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    I got many nice items for ym collection in 2014, but the very best are Royal Yugoslav U-boat badge and Eickhorn-made Royal Yugoslav dagger. Both are extremely nice pieces, which are missing even from the most advanced collections around. (some 4 such daggers and less than 10 such badges known to collector's community and museums today).
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    John, always happy to share this hobby with people like you. Soem very nice pieces, congratulations to all. This one has been my last but probably the best of the year. Vizeadmiral Walter Matthiae reefer, Seekommandant from Lorient (10 Sep 1944-10 May 1945) and Deutsches Kreuz in Silber winner (11 Apr 1944). It came also with a WW1 EKI and coastal artillery war badge. The cloth DKiS is abosolutly amazing.
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    Ritterkreuz ceremony for the member of Infanterie-Regiment 16 / 22.(Luftlande) Infanterie-Division in 29 May 1940 and awarded by Generalfeldmarschall Hermann Göring. The recipients, FLTR: Oberleutnant Hermann-Albert Schrader (Chef 11.Kompanie / III.Bataillon. RK 29 May 1940), Oberstleutnant Dietrich von Choltitz (Kommandeur III.Bataillon. RK 18 May 1940), Oberst Hans Kreysing (Kommandeur Infanterie-Regiment 16. RK 18 May 1940), Oberfeldwebel August Grauting (Zugführer in Infanterie-Regiment 16. RK 29 May 1940), and Oberleutnant Dr.jur. Hellmuth Schreiber-Volkening (Chef 9.Kompanie / III.Bataillon. RK 29 May 1940)...
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    Ryan L: Hello! Thank you for sharing your 20 mm/2 cm round with the Forum, nice piece of militaria. For comparison, I have attached images of Kriegsmarine marked 20 mm round. Along with images , here is a link that will assist you with answering you question: http://www.inertord.com/Fgermammo.html Best regards, John
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    General der Infanterie Hans Gollnick (right, Kommandierender General XXXXVI. Panzerkorps) presented a wine/champagne(?) as a congratulation for the Eichenlaub received recently by Oberst Eugen König (Kommandeur Grenadier-Regiment 451 / 251.Infanterie-Division), 4 November 1943. König already got the Ritterkreuz in 1 August 1942 as a Major and Führer Infanterie-Regiment 352 / 246.Infanterie-Division...
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    Thank you. Here is a U-Boat Oberbootsmann wedding portrait. Cheers, Larry
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    Ritterkreuz ceremony for Oberstleutnant Johannes Manitius (Kommandeur Infanterie-Regiment 386) in 3 April 1942, awarded by Generalmajor Theodor scherer (Kommandeur 281. Sicherungs-Division) inside of the besieged Cholm...
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    Ritterkreuz ceremony for Feldwebel Josef Gollas (Zugführer 6.Kompanie / Infanterie-Regiment 106 / 15.Infanterie-Division / XII.Armeekorps / 4.Armee / Heeresgruppe Mitte) which held at Aschaffenburg barrack in 17 December 1941...
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    Ritterkreuz ceremony for Generalmajor Walter von Boltenstern (kommandeur 29.Infanterie-Division), awarded by General der Panzertruppe Joachim Lemelsen (Kommandierender General des XXXXVII. Armeekorps (mot.)) in 13 August 1941...
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    Ritterkreuz ceremony for Feldwebel Otto Eske (Zugführer in 5.Kompanie / Infanterie-Regiment 4 / 32.Infanterie-Division) by Generalmajor Wilhelm Bohnstedt (Kommandeur 32. Infanterie-Division), 27 July 1941...
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    Ritterkreuz ceremony for Korvettenkapitän der Reserve Dr.-Ing. Viktor Rall, Chef 15.Vorpostenflottille, at Le Havre in 10 June 1944, only 4 days after D-Day...
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    Ritterkreuz award ceremony by Hermann Göring in 24 May 1940. The recipients are, FLTR: Oberst Bruno Bräuer (Kommandeur Fallschirmjäger-Regiment 1); Hauptmann Fritz Prager (Kommandeur II.Bataillon / Fallschirmjäger-Regiment 1); Oberleutnant Horst Kerfin (Chef 11.Kompanie / Fallschirmjäger-Regiment 1); and Oberst Hans Kreysing (Kommandeur Infanterie-Regiment 16)...
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    Ritterkreuz ceremony for SS-Gruppenführer und Generalleutnant der Waffen-SS Theodor "Papa" Eicke (right, Kommandeur SS-Division Totenkopf) by General der Artillerie Christian Hansen (Kommandierender General X. Armeekorps) in 26 December 1941 on the Eastern Front...
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    Ritterkreuz ceremony for Oberst Günther Angern (Kommandeur II.Bataillon / Schützen-Brigade / II.Armeekorps / Armeeoberkommando 4 / Heeresgruppe B) in 7 August 1940. The medal was given by Generalmajor Ludwig Crüwell (Kommandeur 11. Panzer-Division)...
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    I guess all the things i have bought this year are my favorites. So i couldn't choose this is only a part of it.
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    This has to be my best purchase of 2014 Jim
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    I think it would be this state service flag as I am liking them as a change of pace in collecting. timothy
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    Jaime, The ribbon bar is made in the Bavarian style, using two ribbons per medal. The combination is: Iron Cross 2. Kl. with Spange Bavarian Military Merit Cross 2. or 3. Kl. with Crown and Swords Bavarian Military Merit Cross 3. Kl. with Swords Honour Cross with Swords Bavarian Wedding Medal Luftwaffe Long Service 1. Kl. Luftwaffe Long Service 3. Kl. Anschluss Medal Sudetenland Medal with Prague Castle Bar Hungarian Commemorative Medal with Swords Here is the full picture. Best Pierce
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    Thanks Jim and Pierce; I enjoyed viewing your examples. Here are a couple of single EK2 mounts. Top left marked "G", Top Right "KAG", bottom Left "un marked" and bottom right "We"
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    Hello, here is my EK2 and Lippe-Schaumburg Loyal Service Cross medal bar. Any comments welcome or tips to improve pictures, regards Mark
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    Jim, These are all fantastic! You have quite a growing collection of medal bars. Here is a nice "frackspange" from my collection. It shows some pre-1914 service. Best Pierce