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    Here is another example of writing to the family and learning more about a soldier. Obergefreiter Josef Baudrexl started his service in 1939 and served in the 7. Kompanie (same Kp. as URLBAUER) for almost his whole career. Near the end of 1944, he was transferred to Divisions-Füsilier-Bataillon 212. Most likely took part in the Ardennes Offensive and got (severely) wounded either during the Offensive or the fightings after (have no date) and was captured. Just like Riebler, he was a seasoned veteran of the Eastern Front, seeing some of the worst fightings. Some of the awards he earned are the Eisernes Kreuz 2. and 1. Klasse, Nahkampfspange in Bronze and Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen. P.S. Remember the Hauptfeldwebel that wrote to the wife of Wilhelm Urlbauer about his death? He signed the Soldbuch of Josef Baudrexl too. That's the fun and cool part of collecting an individual unit, you can connect items and stories.
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    Small collection I have of Infanterie-Regiment 316 / Grenadier-Regiment 316. The book was signed by Hauptmann Mittelbach (DKiG Holder, he earned the DKiG two days after signing this book!). A few photographs and death cards of Leutnant Gerbel who posthumously earned the DKiG. 2 Wehrpasse and 2 Soldbücher of soldiers who served in the Regiment.