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    Something else. Thanks for the comments gentlemen. Best Regards, JustinG
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    Konteradmiral/General der Flieger Konrad Zander - Eisernes Kreuz (1914) II. Klasse - Ritterkreuz des Königlich Preußischen Hausordens von Hohenzollern mit Schwertern - Großherzoglich Oldenburgisches Friedrich August-Kreuz II. Klasse - Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer - Wehrmacht-Dienstauszeichnung I. Klasse - Wehrmacht-Dienstauszeichnung III. Klasse - Königlich Preußischer Kronen-Orden IV. Klasse - ??? - Ehrenkreuz III. Klasse des Fürstlichen Hausordens von Hohenzollern - Ritterkreuz des Großherzoglich Mecklenburgischen Greifenordens
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    Konteradmiral Kurt Weyher 1st row: - Eisernes Kreuz (1939) II. Klasse - Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer - Österreichische Kriegs-Erinnerungs-Medaille mit Schwertern - Schlesischer Adler-Orden II. Stufe - Deutsches Olympia-Ehrenzeichen II. Klasse - ??? 2nd row: - Medaille zur Erinnerung an den 1. Oktober 1938 - Wehrmacht-Dienstauszeichnung II. Klasse - Wehrmacht-Dienstauszeichnung IV. Klasse - Kroatischer Kriegsorden der Krone des Königs Zvonimir I. Klasse mit Eichenlaub - Kommandeurkreuz des Königlich Bulgarischen St. Alexander-Ordens mit Schwertern - Kommandeurkreuz des Königlichen Ordens des Sterns von Rumänien mit Schwertern am Tapferkeitsbande der militärischen Tugend
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    Hard to tell with Thedsen but I agree about Memel Medal for Tobye.
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    This set is one I have had for a couple of years now and the interesting thing about it is that the soldier, who would go on to be promoted to Leutnant in the Infantry, was actually born in Washington, USA as noted in his Soldbuch and Passport! Hans Wollenweber initially served with IR 178 of 76 Infanterie-Division from 1940 to early 1941 when he was reassigned to IR 679 of 333 Infanterie-Division. After promotion to Leutnant in June 1942 he went back to 76 ID (IR 203) but come October 1942 he contracted Hepatitis while the division was fighting at Stalingrad. He spent 3 months in various hospitals, the first of which was Feldlazarett (mot.) 176, followed shortly after by another brief stay in a hospital with an ear problem. After his recovery he was reassigned back to 76 Infanterie-Division (Gren.Rgt 203) which was in France being reformed, rested and trained after its destruction at Stalingrad. In August the division went to Italy but was soon sent back to the Eastern Front where the Germans were fighting a desperate retreating action around Krivoi-Rog. In February 1944, Wollenweber was wounded in combat and spent a number of months in various hospitals. He never recovered fully from his injury and for the remainder of the war his knowledge of the English language was put to good use when he was assigned to an interpreter company in Berlin. During his military service Wollenweber received the EK II, Wound Badge in Black & Infantry Assault Badge. As well as serving in the military, Wollenweber was also active in the Nazi Forrestry organisation and was promoted within it a number of times, with two of the citations bearing the signature of Friedrich Alpers who won the Knights Cross, German Cross in Gold and held the Golden Party Badge.
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    Nice little early nineteen thirties NSDAP lantern. These where promotional items you could buy to raise funds for the NSDAP. The panels are made of celluloid and unfortunately they have shrunk and have become very brittle with age. All the purple colour ones need replacing, as they don't fit properly now.
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    Not posted for a while for thought I`d post a photo of my most prized TR items Jim
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    Generalmajor Otto Deindl  - EK 2. Klasse - Königl. Bayer. Militar-Verdienstorden 4. Klasse mit Schwertern??? - Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer - ??? He was a Bavarian Native so what you suggest is very possible. The last ribbon could be for the Jubilee Medal, but the ribbon is not really dark enough.
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    Generalmajor Hans-Henning von Holtzendorff  - Spange zum EK 2. Klasse - Wurrtemburg Friedrich Order 2nd Class with Swords??? - ??? - Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer - Wehrmacht-Dienstauszeichnung 3. Klasse - Wehrmacht-Dienstauszeichnung 4. Klasse - Medaille zur Erinnerung an den 1. Oktober 1938 - ??? - Ehrenkreuz III. Klasse des Fürstlichen Hausordens von Hohenzollern??? Italian Africa Medal (did he serve in Africa?)?? - Kaiserl. Türkischer Eisernen Halbmond
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    It’s only a photo, sorry about that. Here are two men in the Royal Navy wearing what I suspect to be MKI helmets in a photo taken some time between the wars(?) in Hankou, China. Does anyone know, or can have an educated guess at what the stripe from front to rear of their helmets signifies? Is there anything about their equipment that can date it? I was wondering if it could be the 1920s rather than late 30s but don’t know when P37 webbing was actually issued. Thanks for any help Tony
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    His BW Wehrpass with award entries.
