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    1914 Star Authorized in April 1917 for award to those troops who served in France or Belgium between 5 August 1914 and midnight on 22/23 November 1914. A recipient of the 1914 Star could not also be awarded the 1914–15 Star. A clasp ‘5th Aug – 22nd Nov 1914' was awarded to those who served under fire from the enemy in France and Belgium between those dates.
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    Hi chaps, Sorry I've been absent for some time .... my health caught up with me and I needed some time off to recharge my batteries. Now I feel a bit better and back to work. However, I did continue collecting some very nice items ( yet to show here ). For now, I'll leave you guessing what could be inside this large cardboard box !!! Those who know me might already have a clue, but nevertheless do have a go at it ! Grtz, Mathijs