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    Got this a few weeks ago. Hans Griesmayer voluntered for service as a reserve officer candidate in Gebirgs-Jäger-Regiment 99 on 5th november 1937. In october 1940 he was promoted Leutnant. He took part in the campaign against France, Balkans, served on the eastern front from the start of the campaign until his division was pulled back for rest / refitting in april 1943. 1. Gebirgsjäger - Division was then used mainly against partisans in Serbia, Montenegro and Greece until september 1944, when the Red army started it's Belgrade offensive. On the 17th of Ooctober, Hauptmann Griesmayer was commanding III. Batt. / Geb.Jäg.Rgt. 99. He was tasked with being the rearguard for his division trying to break out of russian encirclement. Mission accomplished, but just as he got is orders to pull out on the 18th, he was hit by artillery west of Mt. Avala close to Belgrade and instantly killed. For this, he was awarded the Ehrenblattspange des Heeres (PM) on 15.12.1944.
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    Despite the virtually non-displayable size of these 500 x 300 flags I have a soft spot for them. Their sheer immensity makes me feel a little bit of the fear that ravaged Europe and the world. This particular example is kriegsmarine marked and would have been flown on a cruiser class ship (1500 to 10K tons, Cruiser (Leipzig 8.4K tons).
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    I know some for sale its 50-60-70 Euro if you are interested i can help you , directly from France / Belgium
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    I found it! So here is the contract: He bought the meadow, house (huntsman house), plough and garden. The price was 4568 pengő. I asked my grandparents they said it was a lot of money that day, so its impossible that my great-grandparents paid that, so I think the amount which is in the contract was paid by the government or just they wrote down how much is it worth.
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    Hi Martin, my dad served with the TA before the war and after it, all with the signals,and I have his medals, cap badge and two pictures of him in the desert, all are posted in another thread. I also had two uncles who served in the post war period with the signals. Todays arrival, post 1920's OR's bimetal cap badge for the RWF, a well used and much polished example.
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    Great helmets, I always meant to add an Adrian to my collection but never did, maybe one day I will.
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    Hi! This Generaladmiralflagge com from Schwerer Krüser BLUCHER: Regards Morten.
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