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  1. Some of my holiday snaps.

    Thanks for sharing, Graham. Noticed the farm of Hougoumont, read an article a while ago on the battle, very impressive.
  2. Some Kar 98 k

    Great weaponry collection, Timothy! Thanks for sharing with us.
  3. Thanks @Jerry B for continuously updating this thread. Hope soon more will be added. Thanks for sharing!
  4. @Marcus H, I'm just reviewing some unseen threads so sorry for my late response but these are real nice! Thanks for sharing them with the Forum.
  5. Better detailed photographs could help, if you could provide them.
  6. unknown bayonet

    Looks like a German Model (?) Rifle bayonet, World War 1 ??
  7. Is this is British helmet or .. ? Moved it from a non-related section to this one as it may look British ?
  8. Don't know if @Lee Luke saw your replies yet. Thanks for being helpful, Kevin!
  9. Great helmet and with a story attached. Thanks for sharing.
  10. @Polux, just seen your addition to this thread, beautiful Dienstausweis with ID photo. Thanks for adding it!
  11. Bahlnschutzpolizei Helmet with Deca

    Saw this somewhat late but that is a beautiful portrait. Thanks for showing.
  12. Support Historical War Militaria

    Thanks for your Donation: @Sonderbefehls @Hans Kristian I'm still looking for help since Subscriptions / Donations are decreasing and costs are 130 USD a month. Do know that in return you'll get a lot such as discounts in various stores and advantages on the Forum. You can Donate or buy a Subscription. Thanks all.
  13. Welcome to the Forum and thanks for posting your first Soldbuch. Hope to hear and see more from you.
  14. Defused Grenade pineapple looking ?

    Check out your country's law on selling of ammunition and weaponry. You'll find an answer there.
  15. You can see some of our recommended dealers (by our members), you'll be able to find a EK1 there too: P.S. I also moved your thread, you placed it in the Database rather than the discussion section.