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    Hi Wim, Love the mini, it sure is one that is not encountered very often The citation is also quite rare compared to the more often found "standard" one. Here is my contribution to the topic, a few old shots of my Schutzwall / Westwall medal related items: The spade is a commemorative item from a company that participated in construction the Westwall. It came together with the citation, as the pictures show it is marked the same. regards, Gaston
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    The Dealers: The Bad and the Ugly This is the pinned thread where you can list dealers or sellers whom sell (huge) amount of reproduction and fake militaria, so (new) collectors can have caution buying there or rather completely avoid it. I would like to warn everybody that the following dealer sells their badges, medals and other militaria as originals, but they are all fake. Here is the site: http://www.heartsanddaggers.co.uk/germanww2.html Other dealer sites collected from this thread and grouped here: http://www.armeewaren-ralfhaas.de http://www.spandaumilitariashop.com/ http://www.honeyholemilitaria.com/ http://www.rkmilitaria.com/ http://www.beck-militaria.de http://www.wwiidaggers.com/HYK.htm http://www.samilitaria.com/SAM/ http://www.medalsofengland.com/index.html THREAD ON JAMIE CROSS: UPDATE on "RK Militaria" this website is not active anymore, if he ever pops up under a new name, please mention it here. UPDATE on "Honey Hole Militaria" this website is not active anymore, if he ever pops up under a new name, please mention it here.
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    Hi guys, today a dream came true!!! I've made it!!! The 50 is full I've bought my first IAB 30th of april 2012. It was a bronze Assann "4". Up to now it's about 4 month that I really collect the different IABs I think the IAB bug is in me :-) Tomorrow I will make some better pictures. I hope you like it and opinions are welcome! Best regards Sven
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    Was there for the first time this morning. Never heard or seen it before, and while driving by there this morning I thought... "again a museum in Bastogne, probably nothing special". Well luckily we took the time to visit it. I highly recommend everyone to visit it! The quality of the items and displays are fantastic!
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    It seems that this is the place to intorduce yourself more or less so here I go: Greetings to all of you, I'm Filip and I'm living near Ghent (Belgium). My main interest is an interest you seldom find in the collectorsworld, namely Gasmasks. My interest began when I was around 15 years of age and now 20 years later I still enjoy the hunt for something I don't have yet. I collect gasmasks from any time, any place and it does not matter if they are Military, industrial or civilian. At the moment I have around 320 different gasmasks in my collection, ranging from Worldwar 1 till present times and from many countries around the globe. I know that many collectors do not collect post war material but for me it's all the same, if I don't have it then it's welcome in the collection. So, if you have any questions about a certain gasmask or you don't know what you have lying around then please, don't be afraid to ask, my view is that we only preserve history if we share the info we have. I'm also willing to buy gasmasks if the price is right and if I don't have them in my collection yet (which gets harder and harder these days because the most common things I already have in my collection). Unfortunately, due to the vastness of my collection I cannot put a list of what I have on here but I can show you my Belgium collection which is complete (although I still have to upload a few details that have been cleared out recently, but that's something for in February). Enjoy and see you on the forums (or maybe the militaria fairs in Belgium). http://www.gasmasks.be
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    Tom, they could be worn between april 1st and september 30th, for walking-out dress and full-dress..not completely sure what the last term covers..if worn with white shirt it was "full dress".. And yes, I have seen pictures of NCO´s in this ..I even think I have a picture..let me look..
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    And was also used on the Officers coloured field service cap.
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    got this from an antique shop in london when i went training other week. my first british cap enjoy
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    Great helmets, like them very much
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    Great coat Luftie I really like it, will look for a tab for you
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    Edmund Fischer is a long time service member of my collection. He served only 5 months as an active fighterpilot with JG.26. Luftsiege : II./JG.26 - 6.Staffel : -18.08.44 Thunderbolt : Beauvais - Frankreich. 12:40. -25.08.44 Lightning : Beauvais - Frankreich. 13:40. -25.09.44 Mustang : Raume Arnheim/Eindhoven - Niederlande 18:00. -27.09.44 Spitfire : Raume Arnheim/Eindhoven - Niederlande 10:35. Page 21 shows : Seit 12.10.1944 im Raume Osnabruck - Hannover vermißt. Around 11.00 AM Fischer was shot down by a 364 FG - P-51 Mustang and since then MIA. Some nice signatures in his Soldbuch : Glunz and Eder. Rank for Glunz, Caldwell shows in his book the rank Oblt. Glunz, but officially he was still Lt. His promotion request was dated 23.9.1944, the answer was typed on 19.10.1944 and the approval in that letter was signed and dated 20.10.1994, and the rank Oberleutnant was back dated to 1.10.1944.