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    Konteradmiral Kurt Weyher 1st row: - Eisernes Kreuz (1939) II. Klasse - Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer - Österreichische Kriegs-Erinnerungs-Medaille mit Schwertern - Schlesischer Adler-Orden II. Stufe - Deutsches Olympia-Ehrenzeichen II. Klasse - ??? 2nd row: - Medaille zur Erinnerung an den 1. Oktober 1938 - Wehrmacht-Dienstauszeichnung II. Klasse - Wehrmacht-Dienstauszeichnung IV. Klasse - Kroatischer Kriegsorden der Krone des Königs Zvonimir I. Klasse mit Eichenlaub - Kommandeurkreuz des Königlich Bulgarischen St. Alexander-Ordens mit Schwertern - Kommandeurkreuz des Königlichen Ordens des Sterns von Rumänien mit Schwertern am Tapferkeitsbande der militärischen Tugend
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    Hard to tell with Thedsen but I agree about Memel Medal for Tobye.
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    Nice little early nineteen thirties NSDAP lantern. These where promotional items you could buy to raise funds for the NSDAP. The panels are made of celluloid and unfortunately they have shrunk and have become very brittle with age. All the purple colour ones need replacing, as they don't fit properly now.
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    I bought this on another forum and cannot discuss it there. It is a beautiful example of a Souval RK, I'm am guessing quite early as it is so well made. The OLS, also marked L/58 are also very well made. The swords are soldered to the oaks and the finish is as good if not better than the S&Ls I own. The cutouts around the leaves are complete and well finished. The obverse of the RK has developed a nice patina, from poor storage I think, and the reverse is as new. It has it's original highly polished flange and what appears to be frosting on the beading. It looks to have been displayed out in the open in the copy LDO case it came in. I have some fake ribbon so will need to see if I can find some Souval ribbon for it. There are no flaws on the beading, the only wear being to the beading in the right hand corner on the 6 o'clock arm. I'm assuming that the frame is Neusilber as there is no silver (800) mark anywhere. So, photos. I apologise for these as I have nowhere in the house to take decent shots.
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    Not posted for a while for thought I`d post a photo of my most prized TR items Jim
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    Thanks for the tip Jerry. I know the site and should have thought of going there myself so thanks for the kick up the bum. 😊 At least I now know that Patt. 37 was worn from 1938 to 1985 which accounts for my Patt. 37 kit in training, and most likely discounts the helmets in the photo being the MKI* type. The gaiters appear to be Patt. 19 to me. It would’ve been nice to see the name of the ship as well as the helmet straps but most of all a sign in the background explaining what the stripe on their helmets means. No doubt another helmet we’ll never know why was painted with a stripe.
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    It’s only a photo, sorry about that. Here are two men in the Royal Navy wearing what I suspect to be MKI helmets in a photo taken some time between the wars(?) in Hankou, China. Does anyone know, or can have an educated guess at what the stripe from front to rear of their helmets signifies? Is there anything about their equipment that can date it? I was wondering if it could be the 1920s rather than late 30s but don’t know when P37 webbing was actually issued. Thanks for any help Tony
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    General der Flieger Hans Georg von Seidel  1) First row: - Spange zum EK 2. Klasse - Bremisches Hanseatenkreuz - Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer - Wehrmacht-Dienstauszeichnung 3. Klasse - Wehrmacht-Dienstauszeichnung 4. Klasse - Medaille zur Erinnerung an den 1. Oktober 1938 mit Spange "Prager Burg" - Medaille zur Erinnerung an die Heimkehr des Memellandes 2) Second row: - Königl. Ungar. Kriegserinnerungsmedaille mit Schwertern - Königl. Bulgar. Kriegserinnerungsmedaille mit Schwertern - Königl. Italien. Orden der Krone, Komturkreuz - ??? - Bulgarian Order of Military Merit - ??? - ???
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    Göring and Raeder with the Order of the Rising Sun, (Japan).
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    I finally took a picture of the photostat to share on the forum. Here it is, which has been inside of a toilet paper roll for 20+ years. The black lines were the rope bindings on the document when it was flown to Manila and my grandfather copied this single page of the instrument of surrender.
