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    Hello guys, in this topic I would like to post you my ancestors related items. Lof of docs and awards are missing due to the lack of information I have, but I am working on it. At the moment I know about 4 members of my family who fought in the I. and II. World Wars, but I know almost nothing about two of my family tree branch. All I know about my maternal great-great-grandfather that he was born in 1880 and died in 1958. He fought in the First World War and wounded, lost 2 of his fingers and that's why hi was labeled to "man crippled in the war". I have only one document from him which is a military care certificate, which writes about that: he was a enlisted man, what kind of wound he has and how much supply he deserves.
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    This is a heavily patinaed minty Heer dagger with 1937-1941 Eickhorn maker mark. Fittings and scabbard are black with patina. Blade is "stone mint" as Wittman would say.
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    One of my favourite Nahkampfspangen.A nice one with the blue backplate. Kind Regards Joachim
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    Adler....another outstanding piece from your museum quality collection ! That's a fine example of an M17 stahlhelm ! you probably know but for the benefit of other members, "Feld-Artillerie-Regt. von Puecker (1. Schlesisches) Nr.6" was garrisoned at Breslau and was part of VI Armee Korps. You have some super stuff, please post more.......with the growth of this forum and the Centenary coming up I am sure interest can only grow and you will have more interest in your items as time goes on. Prost ! Steve.
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    The laurel leaves would make tis the wreath for a Teno officer's cap.