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    Untersturmführer Paul Kändler 9. 3.19 Altenburg/Thür. †21.12.44 Büllingen Kraderk.Zug/Pz.Rgt.12 12.44 Not sure but he was transfered from LW or WH to the Stab/ Pz.Rgt.12 HJ. At the 21 december 1944 a few vehicles of the Kraderk.Zug.Pz.Rgt.12 drove from the Triererstrasse (a farmer house at the Triererstrasse a few kilometers from Büllingen was the Gefechtsstand of Stab. of Pz.Rgt.12 HJ) to Büllingen. They drove into the center of Büllingen and parkerd the vehicles and the young soldiers moved into the cellars of some houses. There were still some civilians left and were living in the cellars of the houses. An artillery barrage of the nearby US troops started and after it stopped the soldiers walked out the cellars, finding Ustuf. Paul Kändler dead on the streets. He was the only killed during that attack, mostlikely he stayed near the vehicles at the moment the group was searching the houses for food and other things. He was layed down in one of the vehicles and the group drove back to the Gefechtsstand of Pz.Rgt.12.. Kändler was burried left of the small farm and was after the war burried at Recogne. As can see the year of birth is not correct!