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    From my collection.Its not militaria,but it is connected to WW2 history.At 05:30 July 16,1945 these rocks were formed.The most common name is Trinitite.But AKA Alamogordo glass and atomsite.These I traded for when I was a mere kid in the mid 1960's.We lived in New Mexico and like most young lads I liked to drag home all kinds of what my mother referred to as "crap".Our neighbor had a bucket of the stuff he collected before it was shut off.I showed such interest in the stuff he gave me a handful of it.I still have 3 pieces of it traded the rest off over the years.Link provided for more info on it. the photo shows a top and base of 2 specimens. https://www.lanl.gov/museum/news/newsletter/2018/04/trinitite.php
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    One more. Konteradmiral Hellmuth Heye presents the award.
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    Ritterkreuz award ceremony for Korvettenkapitän Karl Neitzel (Kommandant von U-510). Kapitän zur See Hans Rösing presents the award.
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    Thanks Justin. The KC is a micro 800 S &L and the DKiG is a Zimmermann. The Knights Cross came from a dealer I have dealt with for many years and came direct from the family.It was a posthumous award hence its superb condition. Jim
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    Mate, I have repaired a few lids over the years, as I have over 30 lids, plus a few relic's in my collection, and with the leather pins I seen them in brass, and aluminium, also I have seen Norwegin liners with the same flat head pins, and my understanding that German leather liners were dyed reddish while they were still in their frame, and not removed. Anyway I am just going on the reddish colour of the leather, but saying that I have seen some darken German leathers, but what gives me the if's is that how the rest of the leather has darken, and to me I've seen this when someone puts on leather conditioner and that gives it that oily dark colour. Either way as you said you didn't invest much into it, and it gives you the look you want, plus its still a liner that was use back in that time frame. Cheers, Lou
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    The diesel motors. The unpainted one shows how much brassware there is to these. The painted one will need more detailing work, this is just the first coat. The actual engines really were painted Ivory/white but obviously wouldn't stay pristine very long so a lot of "dirtying down" to be done. The other shot is the sub-frame for the engine room compartment that the engines sit on.
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    Hi guys thought you may like to see this sculpture I finished recently , cold cast bronze , life size , sorry the picture is not the right way up , , cheers
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    Hello fellow collectors of postwar production pieces, Since our platform for these badges has disappeared from another forum, I got approval to open a sub-forum here on HWMF . The intention of this sub-forum is to post legitimate postwar items ( post 1945 ) WITH SWASTIKA made by Souval, St&L and possible other possible makers. It's NOT the intention to post fake items or modern reproduction pieces. I will be monitoring and moderating this sub-forum accordingly. So, to all you postwar Souval and St&L collectors out there .... welcome to HWMF. Looking forward seeing many items and many threads on this matter !!!! Grtz, Mathijs
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    Thanks for the comments. With regards to the backdrop I was originally hoping to have two A4 ones showing the ship with a cropped one of the officers photo just showing Lampe in the middle (shown below) but unfortunately the case isn't long enough to support two A4 photos so I went with the three shown above. Whether I could produce a large spread of photos to completely cover the back I don't know. Now you have mentioned it it has got me thinking of whether it would be possible to split the photo of Z-30 showing her length-ways (the first photo shown below) into 2 or 3 pieces and print them off and combine them to make a larger print!
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    But first up some detailed shots of the KC itself, which is a very nice mint condition piece, not so easy to find.
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    Hello gentlemen, Adding here a variant which I had been hunting for many years .... a 1957 issue Knights Cross : Made by Steinhauer and Lück ( St&L ) 1st pattern magnetic core "B" Frame Bottom "800" mark variant Thanks, Mathijs
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    Hello gentlemen, As a keen 1957 collector, with focus on KC and DK, I try to collect every single variant out there. Though I'm still missing a few of each, thought I could start with one of the lesser known variant. I assume this particular KC must be a one-off piece, as its the only one I've encountered till now. Showing here is a 1957 issue Knights Cross, made by St&L - with magnetic 2nd pattern style core and the so called "C" frame. Whilst the normal "C" frame shows only one "bleeding flaw" on the 9 o'clock arm, this particular KC has a second one on the 12 o'clock arm. The following pictures will explain further .... first, some general snapshots of this KC. Grtz, Mathijs