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    You can check / compare his signatures (postwar) also in these threads http://www.historicalwarmilitariaforum.com/topic/1857-rudolf-von-ribbentrop-signed-photo/ and . I didn't see his signature before the war so I cannot say if it changed or not etc.
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    On a recent Normandy trip, to the location of the 'Quest for a Panzer' project, I was presented with these amazing items as a thank you for the work and effort that I have put in to the project. The SS collar tab is for an Officer, along with the small calf holstered fire-arm. It's not everyday that you are given such incredible items for the collection. Needless to say they will be taking pride of place in the bunker...
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    In an attempt to find the location of the Panzerkorps HQ in Urville, we have a feeling that these 2 buildings are strong possibilities. Further research is needed...
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    The main purpose of the last Normandy visit, apart from spending a few days on the 'Quest for a Panzer' project location, was to explore the route taken by Rommel on 17th July 1944. This was of course the fateful day when the Field Marshall was strafed by Allied aircraft when returning to his Normandy HQ at La Roche Guyon after a visit to 1st SS Panzerkorps HQ in Urville. This was an incredible adventure, which I will post more about. I will probably start a new thread for this, as it really was an amazing journey.
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    For a brief moment I thought it was Michael Wittmann sitting on the Vimoutiers Tiger in the photos
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    Yes, thanks again for posting these images up, I always look forward to seeing your latest posts, and the detail info you give us, well done, and keep up the good work Lou
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    Here's a few photos of the interior of the Tiger. One clearly shows the breech to the huge cannon on this monster. In the other, clear separation of the armour can be seen where the explosion ripped through it. There was a gap between the tracks and body frame. Missing armoured panels allowed me to stick my arm through and photograph and film the interior of this magnificent Tiger.
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    Amazing photos EJ!!! Thanks a lot for starting this thread! I'm going to add some things here also!