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    It's been a while so I thought I'd post another. A light Kreuzer with RKF merge.
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    Hi all I refresh this old thread with, IMO, an interesting group I was able to reunitate partialy : at the begining, they were two stuffs of a Lw Leutnant, bought together in eastern Berlin in 1990. Inside the pocket, the name of the owner : Lt Ernst Peek, dated of october 42. Few years later, I was able to get few informations about him, by the Deusche Dienstelle of Berlin : he was a transport pilot during a big part of the war, and participated to most of the big german air operations, especialy invasion of Crete. I was happy to know all that ! And several years passed then, without novelty... ... Until september 2018, when a german auction catalog offer me the surprise to see many awards documents of this pilot ! I bought them of course. Here are they, offering a special dimension to the whole. Unfortunatly, few documents are missing, in particulary the pilot license...
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    After nearly five years I found a signed copy of his book
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    Vizeadmiral Werner Löwisch - Eisernes Kreuz (1914) 2. Klasse - Ritterkreuz 2. Klasse des Großherzoglich Sachsen-Weimar-Eisenachischen Hausordens der Wachsamkeit oder vom Weißen Falken mit Schwertern - Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer - Wehrmacht Dienstauszeichnung 1. Klasse - Wehrmacht Dienstauszeichnung 3. Klasse - Memel Medal
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    Otto Ciliax with the Orden of Mehdauia (Spanish protectorate in Morocco).
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    Show us your Luftwaffe Flying Units Documents The only formal DKiG citation I have is this example that was awarded to Heinz Frister who was a Bordfunker in 4./StG 77. He was also awarded the Ehrenpokal on 9th November 1942 although unfortunately this DKiG example is the only citation of Frister's that I own. I have no idea who Frister's pilot was unfortunately. Ther eis an Adolf Weiß who was a pilot with 4./StG 77 who was awarded the Knights Cross on 29th February 1944 but I don't know if this was a case of a Knights Cross taking longer to award then a DKiG for members of the same crew or is totally unrelated. The Göring signature is the usual auto-pen variety while the hand signed signature in the bottom right corner belongs to Bruno Loerzer (RK & Pour le mérite) The small stain in the corner was on the citation when I obtained it and is possibly some sort of residue from having been kept in a frame considering how straight it is.
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    Generalleutnant Maximilian Kieffer  - Spange zum EK 2. Klasse - Königl. Bayer. Militar-Verdienstorden 4. Klasse mit Schwertern - Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer - Bavarian Wedding Medal??? - Wehrmacht Dienstauszeichnung 1. Klasse - Wehrmacht Dienstauszeichnung 3. Klasse - Medaille zur Erinnerung an den 13. März 1938 - Medaille zur Erinnerung an den 1. Oktober 1938
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    General der Infanterie Kurt Liese with the Hungarian War Commemorative Medal, the Hungarian Order of Merit and the Chinese Order of the Cloud and Banner.
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    This last photo just takes me to 'The life of Brian'. I know this is a serious and somber thread but! Does anyone find it funny when I mention my friend 'Bigus Dickus'? He has a wife you know!
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    TheGronkster, Great photo. I found this on the net that might be of some help: - Max Immelmann in Valenciennes after his 7th victory. A Morane Saulnier Type P from the British Air Force was shot down by Max Immelmann over Raismes on December 15, 1915. The aircraft has serial number 5087 and was flown by Charles Edward Tudor-Jones, second lieutenant of the N ° 3 Squadron, reports the Commonwealth War Graves Commission . Tudor-Jones is resting at the Raismes Communal Cemetery (Plot II, row A, grave 3). The shooter was Lieutenant Alan Victor Hobbs who was killed in the process. He is buried next to the pilot (Plot II, Row A, Grave 4). Royal Flying Corps MS.24 Type P linen.m.miraheze.org/wiki/Morane-Saulnier_Type_P
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    Unknown officer - EK 2. Klasse - Anhalt Friedrich Kreuz - Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer - Wehrmacht Dienstauszeichnung II. Kl. - Wehrmacht Dienstauszeichnung IV. Kl. - Baltenkreuz 2. Klasse
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    erentukenmez98, There is some information on the forum that may be of assistance to you: - Regards, Graham
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    Generalleutnant Gotthard Frantz - Spange zum EK 2. Klasse - Hamburgisches Hanseatenkreuz - Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer - Österr. Kriegserinenrungsmedaille - Medaille zur Erinnerung an den 1. Oktober 1938 - Wehrmacht-Dienstauszeichnung 2. Klasse - Wehrmacht-Dienstauszeichnung 4. Klasse - Ungar. Kriegserinenrungsmedaille - Bulgar. Kriegserinenrungsmedaille His ribbon bar is out of order, but I agree with your list.
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    Konteradmiral Werner Ehrhardt 1st row: -Eisernes Kreuz (1914) 2. Klasse -Kriegsverdienstkreuz (1939) 1. Klasse mit Schwertern -Ehrenkreuz für Kriegsteilnehmer (looks like no swords, but I think he should have gotten the combatant version given his WW1 career) -Kriegsverdienstkreuz (1939) 2. Klasse mit Schwertern 2nd row: -Wehrmacht-Dienstauszeichnung 2. Klasse ??? -Wehrmacht-Dienstauszeichnung 4. Klasse ??? - Olympic Games Decoration/Medal - ??? 3rd row: - ??? - ???
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    Konteradmiral Werner Ehrhardt 1st row: -Eisernes Kreuz (1914) 2. Klasse -Kriegsverdienstkreuz (1939) 1. Klasse mit Schwertern -Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer -Kriegsverdienstkreuz (1939) 2. Klasse mit Schwertern 2nd row: -Wehrmacht-Dienstauszeichnung 2. Klasse -Wehrmacht-Dienstauszeichnung 4. Klasse - Olympia Erinnerungsmedaille - ???
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    KM-Norway: Hello! It is always a pleasure to visit your post. Thank you for continuing to share your collection with the Forum. Best regards, John R.
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    Hello all This thread seems to have a long sleep... Here is a little addition : eagle of a Flak FB with unusual little "zigzag" seam.
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    Here's a Mk2 No.2 B of the home guard with textured khaki green paint inside & out & with a decal of the Rifle brigade over it's colours. Due to the textured paint date/maker name not readable but is most likely dated 1941 which is also the date of the liner. Maker name of the liner is FFL, which is in the usual place plus on the side of the liner too.
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    Just picked up an example of the issue certificate for the badge, this one to a member of the MFP. Needless to say, much, much harder to find than the actual badge.