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    Just wanted to show a couple pictures of some of the weapons and munitions in one corner of my museum room.
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    As mentioned, the soldier rests at the very large German War Cemetery at Ijsselsteijn but unfortunately he is one of the many soldiers in that cemetery who rest under a cross bearing the inscription 'Ein Deutscher Soldat'. One day I will get round to trying to translate the Feldpost as it must be a social treasure trove of what life was like for someone serving on a quiet front. Thanks go to Steve Mac on the British forum WW2talk for the effort and detail about the British actions. The photos of the cemetery were taken by myself when I visited last year.
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    Just picked this one up., 1914 Star issued to John Gookey 7274 1 Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment. He arrived in France on 13th August 1914. He was killed in action attacking High Wood on the Somme with 3rd Brigade (2 Welsh Brigade) on 8 September 1916 when the battalion suffered 28% casualties including 68 killed . Reading the war diary, the British artillery fell short causing casualties amongst our own. The attack went in at 6pm on 8 Sept and by 4am on 9th the brigade withdrew to their starting point. John is buried at Delville Wood CWGC cemetery at Longueval.
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    This time something from the Luftwaffe ... This is the soldbuch of Feldwebel Eltfeld. He was trained as a Bordfunker and was initially posted to some LDK 64 (apparently Luftdienstkommando). I think they had the task to be themself flying aims or to drag something which would be the aim so that others - maybe flak - could train to aim at things in the air. Maybe his ability to sit in planes which would drag something through the air got him transferred to Schleppgruppe 2 in 1943. This unit was mainly equipped with HE-111 and GO-242 gliders and was used to transport supplies. Probably it was not even so easy for them to get a Frontflugspange because unless the glider would go on a no-return supply mission those HE-GO teams could probably not go too near to the front as they must have been very vulnerable. Anyway, he eventually got one and even an EK2 and was then by the end of 1944 transferred to a normal Transportgeschwader. The picture of the planes I too from luftarchiv.de - I hope it is ok to use it.
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    Hi Here is my collection of the German 1957issue medals Enjoy Bob
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    Wow guys, that is really a lot of nice acquisitions..!!..Nice stuff.. Best item is a bit difficult, but how about this LW camo helmet named to a LW dentist, Joakim Achilles: He used the helmet during his period in Crimea in 1944. Happy new year.!!.
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    Got several nice items this year, but my favourite is the grouping to Charles B. Morris, decorated with the Medal of Honor on December 14 1967 for actions in the Republic of Vietnam, 29 June 1966. On that day, 12 members of his platoon where killed in action southeast of Xuan Loc. Their names are inscribed upon the wall, and are listed below. May they rest in peace SGT Albert R. Potter, Browns Mills, NJ SP4 Jesse C. Felder, Jersey City, NJ SP4 Frederic W. Fritts, Beaumont, TX SP4 Richard L. Hido, Painesville, OH PFC Malcolm C. Berry, Hartford, CT (medic, HHC with A/2/503) PFC John J. Berthel, New York, NY PFC Robert M. Bowman, Wilmington, DE PFC Frank Graves, Washington, DC PFC Tommy R. Jones, Nashville, NC PFC Leslie R. Smith, Indianapolis, IN PFC Francis G. Stevens, Ellsworth, ME PFC Paul J. Surette, Holbrook, MA
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    I was able to buy many nice items this year, but this extended grouping with ~400 letters was by far the best. He first served with the 58. ID on the Eastern Front from 1942 to 1944. After having recovered from a wound he was transferred to the 338. ID in France and surrendered in April 1945 in the Ruhr Pocket. He was a POW in south west France until December 1947. What makes his story (unfortunately) special is the fact that he lost his father during the war in November '44 and he committed suicide in September 1950. His SB can be seen here. It also includes a link to a summary of his life on WAF:
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    I was lucky enough to add some really nice Luftwaffe paperwork sets/groupings to my collection in 2017, more than I was expecting! One of the nicest is this Kampfgeschwader 2 set to a Bordschutze who flew many missions over England, including several as part of 'Unternehmen Steinbock'. Alongside the Wehrpass, Urkunden, portrait photo, Auswies (x2) and Bordschutzenschein, are several post-war items relating to Kameradschaft KG 2 Treffens. Regards Richard.
