 and 3 have once again made a hash of things and made the mess shown below. Hopefully the quick thread will help anyone who is contemplating buying an early S&L DKIG and what to look for