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    Wow, a truly amazing group ... it saw it being marked as "sold", nice to see you were able to purchase it. Hope you can indeed add a name to the medals, assume our German members might help you with that. KvK2 + EK2 ... both seem indeed early and quality finished pieces KvK1 ... later piece, but same as you, have not come across the "o" mark on a KvK before ??? EK1 ... again later piece, but smashingly modified by vaulting it .... beautiful !!! DKiG .... FYI, I have a similar piece in my collection with this type of wreath. The quality and overall level of finish it not too good, which makes be believe a more modern made piece ( by St&L ??? ). However, your piece and mine are somewhat similar in hardware and finish ... mine even has an "o" mark on the back. As to the raised wreath on east / west side ... same with my DKiG ... I guess that with later pieces they did not really bother. The new type of wreath ... I do not really know ... perhaps the old die ( round ) wore out too bad, so they made a new one ??? Edit ... I do believe the EK on top is a replacement .... do not think they would sell a DKiG with that amount of glue sticking out. Also, the finish of the EK looks dull, whilst most have a more glossy finish to them .... therefore I believe that at one stage, it has been replaced. Medal chain + mini .... very nice. Always amazed by the detail of these. RK KvK .... Yours is marked "800" which makes me believe its a real silver piece. It would explain the heavy weight. All other 57er RK KvK I've come across were unmarked and indeed quite light ... guess you can compare with the one I sold you ? As read on other forum, I do also believe this was a more "expensive or high end" item the veteran could purchase ... solid silver vs silver plated ( same with KC's ). Thanks for showing, Mathijs
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    Nice Jim, I only like these plaques in cast iron. Speaking of Breker, here is my very large cast iron 35lb Breker Hitler profile plaque.
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    Here you are (from la Gazette des armes HS Nr 17, le mur de l'Atlantique en France 1940-1944) The man behind the officer wears that patch on the left arm.