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    I was able to acquire a lovely Infanterie DKiG winner Tunic (unfortunately not named) this year (amongst other things but this is my favourite. Just need to decorate it in 2018! Scott
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    german medalbar with EKI with the belgium Leopold II order one it
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    Not posted for a while for thought I`d post a photo of my most prized TR items Jim
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    This is my collection so far The first thing I bought was the ppsh-41, made in 1944. It is completely disabled since it's required by law. The magazine is hard to pull out and place back and and the front sight is off center. I payed about about $200-$300 for it if I remember correctly, I asked about it on another forum and I was told that it was a good and fair purchase. Any input from someone who knows would be nice The book (Norwegian volunteers in Waffen-SS) is not really a part of the collection but I though I'd show it of anyway. I picked up from a book store earlier this year. It's a great read and has a total of 540 pages with lots and lots of never seen before pictures from the eastern front, combat and training performed here and other places were Norwegian volunteers were present. The coins I got from my older brother as a gift for my birthday. They were locked away in a box until I bought these cheap "floating" displays on ebay. If I'm not mistaken the larger coins are from the Soviet Union and are 1 ruble each, however these weren't made until 1975 while celebrating the 30th anniversity of their victory againt Germany on the eastern front, so the coins aren't really from the WW2 era. The 2 smaller coins in the same display are 5 "reichspfennig" both made in 1940. They seem to have some sort of grey "oxidation" on the surface which makes it hard to see the details. I'm not sure if this is something I can remove and I'm too scared I might ruin the coin if I try something without really knowing what I'm doing The medal is just a black wound badge that I bought from greatmilitaria.com. It hasn't been owned or used so it's in perfect condition. I'm planning on getting both silver and gold wound badge sometime later I also have a large reprint of a SS propoganda poster next to my collection Any thoughs and tips will be greatly appreciated
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    You have articulated the problems with WAF precisely. It's no wonder new collectors are dwindling with this kind of forum out there. If you try to point out fakes or bad business practices by a certain circle of dealers they try to threaten you with suspension or bully you into leaving. If you keep on being critical of certain dealers you are expelled. My complaints about a promised refund for a fake, that never happened, got the whole thread removed. That dealer is apparently a forum sponsor. Even though I carefully follow the forum posting rules one moderator in particular is particularly nasty, launching personal attacks against me. I only stay because I still get information from honest collectors on the forum about fakes. But it is a headache. Unless you are extremely careful and know what is going on you will either get frustrated yourself and leave or unexpectedly get kicked out for making ordinary common sense statements.
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    Hi all..that's my little room..i hope that my collection will grow strongly :)
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    Hi this is a replacement soldbuch to a guy who served with Kdo XIII Armee Korps, Grenadier Rgt 360 in the summer of 1944 and then to 18th Volks Grenadier Division. During the Ardennes offensive he was hospitalized for skin problems. On April 5th 1945 he was issued a K98 and gear. He was then sent to the forming Division Staff Scharnhorst.
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    More groups. 1st group Thales Hughes 4th Dragoons then Indian Army and Colonial Office India. his grandfather was Queen Victoria’s official cameraman. 2nd group Cap/Brevet Major/Major Vicary. 16th (Bengal) Lancers Indian Army. later Lt Col. and Sqn Ldr. in WW2. Entitled to WW2 Medals. WW1 four MIDs and a Croix de Guerre 1917. Five gallantry awards. 3rd group Stanley was the first British Officer, 2nd Lt at the time, to cross the Rhine, Germany after the Armistice but before it had been ratified. he commanded two troops of the 4th Dragoon Guards and two Machine Gunner groups. He crossed the Hohenzollernbrucke Cologne. All this documented in the regimental magazine. Capt/Major 4/7th Dragoons in WW2 retired as a Lt Colonel.
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    A few of the groups I have found this year, will post some more.
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    I don’t think you can do much better than that hoard, Graham. You’ve found some good 26H bargains this year, amongst several other cracking buys, also. This is a difficult choice as I’ve been very, very fortunate this year in several half-decent purchases. However, I would be inclined to choose this ‘Firmin London’ marked 24th Lancers, Officers Service Dress badge with blades; essentially a little known about example and certainly unpublished, to date. That is, the OSD examples manufactured from a J.R. Gaunt die are more commonly encountered and associated with this distinctive officers’ pattern. Incidentally, I have from the same Firmin die as the OSD, a silver plate and maker marked example on long lugs, too. Hence again, another undocumented badge within the realms of WRC published books and articles. And this very badge was purchased at a well known auction house in the UK for an ‘all-in’ price of £110, which for this version I think was pretty good going. In the New Year I will be visiting an archive to view the records that relate to the manufacture of these badges, so more will be revealed at a later date. Best, Marcus
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    I have been able to achieve a nice catch. some pretty big and high profile ships here. :) These have been edited to save forum space. Best Regards, JustinG
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    My only purchase this year, as the items I am looking for are hard to get:-(. I pick this beast of a helmet carrier of US E-bay, just like the massive rear clip, plus it was well worn! Also due to the condition of the leather the strap broke when I took it out of the box, so I had to do some mending, that is why you can see a thin wire. Just to mention the helmet has fake SS decals on it, Its my largest lid and the carrier fits nicely. Regards, Lou
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    1915 to 1929. It looks good to me. Graham
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    My 2017 purchase would have to be this group awarded to a 9th Lancer. It includes his 1914 trio, cigarette case, badges and photographs of him pre war in a frame , post war in Cologne 1919 and as a civilian. This man would have been involved in the charging of the German guns at Audregnies 24th August 1914
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    Hi all, I have presented the LW medical officer here before but since then I have managed to acquire the award, the Hessische krieger abzeichen (may not be the correct term..).
