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    How about adding Thomas Wittmann to this list. A dealer that every new collector MUST be aware of. Wittmann Militaria They continually list humped up, and outright fantasy daggers and knives as original, at exorbitant prices! Their best sellers are: • The Fantasy HJ Olympics knife (They list them for around $1800-2000 each) • The Fantasy DJ knives (They list them for around $1600.- each) • The Fantasy BDM knives • The Fantasy Reichsparteitage souvenir/knives (They list them for around $1500 each) What makes this dealer detrimental to the hobby is that they are prepared to completely alter history in order to sell their bad wares. Over the past few years we have seen Wittmann Militaria add some really horrible fakes to their site, accompanied by an invented story to legitimize the item. If they were not already on the bottom of the list, then they are surely sinking down to the same level as other dealers who used to be OK, like BECK MILITARIA, HOUSE OF HISTORY... and who see no Problem with filling their site with fakes and fantasy items. What makes matters worse is that they are not prepared to enter into any form of debate on their wares at all. They have long since placed themselves at the top of the food table, and see no problem offering collectors their, sometimes very twisted, idea of history. Advice to any new collectors thinking of buying from them. Post an image of the item you want on a forum first, just to see if the offered item indeed has anything to do with WW2, or reality!