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    Like this one. Maybe we should start a thread on sympathy pins and badges? Good Day
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    Generaloberst Alfred Keller Pour le mérite am: 4. December 1917 Sold by Andreas-Thies in 2007
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    A recent acquisition. The 4th Battalion The Bedfordshire Regt [Hartfordshire Militia] served in S.Africa during the Boer war, with one company serving as mounted Infantry. I believe these silver tobacco boxes were purchased by the c/o and presented to every man in the battalion. [cant remember where I read this though] Notice the miss spelling AFFICA. Graham
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    This has become quite a thread I must say. Here is one I was lucky enough to add at a reasonable price no less. Schanes/Wein I for one have a fondness for the ray like red enameling of many of the Austrian party and sympathizer pins.
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    All: Hello! Pictured below is another remembrance card from my Kriegsmarine collection. This card is in remembrance of Josef Fuchshuber. The U-Boat 'U-426' that Josef and his fellow crewmen served aboard was sunk in the North Atlantic Ocean on 8 January 1944 by depth charges; all hands '51' died. Using the link, visit uboat.net to learn more about U-426. http://uboat.net/boats/u426.htm Best regards, John
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    All: Hello! I posted an image (Top row/first on left) of the signal lamp and its storage box from my Kriegsmarine collection back in November 2012 (Post #7). Instead of one, pictured below are many images of the the lamp and its storage box. Best regards, John