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    They are British, but there is this well known picture of a Canadian soldier with one on his Mk3 helmet. How he got it?
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    French troops using a Hotchkiss machine gun:
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    It has been sent away to be restored, with a new tail end added. Possibly too, it will get some wheels, there are two holes underneath, suggesting it did have wheels originally.. I'll try and remove the proppeller and see what the markings/stamps are on the end of the bullet. Should be interesting..
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    I obtained these two awards at separate times from separate people. The Sailor carved their name on the back of the award. I have attempted to do research into who this person was but haven't been successful. "Kassube" An early Destroyer badge and Spanish Cross without swords. I was very happy to reunite these awards and return them both to a single collection. Zerstörerabzeichen and Spanienkreuz JustinG
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    Postcard of French and American soldiers posing with a Hotchkiss MG: No postmark or writing on reverse to help indicate date or location. Photo taken 1917 or 1918 when the United States was fighting in the war.