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    This one belongs to a good friend of mine, 1916 dated . It has a little bit of mothing, but is something that doesn't come along too often.... Bob
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    Here is my latest CDG. The reason for buying this one was inspired by collecting colleague and friend Lengies who showed earlier in this thread citation stars sewn to the ribbon in a particular way. Having seen his examples i found this one after looking for some time and have decided to share with you. Jim
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    Well, I had a decision to make about the Panther wheel and Panzer Jacke... Either leave them in my shed or donate them to the Tank Museum... I didn't want to leave them for ever in the shed and I contacted the Royal Armoured CorpsTank Museum, Bovington Well, yesterday a volunteer came and took them away to their new home in Dorset. I've always thought that these items should be were they belong - back on a Panzer. Hopefully, the wheel will be displayed or added to a new Panther project in the future. The Jacke will be put on a Light Panzer. At least they won't be lost for ever and the Museum will look after them with the care they need. I loved that wheel. Bye, bye Panther wheel...
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    Thanks Jerry, My friend David has some very nice cloth caps in his collection.... Bob
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    I have always been fascinated by the great look of this belt and I needed to have one even if I am not a DAK collector. Too bad that the LW officers didn't have the same idea. Pierre