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  1. Eric-Jan Bakker

    He changed much since the last picture you have shown. Glad to see EJ influenced so many people. He will be forever in our minds. Fair Winds and Following Seas, EJ.
  2. Adam, long time no see, glad to hear from you again and seeing images of your updated collection. Stunning displays, looks even better than some of the museums I visited! Well done, it is very nice to see and enjoy.
  3. My "starting" collection

    Marlow, nice and small collection so far. Looking forward to see it grow. Aside from the Wound Badges, anything else you want to add certainly in your collection?
  4. Eric-Jan Bakker

    Condolences via Email, thanks for showing your respect: "My sincere condoleances and thanks for the job done". - Rene T. "Thank you for notifying me. This was very sad that it went this way. We have now lost a very good friend and he must rest in peace. Life does not go to any of us as we hope it will be by living to we grow old" - Morten.
  5. Eric-Jan Bakker

    I still remember all my visits to him, sadly due army I did not receive many chances again since end of last year.. You will be remembered, my friend! Rest in Peace.
  6. Another great 715. Infanterie-Division Soldbuch in your collection, my friend as well as great research. Keep up the good work! Thanks for sharing.
  7. Can add - from personal experience - JP Militaria Giels Militaria Crains Militaria
  8. Had to search for a while but finally I was able to add überschühe "423" to my collection. Used by Infanterie-Ersatz-Bataillon 423 / Infanterie-Regiment 423. I also added two more Military IDs and various Award documents.
  9. After long time searching, I finally found them.. Today I received them ! Uberschühe "423" used by Infanterie-Ersatz-Bataillon 423 / Infanterie-Regiment 423.
  10. One of Generalfeldmarschall Erich von Mannstein's his uniforms is for sale on Rask Antik .... Price: 35000 EUR. Thought to post it for reference purposes or discussion.
  11. KDF Album

    Although it is not exactly a type of war ship but perhaps it could be interesting for @JustinG
  12. Some reservists memories?

    The last photograph is from the Feuerwehr?
  13. Thought to start a 'Help me' thread regarding the identification of any type of vehicle shown on photographs. Herewith I start with one of mine. What kind of truck is this? Many thanks in advance,
  14. I also guess it may be for 'leichte', thanks for your input. May I assume that scratching the 97 and adding 212, means it is 'now' for the Sanitäts-Kompanie 212?