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    My first and only card and i have to thank Eric-Jan for being able to get this one. Josef Stoiber was a crewman on the Hilfskreuzer Pinguin. The Pinguin was sunk in the Indian Ocean on May 8 1941 by the British heavy cruiser HMS Cornwall with great loss of life,including her Commander Ernst-Felix Kruder. Regards,Martin.
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    There does not seem to be a great deal of interest in Imperial swords (1889-1918), but they are beautiful things with lots of history. Is there anyone out there who shares my newly-developed interest?
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    A friend of mine made this display cross for me.
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    Major Audie Murphy (1925 - 1971) was one of the most famous and decorated American combat soldiers of World War II. He was awarded every U.S. military combat award for valor available from the U.S. Army, and was also decorated by France and Belgium. He served in the Mediterranean and European Theater of Operations. He was presented the Medal of Honor for his defensive actions against German troops on January 26, 1945, at the Colmar Pocket near Holtzwihr, France. During an hour-long siege, he stood alone on a burning tank destroyer firing a machine gun at attacking German soldiers and tanks. Wounded and out of ammunition, Murphy climbed off the tank, refused medical attention, and led his men on a successful counter assault. On May 28, 1971, Murphy was killed when the private plane in which he was a passenger crashed into Brush Mountain, near Catawba, Virginia. I had these pics on my PC for some years now, so I cannot recall the exact source. Regards, Sepp.
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    Gentlemen, just acquired this group, apparently straight from the family these awards came in a Feld post packet marked F/P Nr L21133/W, L.G.P. Paris. I assume that the letter "W" at the end of the feld post number is for Werkstatt-Kompanie, if so, either from, "1.-3. Kompanie, Kolonne u. Werkstatt-Kompanie I Panzer-Regiment Hermann Goring (31.7.1942-9.2.1943)" or "1.-4. Kompanie, Kolonne I u. Werkstatt-Kompanie (tank Workshop Company) I Panzer-Regiment Hermann Goring(10.2.1943-23.8.1943)" would seem to fit. Named to a Gefreiter Josef Neumann, probably a mechanic in a tank Workshop HG Regiment......... Awards inside are, EK II, Ost & West Wall medals, matching ribbon bar, black wound badge, Infanterie Sturmabzeichen and SA sports badge, as HG Panzer Regiment was in Poland, France (stationed in Paris) and Russia, I see no reason why they are not his.....Notice catch missing on wound badge and small hole drilled in the area...to sew on the tunic ?..sadly the IAB has no catch or pin assembly.......... See below........ Prost ! Steve.
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    I agree with previous comments, all badges look original although I would like to see better images of the uboat clasp in bronze to be 100% sure, now I am 99% sure about the clasp ;) You have: - very nice tombak Juncker AC, great to see the remnants of the black laquer on the main pin; - worn zinc Schwerin BR, dished back variant with large makers mark; - very nice zinc Schwerin CAB with unfaded original gilt; - worn tombak type 2 Schwerin Destroyer with filed main pin for easier attachement to the uniform; - nice zinc Schwerin 2nd pattern S-boot, segmented swaz variant but IMO the gilt was refinished on the wreath; - later tombak variant of Schwerin HSF in perfect condition but the box is not a presentation case for this kind of award; - nice early tombak Schwerin Minesweeper that seen some action on the see and was hand vaulted by the sailor; - early tombak Schwerin U-boat, maker's marked and also hand vaulted by the sailor; - zinc U-boat clasp in bronze is also original IMO but would like to see better images :) I enclose exactly the same variants from my collection for you to compare, except of Juncker AC and U-boat clasp since I still miss it ;) Cheers, Hubert
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    Here's another Demag trenchknife / bayonet... The difference with the previous one I showed is actually the leather strap on the scabbard, while the other one has a papercloth strap. Also the blades shows minor differences. Adler
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    Latest addition Made in france under german occupation apparantly. Yes the construction and feel to it is without doubt ww2. Just need to give it a black light test which i will do tonight.
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    All: After many years, I finally added an emergency food ration tin/canister to my Kriegsmarine collection. Best regards, John
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    Haven't picked up any new badges in a while but just got this postcard which is an indicator of just how proud these workers were of their badges and the jobs they were doing.
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    I'm only a little bit into flairguns, but the box appears to be WW1, the cardboard rounds also ... The aluminum rounds are not WW1, possibly WW2, can't tell from this picture... Here are a few pics of my two hebel flairguns an a pic of one of the flairguns together withsome other stuff and a box of rounds simular to the one shown before, but with red flairs instead of yellow... Adler
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    Pierre, I can not I.D. those rounds unfortunately.....heres a photo of a model 1894 Hebel flare gun and rounds....does it help ? Prost ! Steve.
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    Heres a Canadian 1941 MkII helmet made by General Steel Wares with a size 7 Viceroy Manufacturing Company Liner. What makes this helmet interesting is the insignia on the side belonging to the Netherlands, Princess Irene Brigade After the occupation of the Netherlands, about 1200 Dutch soldiers managed to regroup in Britain. They came from all kind of army divisions, infantry, cavalry, air units and even police officers. In January 1941 the official Royal Dutch Brigade was created. A few months later, in August 1941, Queen Wilhelmina handed them a banner with the name of her granddaughter, Irene. From that day on, the unit went under the name Princes Irene Brigade. The brigade fought in multiple battles during WWII, a few examples are battles at St. Côme, Pont Audemer and they participated in the Market Garden operation. MIck