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  1. Thanks for sharing, Bryan, do you know which unit he served in?
  2. If he died in hospital he mostly would have been buried already rather than 1-2 months after by the US forces. "Bei Nothum in Luxemburg Gefallen" according to the Red Cross.
  3. Burial report from the US forces. It is a sad lot of another casualty from the war.
  4. A sad Soldbuch I have in my collection is from Otfried Schröder who fell during the Ardennes Offensive in Nothum, probably end December 1944? He is buried in Recogne-Bastogne, the date of his excavation by the US Forces is given as his date of death since it is unknown. A good account of the fightings can be found on . You can see the water damage on the Soldbuch probably from the snow.
  5. That display looks very nice! Thanks for sharing, Jon.
  6. Even when older .. All help is appreciated! So thanks for adding.
  7. Thanks for sharing, Paulus ! Interesting soldbuch.
  8. Won by chance.. Earliest death card I now have of the 212. Infanterie-Division. Georg Lugeder fell on June 1, 1940 at Cosnes (France). The previous owner did most of the research and he learned that Lugeder belonged to the 9. Kompanie/ Infanterie-Regiment 423. I have the verlustliste from various periods and according to the Verlustliste of 1940 only 1 NCO or EM fell on June 1, 1940 and 3 were wounded. So quiet happy to have this now in my archive
  9. About the first photo, the soldier is a "Unteroffizier" (NCO) and wears the following awards: Winterschlacht im Osten 1941/42 (Ribbon), Iron Cross 2nd Class (Ribbon), Wound Badge in Black (Award) and Infantry Assault Badge (Award). Winterschlacht im Osten was given to soldiers that fought in the Soviet Union during the harsh winter of 1941/42, which was one of the coldest in years, Iron Cross is a bravery award, Wound Badge was given for his first wounding and the infantry assault badge was given after 3 separate attacks. Second photo is a Waffenrock. Hope this helps a little.
  10. Long time no updated and replying to my friend @Eric JB, Sorry! Didn't notice it and especially with the busy days, didn't check. I contacted the man's family (Riebler) and they kindly replied to me, that's why I know what happened to him. Hope to visit you soon! I have this addition since months but only a little time now to show you, a book called "Südlich des Ladoga See - Winter 1943" with a dedication to a member of the "Bataillonsstab der II./ Grenadier-Regiment 316", named Michael Schatenberger, for his bravery during the Leningrad fightings, signed by his Btl.Kdr. (anyone able to recognize his signature?), Christmas 1943.
  11. As Jerry said, bigger pictures may help. Maybe @TinLid has more input also?
  12. Thanks for sharing, Gordon! We don't have many Imperial collectors around here -- sadly -- but I think many will appreciate this! Impressive as Pierce said, especially the Walter Forstmann signature.
  13. Was something with PHP and Email settings, so hope it stays fixed now. Sorry that it took so long, I'm away much and it takes sometimes a while to find out what the problem is.