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  1. Dear Gerry, this was posted in the wrong forum. I will move it to the correct one. There are certainly people able to help you out like @Hans Kondor
  2. Anyone has more information or update on Stewart?
  3. Nice little set, Jim! Thanks for sharing with us.
  4. Hello Antonio, think that is a wonderful book you've written! I sadly cannot speak or read Spanish, is there an English version foreseen in the future?
  5. Welcome to the Forum, Antonio. As Pierce said, hopefully we will learn more about Spanish medals from you.
  6. Thanks for sharing, "Belles".
  7. Ludwig Linner (btw: both Fallen are 212 VGD)
  8. Beautiful lot from a Knight's Cross Holder ! @Kevin H
  9. New addition from a partial trade. Soldbuch from a soldier that previously served with the Kriegsmarine however to fulfill the ranks of the Wehrmacht he was transferred to the 212. Volks-Grenadier-Division. Equipped with the Sturmgewehr 44, he went to serve in the Regimentsstabskompanie/ Grenadier-Regiment 423. He went missing in/near Berdorf on December 27, 1944. Since he has a POW Number entry in the SB and a small POW paper that came with it, he most likely became POW. Strangely is, that he is still listed as Missing on the monument in his hometown. Letter was signed by Oblt. Rudolf Mütschler.
  10. Same transportation box, where these boxes specifically used to store the companies WP and papers? This can become an interesting thread with such boxes finds! Hopefully we can find more images of them.
  11. My input. EK2 document I have for a Grenadier that fell during the Ardennes Offensive on 22 December 1944. He is buried in Sandweiler.
  12. Thanks for your input, which I both can follow. Hope we can document it with this thread. Are there still images out there from the Halbe Box and the one from 272. VGD?
  13. Hello all What do you think of Ratisbon's newest auction piece? A box filled with over 110 WP from mainly 3 units, of which Festungs-Pak-Kompanie 5/VII. Seems all legit?
  14. A few days ago I visited the German War Cemetery Sandweiler (Kriegsgräberstätte Sandweiler) in Luxemburg (Luxembourg). Here are some photographs from that visit. I mainly visited graves from the 212. Volks-Grenadier-Division. It is a 3 hour drive from me, if anyone in the future every would like a photograph of a grave let me know.
  15. A few days ago I visited the cemetery of Sandweiler (Luxemburg), to visit various graves of the 212. Volks-Grenadier-Division. Especially that of Grenadier Johann Kvetinowski of whom I own the EK2 Urkunde, which he earned posthumously.