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    Hi guys, one week ago i was asked by a member to have a look at an IAB and if it maybe could be an Assmann. Sadly it wasn´t an Assmann but i asked myself why i was asked because it was definately to see that it was an S&L. So i took a sharper look at them (Assmann and S&L) and found the reason for the question. So here is what came out and my thoughts about them. I hope this can help to identify safely. First we have the stanadard and well known IAB´s by S&L. They exist as bronce and silver version. Normal standard design. Here we have the ultra rare Assmann IAB .... see pics (pics and piece are possession of "korfes" - member in the SDA Forum) Note the cut out at the butt because that is THE indicator for an Assmann And here the S&L that should be an Assmann. Note that the S&L has the same cut out at the butt I find that very interesting because it shows us that S&L had 2 different dies for the IAB, both exist in very early form and date. I think a feature we never noticed till now. AND it shows ( IMO ) that Assmann used up the old die from S&L or bought their pieces from S&L as the design is simply the same. For it shows that Assmann most likely jumped in LATER in producing the 57ers. Note the lack of detail and poor quality on the reverse of the IAB. One more indicator is the hardware that was used from the beginning of the 70s. So that was my part of the game. Now i´d like to hear your thoughts about my theory Sadly the IAB´s are not more in my collection to have a closer look.
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    Lists of known Medaille Winterschlacht im Osten / Eastern Front Medal Manufacturers: There are two different lists of makers you can find in the literature. 1) Maker list of the book “Die Medaille Winterschlacht im Osten 1942/42 (Ostmedaille)” by Sascha Weber: Maker List 3 PK-number LDO-number Company 1 L/10 Deschler & Sohn 3 L/11 Wilhelm Deumer 4 L/16 Steinhauer & Lück 5 L/17 Hermann Wernstein 6 L/24 Fritz Zimmermann 7 L/13 Paul Meybauer 8 L/19 Ferdinand Hofstätter 9 Liefergemeinschaft Pforzheimer Schmuckhersteller 10 L/21 Förster & Barth 11 Großmann & Co. 12 Frank & Reif 13 L/60 Gustav Brehmer 14 L. Christian Lauer 15 L/14 Friedrich Orth 18 Karl Wurster K.G. 19 L/51 E. Ferdinand Wiedmann 20 L/52 C.F. Zimmermann 23 Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Heeresbedarf in der Graveur- und Ziseleurinnung 24 Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Hanauer Plakettenhersteller 25 Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Graveur-, Gold- und Silberschmiedeinnungen 26 L/18 B.H. Mayer Kunstprägeanstalt 27 Anton Schenkl / Maria Schenkl 28 Eugen Schmidthäussler 29 Preußische Staatsmünze 30 Hauptmünzamt Wien 39 Rudolf Berge 51 Eduard Görlach & Söhne 55 J.E. Hammer & Söhne 57 Karl Hensler 60 Katz & Deyle 61 Rudolf A. Karneth & Söhne 63 Franz Klamt & Söhne 65 L/26 Klein & Quenzer 66 Friedrich Keller 71 Rudolf Leukert 73 Franz Mähnert 76 Ernst L. Müller 77 Bayrisches Hauptmünzamt 80 L/63 G.H. Osang 85 Julius Pietsch 88 L/62 Werner Redo 92 Josef Rückert & Sohn 93 Richard Simm & Söhne 98 L/58 Rudolf Souval 100 L/55 Rudolf Wächtler & Lange 107 Carl Wild 108 Arno Wallpach 109 Walter & Henlein 110 Otto Zappe 117 Hugo Lang 127 Moritz Hausch AG 138 L/23 Julius Maurer Arbeitsgemeinschaft Metall & Kunststoff Gablonz Metallwarenfabrik Posen – Hans Dieren Eastern medals of the mentioned makers are known because of the maker mark at the ring of the medal or because of marked bags. 2) Maker list of the book “The Awards of the Heer – Volume I” by Dietrich Maerz and Bernd Hartmann: Maker List 4 PK-number Company 1 Deschler & Sohn 3 Wilhelm Deumer 4 Steinhauer & Lück 5 Hermann Wernstein 6 Fritz Zimmermann 7 Paul Meybauer 8 Ferdinand Hofstätter 10 Förster & Barth 11 Grossmann & Co. 13 Gustav Brehmer 14 Christian Lauer 15 Friedrich Orth 16 Alois Rettenmayer 18 Karl Wurster KG 19 E. Ferd Wiedmann 20 C.F. Zimmermann 21 Gebrüder Godet & Co. 22 Boerger & Co 23 Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Heeresbedarf … 25 Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Graveure, … 26 B.H. Mayer Kunstprägeanstalt 28 Eugen Schmidthäussler 29 Hauptmünzamt Berlin 30 Hauptmünzamt Wien 35 F.W. Assmann und Söhne 39 Rudolf Berge 41 Gebrüder Bender 43 Julius Bauer & Söhne 50 Karl Gschiermeister 51 Eduard Görlach & Söhne 53 Glaser & Söhne 55 J.E. Hammer & Söhne 57 Karl Hensler 58 Artur Jöckel & Co. 60 Katz & Deyle 61 Rudolf A. Karneth 63 Franz Klast & Söhne 65 Klein & Quenzer 66 Friedrich Keller 71 Rudolf Leukert 73 Franz Manert 74 Carl Maurer & Sohn 76 Ernst L. Müller 77 Hauptmünzamt München 80 G.H. Osang 83 Emil Peukert 85 Julius Pietsch 88 Werner Redo 92 Josef Rückert & Sohn 93 Richard Simm & Söhne 98 Rudolf Souval 100 Rudolf Wächtler & Lange 107 Carl Wild 108 Arno Wallpach 110 Otto Zappe 112 Argentorwerke Rust & Hetzel 117 Hugo Lang 127 Moritz Hausch AG 138 Julius Maurer Metallwarenfabrik Posen LDO-number Company L/55 Rudolf Wächtler & Lange L/57 Boerger & Co. L/58 Rudolf Souval This list was created with the help of eastern medal collectors.