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    Friends and Fellow Collectors and Researchers: As those who know me are aware, my photographic and document pursuits are quite a small niche-- specifically related only to Hilfskreuzer portraits, photographs, snapshots and other papers and documentation. However, during times when that area was relatively quite, I began to pick up Minesweeper portraits, if the price was right and the timing was convienient. So today, I decided to go through them in earnest and start cataloging them. I was pretty happy to realize that I've started off on a nice collection of Minesweeper portraits too! Most of the portraits are shared here for the benefit of the forum member's review, I hope maybe someone else finds as much interest and enjoyment from them as I do. Very Kind Regards, Joe
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    Bart, This came extra with a lot, I know it is not that pretty but some one loved it once!
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    You're welcome, Pierce! I know you have seen most, if not all of these before, but it's nice to be able to share them online. Bart - thanks so much. Things are well, just supremely busy with work and life. I hope all is well with you, too. I'll try to continue to post slowly over time. Best, J-
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    ...and the last for now! Hope you enjoy! Kind Regards, Joe
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    My dear friends, Two days ago I became the father of a very beautiful son! I just wanted to share my happiness with you. Will enjoy spending time with him until I leave early in september. Look at him ! I already welcomed him to the HWMF family
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    1941 - German Cross in Gold / Deutsches Kreuz in Gold Producer: m.m. 134 Otto Klein