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    The silver badge arrived yesterday and here are some pictures of it if anyone is interested. I absolutely love it and I displayed it like I the same way as my other badge
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    Another one I worked on. Kreuzer Blücher and HSF with Reichskriegsflagge Best Regards, JustinG
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    HIgh Seas Fleet badge art. I hope you like.
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    A recent addition to the GD collection is this Soldbuch to a soldier in Kradschützen-Btl GD & Panzer-Aufklarungs-Abteilung GD. The photo is a post war addition. Even though when the photo edge is lifted it has 'Für Soldbuch' in pencil on the reverse the colour of the GD cyphers on his shoulderboards looks more pink then yellow, and due to the complete absence of stamps I'd say that the Soldbuch never had a photo inserted. He was awarded the Wound Badge in Black, Panzer Assault Badge in Bronze, Drivers Badge in Bronze and the EK II. He was also sent on leave with a Führergeschenk after the fighting at Facuti in Romania in May 1944.
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    Hello friends, There is an other source to study the troops involved in the battle for Berlin: The Feldpost In the preparation of “Verteidigungsbereich Berlin”, there were FeldpostNrs attributed to each of the 9 Abschnittskommandeure. The German Red Cross "Vermisstenbildlisten" allowed to determine (roughly) what kind of unit was active in these Sectors because they list for many of the MIA the extra ID-letter to the Abschnittkommandeur FPNr. Only from other (rare) sources can some units be exactly identified. The “missing letters” (representing units) in the sequence have existed, but there are no MIA listed with those “Zusatzbuchstaben”. Examples of the extra letter: Going through the lists with missing of the Abschnitts Kommandeure, I managed to determine roughly what kind of unit (alarm = ad hoc put together, Polizei or Volkssturm) was "hidden" behind the "extra" letter ... As you can read FpNr 64821A was given to a sub-unit of Abschnitt Kommandeur B; in this case the Landes Schutzen Battalion 311 This Bn was reïnforced with VS-men and moved to the east (Köpenick in the sector of Abschnitt Kommandeur B) of Berlin where the unit did trenching work early in March 1945. Here an extreme rare Feldpost Card written on March 3rd 1945 by VS-man FRITSCH serving in this unit and using the FpNr 64821A. He talks about " hard work all day long". On this date the village of Köpenick was prepared for the expected battle. Take care, Peter
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    Hi Gents, a few days agao we had the opportunity to get a grouping with this Fliegerschaftsabzeichen in it. It is cased and came with other badges an Paperwork from the Soldier. Enjoy the pictures. Best Trave-Militaria
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    I`m just back from a trip following the BEF from Mons to the Marne and up to Ypres. I have been wanting to visit the site of the first VCs at Mons where Lt Dease and Pte Godley, 4 Royal Fusiliers held off the enemy with a machine gun on the railway bridge over the canal. It was touching to see wreaths from Godleys Grandson and Great Grandson under the bridge
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    Thanks guys. Haven't been active for a while, but I have been adding some shields :-)
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    Just visited the tank again. My last visit was 26 years ago
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    Gaunt Made, probably the plated version, though with no S or P or hallmark to be certain. I assume post war they used the makers mark as they no longer needed to hide the maker and did not bother with the letter for plated or Silver plated. Interesting to see 3 different markings on this badge, hallmarked JRG & S, no maker with a P, and full maker marked with no letter or date. A lovely badge
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    Hello Antonio, Here, you have got the photo. Regards,
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    Here's one I did of a pre ww2 photo of Krupp factories.
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    ..and sticking with the "Health" theme...... Officially a lot of Doctors helmets were white (and continued to be so post war in Ireland) but black ones turn up. Doctors attached to Mobile Units or FAPs wore white helmets with black "DOCTOR". A lot of the senior staff in the "health services" were doctors but they might've worn senior (stripes or diamonds) MOH, A, CS, FAP etc marked helmets. I particularly like this chunky style of writing (front only). A nice untouched early one.......
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    Hello, Today i would like show you some medal about the spanish civil war and the spanish blue división. This medal, is a military merit, manufactured by Castells.
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    Hope you don't mind a couple of Ek2 singles. No access, "D", "KAG" Unmarked, "Z", "G" Godet, "We", "KM", "W" Regards Mark
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    more, its quite strange to see the enemy in blue not red.
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    Hi fellas, Made a nice early display (except for the y-straps which is late). Happy collecting! Regards, Jac