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    Just wanted to show a couple pictures of some of the weapons and munitions in one corner of my museum room.
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    As mentioned, the soldier rests at the very large German War Cemetery at Ijsselsteijn but unfortunately he is one of the many soldiers in that cemetery who rest under a cross bearing the inscription 'Ein Deutscher Soldat'. One day I will get round to trying to translate the Feldpost as it must be a social treasure trove of what life was like for someone serving on a quiet front. Thanks go to Steve Mac on the British forum WW2talk for the effort and detail about the British actions. The photos of the cemetery were taken by myself when I visited last year.
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    Not posted for a while for thought I`d post a photo of my most prized TR items Jim
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    Another one I worked on. Kreuzer Blücher and HSF with Reichskriegsflagge Best Regards, JustinG
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    german medalbar with EKI with the belgium Leopold II order one it
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    This is my collection so far The first thing I bought was the ppsh-41, made in 1944. It is completely disabled since it's required by law. The magazine is hard to pull out and place back and and the front sight is off center. I payed about about $200-$300 for it if I remember correctly, I asked about it on another forum and I was told that it was a good and fair purchase. Any input from someone who knows would be nice The book (Norwegian volunteers in Waffen-SS) is not really a part of the collection but I though I'd show it of anyway. I picked up from a book store earlier this year. It's a great read and has a total of 540 pages with lots and lots of never seen before pictures from the eastern front, combat and training performed here and other places were Norwegian volunteers were present. The coins I got from my older brother as a gift for my birthday. They were locked away in a box until I bought these cheap "floating" displays on ebay. If I'm not mistaken the larger coins are from the Soviet Union and are 1 ruble each, however these weren't made until 1975 while celebrating the 30th anniversity of their victory againt Germany on the eastern front, so the coins aren't really from the WW2 era. The 2 smaller coins in the same display are 5 "reichspfennig" both made in 1940. They seem to have some sort of grey "oxidation" on the surface which makes it hard to see the details. I'm not sure if this is something I can remove and I'm too scared I might ruin the coin if I try something without really knowing what I'm doing The medal is just a black wound badge that I bought from greatmilitaria.com. It hasn't been owned or used so it's in perfect condition. I'm planning on getting both silver and gold wound badge sometime later I also have a large reprint of a SS propoganda poster next to my collection Any thoughs and tips will be greatly appreciated
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    Hi all..that's my little room..i hope that my collection will grow strongly :)
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    Hello fellow members, I've recently acquired over 300-350 negatives (still have to count them exactly) from the 212. Infanterie-Division. Today, I've bought myself an Epson V550 Photo Perfection which allows you to scan photographs, negatives and dia's. What a result! At high DPI and PNG (I post this as lower file size here so know the quality lowers a bit), it looks stunning ! Here an example from one of the negatives in attachment. I still have to learn how to play with settings etcetera so you gain even more out of it but anyway.. Stunning at my end !
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    Here is mine, no future DKiG holder in this case unfortunately but just one of many Beamte.
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    Hi all, I have presented the LW medical officer here before but since then I have managed to acquire the award, the Hessische krieger abzeichen (may not be the correct term..).
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    I think this is the only one I have. It has been posted before along with his Soldbuch but it is to future Generalmajor & DKiG holder Georg Seegers. The other signature on it is the future General der Panzertruppe and Oakleaves winner Mortimer von Kessel.
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    The silver badge arrived yesterday and here are some pictures of it if anyone is interested. I absolutely love it and I displayed it like I the same way as my other badge
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    A recent addition to the GD collection is this Soldbuch to a soldier in Kradschützen-Btl GD & Panzer-Aufklarungs-Abteilung GD. The photo is a post war addition. Even though when the photo edge is lifted it has 'Für Soldbuch' in pencil on the reverse the colour of the GD cyphers on his shoulderboards looks more pink then yellow, and due to the complete absence of stamps I'd say that the Soldbuch never had a photo inserted. He was awarded the Wound Badge in Black, Panzer Assault Badge in Bronze, Drivers Badge in Bronze and the EK II. He was also sent on leave with a Führergeschenk after the fighting at Facuti in Romania in May 1944.
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    Hi Gents, a few days agao we had the opportunity to get a grouping with this Fliegerschaftsabzeichen in it. It is cased and came with other badges an Paperwork from the Soldier. Enjoy the pictures. Best Trave-Militaria
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    Gaunt Made, probably the plated version, though with no S or P or hallmark to be certain. I assume post war they used the makers mark as they no longer needed to hide the maker and did not bother with the letter for plated or Silver plated. Interesting to see 3 different markings on this badge, hallmarked JRG & S, no maker with a P, and full maker marked with no letter or date. A lovely badge
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    ..and sticking with the "Health" theme...... Officially a lot of Doctors helmets were white (and continued to be so post war in Ireland) but black ones turn up. Doctors attached to Mobile Units or FAPs wore white helmets with black "DOCTOR". A lot of the senior staff in the "health services" were doctors but they might've worn senior (stripes or diamonds) MOH, A, CS, FAP etc marked helmets. I particularly like this chunky style of writing (front only). A nice untouched early one.......
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    Hello, Today i would like show you some medal about the spanish civil war and the spanish blue división. This medal, is a military merit, manufactured by Castells.
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    more, its quite strange to see the enemy in blue not red.
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    Hi fellas, Made a nice early display (except for the y-straps which is late). Happy collecting! Regards, Jac