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    101 years ago , 28th January 1918, The French 18 infantry regiment was involved in a trench raid at Tahure, Champagne.Leading the assault was Captain Robert Circan, a holder of the Legion d`Honneur. He personally trained 88 men for the attack which took place just after midday following a short but intense artillery bombardment of the German trenches. The purpose was took destroy 2 troublesome concrete machine gun emplacements. Whilst the engineers dealt with the demolition, Captain Circan led his men through 4 lines of German trenches before withdrawing leaving 4 French dead and capturing enemy prisoners. The regimental history describes this great officer as "The Bravest of The Brave" Here is his citation for the action and a the photo of the great man
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    Hi Marcus, Sadly Robert Circan died of wounds received leading his men into action at Montdidier on 28th March 1918. He now lies in a small cemetery at Ognon Oise. I have visited his grave many times
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    Nice additions. Best Regards, JustinG
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    Nice little early nineteen thirties NSDAP lantern. These where promotional items you could buy to raise funds for the NSDAP. The panels are made of celluloid and unfortunately they have shrunk and have become very brittle with age. All the purple colour ones need replacing, as they don't fit properly now.
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    Recently acquired this grouping attributed to Korvettenkapitän Werner Winter (26.03.1912, Hamburg - 09.09.1972, Kiel). ,,Werner began his naval career in April 1930. He served on the line ship Schlesien and then on the light cruiser Emden before transferring to the U-boat force in July 1935. After a few months on U22 he took command of this boat in October 1937, and during the fall of 1939 made two brief and unsuccessful patrols. In November 1939 he was attached to the BdU Op staff. In July 1941 Winter took over command of U103 from the famous ace Viktor Schütze and made three successful patrols. He sunk a total of 15 tankers/freighters (79,301 GRT) near the US East Coast and Cuba, earning him the Knight's Cross on the 5th of June 1942. In July 1942 he took command of the 1st Flotilla in Brest, France. He was captured after the surrender of Brest in August 1944, returning home from British captivity (POW camp 18, Featherstone Park) in November 1947. After the war he served for a few years in the Bundesmarine and retired as Kapitän zur See in March 1970.''
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    One more. Kahl is seen here in the foreground during the official award ceremony of the Knight’s Cross at Banak airfield.
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    Something else. Thanks for the comments gentlemen. Best Regards, JustinG
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    Konteradmiral/General der Flieger Konrad Zander - Eisernes Kreuz (1914) II. Klasse - Ritterkreuz des Königlich Preußischen Hausordens von Hohenzollern mit Schwertern - Großherzoglich Oldenburgisches Friedrich August-Kreuz II. Klasse - Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer - Wehrmacht-Dienstauszeichnung I. Klasse - Wehrmacht-Dienstauszeichnung III. Klasse - Königlich Preußischer Kronen-Orden IV. Klasse - ??? - Ehrenkreuz III. Klasse des Fürstlichen Hausordens von Hohenzollern - Ritterkreuz des Großherzoglich Mecklenburgischen Greifenordens
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    Konteradmiral Kurt Weyher 1st row: - Eisernes Kreuz (1939) II. Klasse - Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer - Österreichische Kriegs-Erinnerungs-Medaille mit Schwertern - Schlesischer Adler-Orden II. Stufe - Deutsches Olympia-Ehrenzeichen II. Klasse - ??? 2nd row: - Medaille zur Erinnerung an den 1. Oktober 1938 - Wehrmacht-Dienstauszeichnung II. Klasse - Wehrmacht-Dienstauszeichnung IV. Klasse - Kroatischer Kriegsorden der Krone des Königs Zvonimir I. Klasse mit Eichenlaub - Kommandeurkreuz des Königlich Bulgarischen St. Alexander-Ordens mit Schwertern - Kommandeurkreuz des Königlichen Ordens des Sterns von Rumänien mit Schwertern am Tapferkeitsbande der militärischen Tugend
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    Hard to tell with Thedsen but I agree about Memel Medal for Tobye.
