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    Pte A.H CAYGILL WESTRIDING ( YORKSHIRE ) HOME GUARD / Bradford unit . This is the only example I have ever seen awarded to a Home Guard man , I have done a bit of checking with the clever medal type guys and they say he would have to have been killed - not died from sickness fior his Next of Kin to have been give this ? Another unsual fact , this unit with the designation ` Westriding ` should have been badges Duke of Wellingtons Regt but were for some reason unknown West Yorks Regt . hope this is of interest , your comments as always welcome
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    The U-boat War Badge with Diamonds was a special issue award given to U-boat commanders who had received the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves. This award was not given based on certain merits and was not an official war decoration, but instead it was given as an additional token of regard to Oak Leaves recipients. It was usually presented after the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves was awarded. It was instituted in 1941 and the badge was similar in design to the U-boat War Badge. Manufactured by the firm of Schwerin in Berlin, it was made of gilding silver and had nine small diamonds inlaid on the swastika with the medal. Approximately 30 were awarded with Admiral Karl Dönitz being one of the recipients. However, he uniquely wore a special version in which the wreath as well as the swastika was inlaid with diamonds. Dönitz also wore his WWI U-Boat War Badge alongside this badge on his uniform. Recipients of the U-boat War badge with Diamonds: 1. Fregattenkapitän Albrecht Brandi 2. Korvettenkapitän Heinrich Bleichrodt 3. Korvettenkapitän Otto von Bülow 4. Admiral Karl Dönitz (special grade) 5. Korvettenkapitän Carl Emmermann 6. Kapitanleutnant Engelbert Endrass 7. Kapitänleutnant Friedrich Guggenberger 8. Korvettenkapitän Robert Gysae 9. Korvettenkapitän Reinhard Hardegen 10. Kapitän zur See Werner Hartmann 11. Korvettenkapitän Werner Henke 12. Fregattenkapitän Otto Kretschmer 13. Kapitänleutnant Hans-Günther Lange 14. Korvettenkapitän Georg Lassen 15. Fregattenkapitän Heinrich Lehmann-Willenbrock 16. Fregattenkapitan Heinrich Liebe 17. Kapitän zur See Wolfgang Lüth 18. Korvettenkapitän Johann Mohr 19. Kapitänleutnant Rolf Mützelburg 20. Kapitän zur See Karl-Friedrich Merten 21. Korvettenkapitan Gunther Prien 22. Kapitänleutnant Joachim Schepke 23. Korvettenkapitän Adalbert Schnee 24. Kapitän zur See Klaus Scholtz 25. Kapitän zur See Viktor Schütze 26. Korvettenkapitän Herbert Schultze 27. Fregattenkapitän Reinhard Suhren 28. Kapitänleutnant Rolf Thomsen 29. Fregattenkapitän Erich Topp 30. Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring (disputed)
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    Now this is what I call a piece of history. The last surviving bombsight used on the Dambusters raid is going up for auction. A reserve of £20,000-25,000 for an improvised design can't be bad! If only I had the money! Dambusters Sight
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    Hello, My new acquisition. A S&L RK and Souval OL
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    Kozowy i have read between the lines in your post. You got it at a good price then i take it. Well done on a smashing lid my mate. Well Done. Love it. I forgot,Top Self Again so CONGRATS.
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    Wow, I know you wanted one of these, so well done on getting it Mark. It certainly looks very near mint so no surprise if it came stright out of box. Congrats mate.
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    David, As a former coin and banknote collector I have to say these are fantastic looking! Thanks for showing them here. Best Pierce
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    Here is one of the first medal bars I ever bought. I still have it.
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    Andrew Many thanks indeed for your input, and yes indeed that is a book which I own however, I am yet to get around to reading it as yet. It is certainly a highly regarded account. I have atached an image of the cover. Regards Richard.
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    As far as dating it, it is only the ribbed edge trim, though if it is silk rather than an artificial fibre I would be happy to date it earlier, perhaps late 40's or early 50's.
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    Hans Albrecht made three trips to Spain during the Spanish Civil War with light cruiser Nurmberg. On 13 november 1936 he was near the coasts of Cartagena,a city in south-east Spain,where i live. Cartagena was heavily bombed during 4 hours by Ju52,whose bombs killed 90 people.Some of these bombes fell down 1kilometer far away from my house.The port was also bombed because almost all the weapons for the republican forces traveled from Rusia to Spain via Cartagena. On 13/12/1939,english uboot HMS Salmon torpedoed the Nurmberg.Hans was on board. During 1943/44 he served on board the netztender Zetetika in La Palice(France) and later on with Netzsperrverband West in Brest. On 28/08/1944 he was taken POW in Marseille.He spent almost three years in Depot 151 as prisioner of war! He won,among others, the spanienkreuz in bronze ohne Schwerter,the flottenkriegsabzeichen and the minesweeper badge. Here you have some scans!
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    19th INFANTRY BRIGADE Manufactured : Silk woven /
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    Me too! I have the same sitting bear in my collection in white.
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    And now it looks like the medals of Guy Gibson's reargunner on the Dambuster raid will also be up for sale soon... Dambuster Medals
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    Well of course the answer is in the recipient. This is an Indian issued example and therefore named unlike British issues. Even better (for me at least) it is to a member of the Military Police. The award is to 7759585 Sepoy-Cook Moji, Corps of Indian Military Police . Shoulder titles etc usual show CMP (I) ( for Corps of Military Police India) but C.I.M.P. is indeed the correct formal designation. Infinitely scarcer than an anonymous British issue and picked up from an EBay seller in India for a mere £12.
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    Arrived today from France. A 1915 photographed on a postcard sent to me by my friend and forum lead Bart Jim
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    Oberst Hans-Ulrich Rudel before a mission on the Eastern Front.
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    Hello! Andre H! Wow,amazing Collecting you sharing.You have a very good eye for quality items. Best from Norway,Morten.