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  1. Have to let this go, need the money.. 160 EUR !
  2. As you already from the start of the thread made up your mind and only were looking for confirmation. That neither on WAF or on this Forum came. Just accept it as a 50 / 50 chance "may have been". Either way he still fought there, saw hell and survived. You already have such a great Soldbuch there. Whether he was there during the encirclement is just the question, accept it as a mystery that is currently not solved and enjoy the hunt to gain more intel. That is also what the hobby is about. It is just that, does it really matter to argue about? He without doubt saw hell and came back, he saw one of the worst places where you could have been at that time. If Jason Mark can't tell a 100% for sure I doubt any of us can. He is the Stalingrad specialist with decades of experience, research, written books, intel from veterans and so on..
  3. Great new additions, Graham and also excellent observations, Marcus. Top Thread! Keep them coming.
  4. Rudi, I thank you for your answer to this thread as Susie didn't. Thanks for helping out.
  5. Dear Adam, can you see choose files? See image in attachments, Glad to see you on the Forum again and hope you are doing alright? My belated best wishes for 2017.
  6. Do you have more photographs? I did find this list with the Italian Rank system during WWII.
  7. Beautiful dagger, Jim! Thanks for sharing with us.
  8. Glad to see you sharing your newest addition with us, John. Nice EK2! Thanks for sharing. Hope you are doing fine?
  9. A very beautiful award, Martin! Lots of detail on it. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Maybe this thread may be interesting:
  11. I already PM'd Meisenhelter, however I announced it on the Forum (via Announcements, Top Message on the Forum Index) and in the Guidelines Forum section yesterday. There is a service going on on the storage server, all attachments are being processed however the oldest first, so all older attachments are re-appearing first then the newly posted attachments. Currently the service is at 97,41%, so almost finished. ATTACHMENTS 01/09/2017 Dear member - If you have any trouble with loading attachments tonight or tomorrow, do know that it is normal and not lasting. There is a service going on on the storage server which may take a few hours and in the worst scenario a day. Just so you know. Should there be any other..."
  12. Death Card of a soldier that was KIA near Ferschweiler. Don't dare to say if he is 212. VGD however - as far as I could find - Sanitäts-Kompanie 212 was stationed here around the period. Makes it interesting for me.
  13. I think Gordon refers to the combat experience of MP's not if they earned Combat Awards. Also in our military many of the MPs are seasoned veterans from all branches that want to become a MP. Were the Feldjäger not chosen on their combat experience?
  14. I hope @Hans Kondor or @Schwelch can answer this question.
  15. Capitaine Piron 2 ème bataillon Commandant KREMER. 5 ème Cie : Capitaine PIRON. 6 ème Cie : Capitaine GRANDPIERRE. 7 ème Cie : Capitaine PERRIN. 8 ème Cie : Capitaine JACOUTOT. Source: and Brillante conduite au feu. (Ordre du 16 septembre 1914.) Capitaine GAUDY, 56e rég. d'infanterie ; Capitaine PIRON. 56e rég. d'infanterie ; Capitaine CHIQUEL, 56e rég. d'infanterie, Blessés en entraînant brillamment leur troupe à l'assaut. (Ordre du 24 septembre 1914.) Chef de bataillon GEVREY, 256e rég. Source: So he was the Company commander of 5. Compagnie / 56° REGIMENT D’INFANTERIE on August 4, 1914. Most likely he was (severely) wounded in an attack.