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    Hello all, we want to present you our first title, due for release at November 2018, available in English and Spanish. SPANISH BLUE DIVISION COMMEMORATIVE MEDALS by Angel González Pinilla and Antonio Barrera Govantes The book is in full color in the format of 6.7" x 9.5" (17 x 24 cm), hardback with dust jackets, around 200 pages and more than 300 high resolution photos. This book is the first one studying in detail the commemorative medals created by both Germans and Spaniards in recognition of the important contribution to the German war effort on the Eastern Front of the Spanish volunteers, which was quite disproportionate in relation to its size. The first part will guide the reader into the historical context in which these medals were conceived, followed in detail by the regulations and decrees that originated them, their design, their different manufacturers and identifiable features, their concession documents and their distribution. THE BLUE DIVISION THE BLUE SQUADRON 1st SQUADRON 2nd SQUADRON 3rd SQUADRON 4rd SQUADRON 5th SQUADRON COMMEMORATIVE MEDAL FOR THE SPANISH VOLUNTEERS IN THE STRUGGLE AGAINST BOLCHEVISM CREATION AND REGULATIONS THE MEDAL - Design - German made medals - Spanish made medals - Copies MINIATURES PRESENTATION ENVELOPE CONCESSION CERTIFICATES COMMEMORATIVE MEDAL OF THE RUSSIAN CAMPAIGN CREATION AND REGULATION THE MEDAL - Design - Manufacture - Copies MINIATURES PRESENTATION BOX CERTIFICATE OF CONCESSION USE OF THE MEDALS IN SPAIN USE OF GERMAN MEDALS USE OF MEDALS ON THE SERVICE UNIFORM USE OF THE MINIATURE MEDALS SPECIAL OFFER: Pre-publication price 48,00 € (20% off the sale price). PRE-ORDER NOW, send us an email to: gutiksland@gutiksland.com