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    german medalbar with EKI with the belgium Leopold II order one it
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    WP to Uff. Johannes Blauth who was a member of the Hermann Göring Div. . Not unique in and of itself but what I liked about this WP is that Blauth served with the surveying and mapping branch of the division due to wounds he suffered earlier in the war. References to this particular unit of the HG Div. have been difficult to find. Jeremy
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    In this section we have had an assortment of threads from the ID's of the well known to late war units. One that we haven't had is a thread showing the ID's of those men who served in the more obscure units of the Wehrmacht, those men & units that do not get a mention in books and unit histories but who still served. So if you have one to such a person, be they in a shelf stacking unit or a puddle pirate, let's see what obscurities are out there This example is for a man who served in an example of an obscure unit. No power diving in a Stuka or polishing the 15" gun barrels of the Tirpitz for this serving soldier. He served in a railway kitchen unit, Eisenbahnkuchenwagen-Abt 2, serving up slop in a railway carriage. No awards for him, not even a KvK II Kl for being generous with his ladle.
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    An impressive photo of General Sir Brian Hubert Robertson as a Major in 1934: Photo taken around the time of his first retirement from the military.
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    Contact @Pierce F. maybe he has something spare?
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    ribbonbar from PLM Krause = OBERST Paul Krause
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    Many years ago I bought a book in the Royal Air Force Museum which is called Laurels for Prinz Wittgenstein Good book and for another 5£ it was possible to buy a special edition with some signatures (they were collecting for aircrew charity). The signatures are: Werner Roell, Stuka, RK Friedrich Ostheimer, Wittgensteins radio operator Herbert Kümmritz, Wittgensteins second radio operator Wolfang Falck, Nightfighter, RK Günther Rall, Fighter, Swords Hajo Herrmann, Fighter, Swords Heinz Cramer, Bomber, RK Of course post war but a nice little addition I was gladly paying a bit more for.
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    Should be resolved, there was a limit of 550 MB set but this should be set to unlimited for you as Moderator.
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    König Wilhelm I Pour le mérite am: 1866 (Hohenzollern Castle Museum)
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    Parachute wings, all WWII or perhaps just after for the mint set.
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    Here is another one to an obscure unit but it is one that had an important job to do that enabled units to function. This man served in 2./Trägerfrequenz-Kompanie/648 and these units were responsible for setting up communication networks. In fact there were only 6 such Kp's in the Heer and this man saw service on the Leningrad front, the Caucasus and also Italy.
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    Page 1 of the pilots license and a few pages from the Wehrpaß. In total he had 153 combat missions, the Spange in Gold is not mentioned (110 missions), however I bought this as an EK II holder. When it arrived pages 37-52 were stuck together on the edges....a bonus when I found the EK I entry!
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