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  1. Bart V.

    A special plane in the end

    A wonderful group and with magnificent history. As Kevin said, they don't get that coverage like the Fighter or bomber crews but had an even important task to do. Thanks for showing.
  2. Bart V.

    Subscriptions - Help HWMF

    Thanks to @Michael1000 for supporting our Forum !
  3. Hello Bart,


    I got into a possesion of some III Reich postcards and wanted to post a question about them on the forum .

    Is this possible and on what subforum?


  4. No problem, Justin 🙂 Feel free to send me whenever you need my help.
  5. For me it's no problem to help out, let me know. Do know that Belgium postal service is not the cheapest, so I send it to you, it will cost you more than some other countries.
  6. Latest purchase, Parade Waffenrock for a Schirrmeister in Infanterie-Regiment 154. The button on the shoulderboards reads "14" so 14. Kompanie, right? Hope you like it. Room for 3 awards and 1Ribbon bar.
  7. Bart V.


    Nothing new, and as you can see he also never replied or tried to contact me or others.
  8. Great work, Jerry ! When will you be sending out autographs?
  9. Interesting lot, Richard! Thanks for sharing.
  10. It is more to be a gift for him, (as she did send me a PM) so think she also searches for ways to acquire them without her husband's knowledge.
  11. Best help you will get is from @Jerry B, @Graham or @Marcus H . Your man can be happy with a wife like you 🙂 Hope you can find acquire some Home Guard presents 🙂
  12. Hey Bart,

    Hope you are well. I have another item I would like to send you for the auction. German WWI item, I am sure someone would like it. May I have your mailing address..



    Good luck to Belgium, can’t believe Mexico beat Germany 😤

  13. Bart V.

    Happy Birthday Wishes

    Happy birthday @Michael1000 ! Wish you all the best