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    Very nice.....I think I know this lot as Seddon Atkinson.....’pretty sure they’re the truck company. Their Factory Fire Brigade was affiliated to/with the NFS
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    Here's one from the book (still available, tho' over half sold now...hint hint). This has to be one of the most rare ones....DC's were Scottish.....there were only 5 Districts and 7 job holders...so possibly/probably just one of 7. But rarity is an interesting thing....if you have a Fire Chiefs lid from a small factory ARP Fire team it's even rarer...there was only ONE chief and only ONE factory by that name...so what may appear to be "just a Factory helmet" could be a totally one-off....and they don't have to be "Chiefs"......a company (with badged / company-marked lids) with a small Industrial ARP team may have just 2 Messengers......(but their helmets would be pretty dull)..... ....that's made you think hasn't it?