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    Thank you Pierce. Regarding the link between Bürkner and the Slovaks. The first link is that we know for sure he was awarded the Slovak Victory Cross. The second link could be through his post as Chief of the Foreign Department, later Foreign-Office-Group in the Foreign-Office, OKW (15 Jun 1938-30 Jun 1944), which would undoubtedly link him with all Axis Allies of the Third Reich in some way.
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    First Row: Last ribbon is the Slovak Victory Cross. Again, I cannot comment on the class of award, but perhaps look up the grades and appropriate rank. I would guess he was awarded this in late 1939. Second row: 4th ribbon- I agree- Spanish Commemorative Medal 5th ribbon- Erinnerungsmedaille für die Verteidigung der Slowakei is a possibility and could link in with the Victory Cross. I think you need to try and ascertain his role with the Slovaks in this period. I don't think it is the Spanish Merit Order in Red as I can see coloured edges on this ribbon which this Spanish ribbon does not have.