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    Guys, As stated above, this cost me a bit too much but you don't see them every day! These are the interesting bits from the group, he just had his cover from the SB so perhaps they tried to demobilise the unit as he had his WP? Whoo knows? Rich
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    Konteradmiral (Ing.) Max Peters - EK 2. Klasse - Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer - Wehrmacht-Dienstauszeichnung 1. Klasse - Wehrmacht-Dienstauszeichnung 3. Klasse - Österr. Kriegserinnerungsmedaille - Ungar. Kriegserinnerungsmedaille - Bulgar. Kriegserinnerungsmedaille mit Schwertern
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    If I'm not included in the 'about 4 of us' it's now about 5 of us. 🙂 I wasn't aware they came in black too.
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    Tried to recreate picture of old souveniers Gun is old MGC68 (Model) MP40 good for display. timothy
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    ...let's get back to pretty pictures......well, pretty-ish..... "ARP"-marked helmets aren't actually common...one can only assume this came from a Hospital, a Company starting with "H", area "H"....or perhaps the wearer was the Head..........or he looked after the Hippos at the zoo......or cared for the pitch at Headingley.......or worked in Harrowgate....or his name was Henry........who knows?!!!! ...one thing's for sure, someone would try to sell it as coming from the Houses of Parliament!
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    Vizeadmiral Bernhard Rogge - Eisernes Kreuz (1914) II. Klasse - Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer - Königlich Preußische Rettungsmedaille am Bande - Wehrmacht Dienstauszeichnung II. Klasse - Wehrmacht Dienstauszeichnung IV. Klasse - Deutsches Olympia-Erinnerungsmedaille - Kaiserlich Japanischer Orden des Heiligen Schatzes V. Klasse
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    Just picked up an example of the issue certificate for the badge, this one to a member of the MFP. Needless to say, much, much harder to find than the actual badge.
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    It’s only a photo, sorry about that. Here are two men in the Royal Navy wearing what I suspect to be MKI helmets in a photo taken some time between the wars(?) in Hankou, China. Does anyone know, or can have an educated guess at what the stripe from front to rear of their helmets signifies? Is there anything about their equipment that can date it? I was wondering if it could be the 1920s rather than late 30s but don’t know when P37 webbing was actually issued. Thanks for any help Tony
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    General der Luftnachritentruppe Walter Surén Difficult to tell with these photos.
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    His BW Wehrpass with award entries.
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    Hi guys thought you may like to see this sculpture I finished recently , cold cast bronze , life size , sorry the picture is not the right way up , , cheers
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    Some fantastic SA stuff from Bob. It seems a rather neglected area, compared with Heer and Luft. Here is my best (now only) SA tunic and it is a Sturmbannfuhrer from Standarte 5 'Horst Wessel'. Heavy wool, nicely toned bullion patches, shoulder board and CT.
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    Now we continue with more detailed snapshots ... Picture 1 ( left pic ) - seen on 3 o'clock arm ... this shows us the flaw commonly found on both early and later St&L made pieces, the so called "dent row" flaw Somewhat difficult to spot on this particular snapshot, it shows a row of dents ( hence the name ) on the top beading. This flaw is also seen on the "B" frame types, and was not repaired on the "C" frame type. Picture 2 ( middle pic ) - seen on 9 o'clock arm ... this shows us the "bleeding flaw" ... a small row of approx. 4 beading which bled through the frame ( hence the name ). This type of frame is not so difficult to find, but still I'd call it a variant .... Picture 3 ( right pic ) - seen on 12 o'clock arm ... this is the most interesting and IMO unique flaw - I can only assume it was created due faulty stamping of the frame ( or overheating ??? ). I've only seen this particular flaw on one KC and this is the one. Same type of flaw as middle picture, but this one stretches over length of 11 beads ( against 4 on normal bleeding flaw ). Would therefore ask members who own a similar "C" frame KC to check if they have one showing the last flaw ..... Thanks for looking, Mathijs