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    Here's mine and a few others from my collection.
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    Here is a fairly recent addition to my collection and is a Soldbuch & Führungsbuch for a sailor who rose through the ranks to finish the war as a Kapitänleutnant (equivalent to a Lieutenant-Commander) in the Kriegsmarine. Bruno Clausen joined the KM in 1930 as a Matrosen so began his career as a lower-deck sailor (to use a Royal Navy term to describe non-commissioned ranks) and trained with III Marineartillerieabteilung where he was trained on 15cm guns. In late 1931 he then went to the Torpedoschule where he remained for 8 months before being sent to the cruiser Königsberg where he remained until September 1933 when he returned to a Naval training establishment. There is then a large gap in his Führungsbuch as the next entries show that he joined the destroyer Hans Lody in January 1939. As can be seen from the Soldbuch he was awarded the EK II in November 1939 and the Destroyer Badge in October 1940 and it was while serving on Z10 Hans Lody that he earned these two awards.