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    Thanks all for the replies. He was too late for Cholm as he arrived at the front only beginning of 1942 and was over Cholm only after the siege. Attached two urkunden. Ratisbons also sold at least the one for the Ehrenpokal once so I guess the group must once have been very complete. I have none of the more exoctic documents, only the earlier ones. Very fortunately there is also a lot of info available on the pilot on the internet, e.g. here: http://www.ghostbombers.com/recon/234/F100/1F100_6.html
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    Recently there was a discussion here about groups being split. The seller of this little group also wanted to do this when he sold it on the WAF which I thought is a bit of a shame so I bought it. As it turns out it was a very fortunate decision for me and it is now one of my favorite groups. There were his soldbuch and over 100 fotos which show his entire career. Over time I was able to get also three of his award documents and also a copy of his flugbuch. This soldier was one of the quiet guys who just did his duty without a big show. He was "only" a recon plane pilot but I am sure the info he brought back from his flights was very valuable. He had more than 900 training flights behind him when he had his first Feindflug over the Eastern front. But then it went quickly and in his flugbuch appear many famous names like Cholm or Weliki Luki where he took pictures. Occasionally they also flew a few bombing runs in their JU-88. After 130 feindflüge he finally changed to JU-188. He fared well with the JU-88 but it was with the JU-188 when he was first shot down by Russian fighters. He managed to bail out without the slightest scratch. He flew on and occasionally he was also involved in high altitude test flights with a JU-188 with GM1 or test flights with the JU-188 D2. All this ended in 1945 after more than 200 frontflights. By then he had the clasp for 200 flights and also the DKiG. What then came is perhaps quite special. His unit (1. Fernaufklärungsgruppe 100) changed to a new plane - the AR-234. He was by then a really experienced pilot with over 1000 flights but even to him it must have been a callenge to handle the new plane. After just 7 training flights on AR-234 he had is first operational flight in AR-234 T5+EH April 17 1945. He took photos of Nürnberg. What happened then is a bit unclear. Apparently on April 22 he was show down or crashed in another AR-234. He survived the war but when he woke up in hospital he was apparently already a POW. I hope you like it as much as I do!
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    It is a crown device. Germans were famous for adding superfluous devices to their ribbon bars. Perhaps though in this case it is to represent the crown that is on the actual medal itself.