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    Guys, As stated above, this cost me a bit too much but you don't see them every day! These are the interesting bits from the group, he just had his cover from the SB so perhaps they tried to demobilise the unit as he had his WP? Whoo knows? Rich
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    Here's an interesting (well, to about 4 of us) Police variant...the Chevron transfer has been applied to the rim of the helmet...usually they're above the "POLICE" lettering and below the "SC" badge......perhaps he got promoted and hadn't planned ahead.......
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    Hi, I'm new to the forums so I apologise if I've put this post in the wrong section. I bought this rather unusual item on an auction (It was with a lot of other militaria so if it turns out to be junk I'm not concerned). It looks to be some sort of paperweight with what appears to be a British military badge in the middle. I've tried identifying this badge on my own but with no luck.
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    It’s the badge of the Assam Valley Light Horse, from 1896-1947; disbanded upon the partition of India. And as Richard notes, I found him in the London Gazette, below. Best, Marcus
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    Looks like the sort of thing presented to an officer from all ranks after a whip round? Can't help with the badge but I expect you could find the officer and the appointment he held from 1943-1947?
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    Here is the Tiger now, fenced off. I do believe it's to be moved to Saumur Tank Museum for a restoration project (?).