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    Seeing the post above about Merenti, for those who collect paperwork, their previous auction and the next one due to begin in September is awash with fakes. The same goes for Loesch. They seem to be getting paperwork from the same dubious source but unfortunately they either don't have anyone to go through it all and weed it all out or they just don't care.
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    https://www.iwm.org.uk/history/first-world-war-service-medals My 1914 Star (Mons Star) with bar - for service in France or Belgium between 5 August & 22 November 1914 My 1914-15 Star - for service in any theatre of WW1 against the Central European Powers during 1914 and 1915
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    I am sure some will of seen this announced on other forums but for those that don't know Ancestry in Germany have now added 2.4 million cards for those soldiers killed between 1939-1948 and although I am led to believe that those cards relating to late 1944 don't exist there may well be some for that period and 1945. So far the latest date I have been able to find a card file for is July 1944 but I have been told that there are some for later in 1944 and 1945. So far I have found card files for members in all 3 branches of the Wehrmacht, Waffen-SS (including Concentration Camp guards) and Polizei. Some have just one side of a card while others might have 2 or 3 double sided cards of information. If you have a Wehrpass or Soldbuch to a man killed in action then the chances are that the card files will tell you little new except that in a lot of examples the card files tell you how he died (gun shot to lungs, head injury etc) and where he was originally buried. But if all you have is a memorial card or a grave photo then you will be able to gain a lot of information such as his basic training unit, his last unit, dogtag details and so on. See below for a couple of examples. It would seem that people are having an approx 75-80% success rate in finding who they are looking for. This is already shaping up to be an incredible resource and I have already been told by one German collector that he has been able to find his Grandfather's card and despite the Red Cross, Volksbund & WASt not telling him about any burial details in the past there on the back of the card was his original grave details showing that he had received a proper burial from his comrades, something that has brought peace of mind to his remaining son & daughter 76 years later. But as with all things Ancestry, after your trial period ends you will need to subscribe to the site to obtain access.
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    Konteradmiral Hans Mirow - EK 2. Klasse / Spange zum EK 2. Klasse - Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer - Wehrmacht Dienstauszeichnung 1. Klasse - Wehrmacht Dienstauszeichnung 3. Klasse - Medaille zur Erinnerung an den 1. Oktober 1938 Looks like it, 90% certain
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    Hope you enjoy these few UK WW1 medals I have collected over the years. Firstly the Military Cross(MC):
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    The Air Force Cross(AFC) and case:
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    It has been sent away to be restored, with a new tail end added. Possibly too, it will get some wheels, there are two holes underneath, suggesting it did have wheels originally.. I'll try and remove the proppeller and see what the markings/stamps are on the end of the bullet. Should be interesting..
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    Just busy, posting more on MCN as its not limited on picture size, it is a pain to resize everything is all. Yes I have not been active mostly due to Corona. Hope everyone is well!!!
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    I find it interesting how the roof has changed so much from the dormer windows. Very well done. Great seeing then and now shots. Best Regards, JustinG
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    thanks for posting these before and now images, it's great to see they are all still standing! Lou
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    I have always loved these 'Wheat" tabs....
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    Ritterkreuz award ceremony for Oberleutnant d.R. Wolfgang von Malotki, Chef d. 3./Grenadier-Regiment 45
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    Guys, Some stuff that is not my bag but up for grabs from an old boy localy. If you have any interest let me know. Rich
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    James AL, This website might be of help: - http://coldwardecoded.blogspot.com/2013/07/hauptgefreiter-panzergrenadiertruppe.html Regards, Graham
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    There's three I can not identify.....they look like Helmut Hecht, Alois Dierks and Wolfgang ? /Ian
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    Ritterkreuz award ceremony for Feldwebel Hans Dammers, Flugzeugführer i.d. 9./Jagdgeschwader 52
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    Minensuchboot (Kriegsmarine)
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    Here's a Mk2 No.2 B of the home guard with textured khaki green paint inside & out & with a decal of the Rifle brigade over it's colours. Due to the textured paint date/maker name not readable but is most likely dated 1941 which is also the date of the liner. Maker name of the liner is FFL, which is in the usual place plus on the side of the liner too.