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    From my collection.Its not militaria,but it is connected to WW2 history.At 05:30 July 16,1945 these rocks were formed.The most common name is Trinitite.But AKA Alamogordo glass and atomsite.These I traded for when I was a mere kid in the mid 1960's.We lived in New Mexico and like most young lads I liked to drag home all kinds of what my mother referred to as "crap".Our neighbor had a bucket of the stuff he collected before it was shut off.I showed such interest in the stuff he gave me a handful of it.I still have 3 pieces of it traded the rest off over the years.Link provided for more info on it. the photo shows a top and base of 2 specimens. https://www.lanl.gov/museum/news/newsletter/2018/04/trinitite.php
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    One more. Konteradmiral Hellmuth Heye presents the award.
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    Thanks Justin. The KC is a micro 800 S &L and the DKiG is a Zimmermann. The Knights Cross came from a dealer I have dealt with for many years and came direct from the family.It was a posthumous award hence its superb condition. Jim
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    The diesel motors. The unpainted one shows how much brassware there is to these. The painted one will need more detailing work, this is just the first coat. The actual engines really were painted Ivory/white but obviously wouldn't stay pristine very long so a lot of "dirtying down" to be done. The other shot is the sub-frame for the engine room compartment that the engines sit on.
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    Hi guys thought you may like to see this sculpture I finished recently , cold cast bronze , life size , sorry the picture is not the right way up , , cheers
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    Instead of having four open sides to the display I decided to tie the ship in with the Lampe set a little. I had originally planned on the ship taking up most of the display case but then having a Destroyer Badge and a good scanned copy of the inside cover of the SB displayed to one side of it. But as the display base of the model turned out to be slightly bigger than planned that idea was a no-go, which was no major issue, and so instead I printed out an image of the Destroyer Badge and two photos from the Lampe set (namely a picture of a KM Ensign with Z-30 behind it and the main picture being a group photo of the officers on Z-30 with Lampe in the middle wearing the white cap) and secured them to the back 'wall' of the display case. At some point I might put some black card behind the pictures to block out the open gaps between them but I will see how the whole thing looks on a set of shelves before taking it any further.
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    And here are the snapshots of the OLS - I've tried to take snapshots out of almost every possible angle .... let me know what you think about these !
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    Hi guys, Some of you had noticed my recent sales - reason being to partly cover funds for this beauty. The 1957 Schickle KC is very hard to find, let alone an "800" marked version - yet another one for my collection. The only one still missing the ever elusive "835" bottom marked version - have not seen one in years ..... The etui is a later version, but has a customized inlay tray ( cross does not 100% fit though ). The ribbon itself is more modern version, so I do believe the set is a married one. But, here are the snapshots .... from cardboard box straight to forum !!! Mathijs
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    Hi chaps, For your reference, herewith a good example of the loop eye "800" marked version of 1957 Schickle KC. For more detailed pictures : http://www.historicalwarmilitariaforum.com/topic/6999-my-latest-1957-kc-800-marked-schickle/ Mathijs
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    Along with my 1/16th scale figures I really enjoy the Tiger tank as a model subject so here are a few that I have finished. Hope you enjoy them.
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    Now we continue with more detailed snapshots ... Picture 1 ( left pic ) - seen on 3 o'clock arm ... this shows us the flaw commonly found on both early and later St&L made pieces, the so called "dent row" flaw Somewhat difficult to spot on this particular snapshot, it shows a row of dents ( hence the name ) on the top beading. This flaw is also seen on the "B" frame types, and was not repaired on the "C" frame type. Picture 2 ( middle pic ) - seen on 9 o'clock arm ... this shows us the "bleeding flaw" ... a small row of approx. 4 beading which bled through the frame ( hence the name ). This type of frame is not so difficult to find, but still I'd call it a variant .... Picture 3 ( right pic ) - seen on 12 o'clock arm ... this is the most interesting and IMO unique flaw - I can only assume it was created due faulty stamping of the frame ( or overheating ??? ). I've only seen this particular flaw on one KC and this is the one. Same type of flaw as middle picture, but this one stretches over length of 11 beads ( against 4 on normal bleeding flaw ). Would therefore ask members who own a similar "C" frame KC to check if they have one showing the last flaw ..... Thanks for looking, Mathijs
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    Hello gentlemen, As a keen 1957 collector, with focus on KC and DK, I try to collect every single variant out there. Though I'm still missing a few of each, thought I could start with one of the lesser known variant. I assume this particular KC must be a one-off piece, as its the only one I've encountered till now. Showing here is a 1957 issue Knights Cross, made by St&L - with magnetic 2nd pattern style core and the so called "C" frame. Whilst the normal "C" frame shows only one "bleeding flaw" on the 9 o'clock arm, this particular KC has a second one on the 12 o'clock arm. The following pictures will explain further .... first, some general snapshots of this KC. Grtz, Mathijs