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  1. Incredible beauty ! Thanks for showing, wow I'm jealous.
  2. Collection of JustinG

    Excellent collection, Justin, can't wait to see more. Please, update regularly. I also noted your wish, so should it happen, let me know or if I see will help to keep it clean.
  3. Subscriptions - Help HWMF

    Thanks @Graham, @JustinG and @Richard Auld for joining the small elite rank of Forum Patron! Your support and loyalty is widely appreciated.
  4. Requests to Decrypt writing

    So not a happy letter after all. Seems like the marriage wasn't to last, may have had to do with his service .. who will say.. sad letter for someone who is about to go to the front.. and later killed in action. However the wehrpass, letter etc. still survived and it was send to the wife, so she still cared about him to keep it with her and have it survive all these years.
  5. Happy Birthday Wishes

    Happy birthday to our moderator @Jerry B . Wish you all the best and thanks for your loyalty and support to the forum.
  6. The old age debate!

    Are you guys all that old ?? Just joking ... I'm 26 .. I feel like we are in the same boat, getting old so fast wish I was young again ....
  7. Requests to Decrypt writing

    Can anyone help me decypher this letter? From what I can read it seems not like a happy letter to his wife? "Gehe leute in die Stellung vor. (???) Vielleicht bist du bald von mir erlöst" ?? and so on.. Seems like a sad letter. Would like to decypher it and make no mistakes translating and understand this letter. Btw.. The writer of this letter was KIA later...
  8. Entry wise this is one of the most interesting Soldbücher I have. Thought to show it off completely. I'm trying to focus the collection more on the period around the Battle of the Bulge this definite is a worthy Soldbuch. Last entries are from November 1944 when he received a new pistol and other gear. He was shot in July 1944 (code 31a) and was treated in Reserve Lazarett Berchtesgaden-Platterhoff! Looking to his last leave entry by the Lazarett, you can read "Pervitin" .. interesting entry ! I'm gonna do the picture let the talking. Hope you like the Soldbuch.
  9. Wehrstammbuch, Gesundheitsbuch and many photographs of Hauptmann Stumpf who earned the Deutsches Kreuz in Gold in February 1945 with the Panzerjäger-Abteilung!
  10. Need funds for another purchase, selling it for 200 EUR excl. shipping.
  11. Small but interesting estate of a soldier who served in a logistic unit in the 212ID. Soldbuch, EKM, Awards, Award Documents.. He was still promoted on 1.1.1945 when the division took part in the Battle of the Bulge. He was there from the beginning until the end of the war. 240 EUR excl. Shipping. Will be focusing my 212 ID collection to the 1944-1945 time and some other specific actions.
  12. Another prince range, Militaria-Scholz is currently selling a GAB 50 JFS for 3500 EUR.
  13. 99% this is the place he died and not which unit he served.
  14. Soldbuch Battleship Tirpitz

    If Kevin says it, then it must be a rare Soldbuch so even thought it might not look the a magnificent Soldbuch but it is. Thanks for sharing and interesting Soldbuch nonetheless! Think many people will appreciate this SB.