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    Recent Posts Ticker has been reissued on the Forum after this successful voting. I used a max. of 10 new posts which should be visible.
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    Show us your U-Boot Award Documents (and other related Documents) There is a dedicated thread for the Ubootkriegsabzeichen ! See others Threads: - Award documents for the U-Boat Badge - U-Boat Death Cards - Uboot Sterbebilder ================================================================================================== Hi Guys ! Small U-Boot Group from U-527 . Read the letter about what was sent to his Wife . Jan Arne
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    Dear All I never thought that someday I will own one UBoot badge (favorite KM badge), this beauty is sitting here since 2,5 years now :P Interesting, that with Hans we bought the UBoot-s together at the same time. Bye bye Laszlo
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    Hi Friends Here some Erich von Meinstein Photos. Regards Seba
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    Hello Guys, Here's my new Clasp just arrived today, hope you like it.
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    Hi, The Westwall badge is a commemorative badge i think. Besides the official well known medal, there was made a plethora of commemorative items for work on the westwall. This ranged from various badges, rings, (onofficial) medals, to even complete miniature spades, books, brochures and god knows what parafernalia. Many of the (larger) companies had their own commemorative items they gave to their people afterwards for the work they did. I would place this badge in that category. The Turnerbund medal is one of the many commemorative medals that were issued to commemorate the founders of the turnerbund: Friedrich Ludwig Jahn (1778 - 1852), also known as "Turnvater Jahn" (Father of the turnbund Jahn), and Ferdinand Hermann Wilhelm Goetz (1826 - 1915), chairman/president of the turnerbund from 1860 till his death. Goetz was together with Jahn seen as the most prominent personallity of the turnerbund at the start of the twentieth century and responsible for the resurrection of the turnerbunds archive and library that were of quite some historical importance. He is much less known than Jahn though, because of his later misunderstood) pro-Jewish sentiments. You can imagine his role being minorised after right wing germany rose to power in later years, this makes him nowadays a lot less known than Jahn. The reverse of the medal has in the centre the four "F's" that together form the logo of the turnerbund (these "F's" stand for: Frisch, Fromm, Fröhlich and Frei) and originally come from a saying of Jahn that summarizes what the Turnerbund was accoring to him all about: " Frischer Muth - Frommes Blut - Frohes Leben - Freies Streben." As you see this saying can also be seen on the reverse of your medal. I haven't got an exact date for the medal, but think it has been made somewhere during the first decade of the twentieth century to commemorate the existence of the turnerbund. As the Deutscher Turnerschaft was instituted in 1868 it may be possible (im not sure but it seems logic) that the medal has been made perhaps for the 40 year existence in 1908. The shield that was in use for the bund around this time can also been seen on the obverse design, later this disappeared from most of the medals and badges. Hope this is helping you to undertand the medal a bit better. Best regards, Gaston
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    just a space to add a few pics of the CO of several S-Boots in the 2. Schnellbootflottille, later in the Schule-Lehr Division it was great to write and correspond with Herr Feldt before he passed
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    When Schmidt joined IR 57 they were on occupation duties in France but he went with them to Russia - the campaign page of the Wehrstammbuch makes it easy to follow his path until the day in November 1941 when Schmidt received serious schrapnel injuries to his face. From Russia he wound up in the Reserve-Lazarett located in Frankfurt-am-Main where he remained until 22nd July 1942. One signature of note in the Wehrpass is shown on the campaign page (Pg 32) which I believe to be that of Ernst Schmidt who won the DKiG on 17th November 1942. The photo in the Soldbuch is a nice one clearly showing the '57' cypher on the epaulette slip-on band.
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    Hello guys, I would like to share you some ideas about the possibly maker of the so called "egghead" IAB. This is just an assumption so far, we need more proof. I think it has a good chance that the maker of this IAB can be Gustav Brehmer. We know that G.B. made GABs, he has marked and unmarked GABs too. If you compare the reverse of the Brehmer GAB and the "egghead" IAB you can see that the set-up (hinge, pin, catch) are the same which is a good sign. Furthermore, if you check the finish of the two badges, you can usually encounter two variants, a later war variants got only a silver wash, and the middle war variants have a very milky frosty finish which wasn't really used by other makers. Some other note: Juncker and Brehmer shared very similar designs with other badges such as LW Flak Badge, Heer Flak Badge, GAB, Numbered PABs, etc. If you check the design of the egghead IAB, you can see how much is it familier to Juncker, but because Juncker already has hollow zinc variant, and probably also solid zinc variant (Slim Stalk), Juncker is out of the possibly makers. Also note that this kind of finish wasn't used by Juncker. So again, this is only an assumption, I am not saying that its a Brehmer for sure, more detective work needed and more proofs.
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    Here is mine tombak Schickle. It belonged to Gerhard Benser, radiooperator at U-243. Cheers, Hubert
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    Here nice to see Feldgendarmerie Soldier in Winter Camo Cloth and FG Gorget.
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    This Photos are maked in 1 st Christmas Day 1943 in Winniza/Ukraine
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    Here is another document issued in Japan,this time for a crewman from the Hilfskreuzer Michel, (Schiff 28 ). After a succesful first cruise under the command of Helmuth von Ruckteschell,Michel docked for refit at Kobe Japan 2 March 1943. Due to illness von Ruckteschell was hospitalized in Tokyo and this particular document was signed by FK Dr.Karl Bohme of the Heimatstab Ausland,on behalf of von Ruckteschell on 26 March 1943. Former Thor Commander Gunther Gumprich took over command of the Michel. Regards,Martin.
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    Here is the latest addition too my ss collection , a recent signed photo of Rudolf von Ribbentrop :)
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    Some of my headgear pieces ...