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  1. After he 'left" (likely a position) (from where is not stated) he was assigned to the Kriegsmarine again (meaning the Kriegsmarine could use him again to fill any other position or so) and put into active service.
  2. Babylon Berlin

    Looks interesting, can it be watched online somewhere or so? Don't have Sky Box.
  3. Hello all, I noticed that a few Platinum Contributor subscription were done under "Cold Cases Maps Inc." .. Do know that this is me! However I am stunned that it did use these information instead of the personal information and the forum to which it was set-up. I recently formed a 501c3 in the U.S. with a few LEO's and started a PayPal account for Cold Cases Maps however the account was still under review and is not full complete since I await a few documents. Therefor - since I had to do a few payments - I added a Business Set-up (Non-Profit Org.) to my Account so I could perform these payments by the non-profit organization and that it also would be marked as such however it apparently changed everything. Including the forum, apparently it used the whole business set-up for my personal information and changed all data - even on the Forum ! I fell completely out of the blue. Do know that it is me and that there is no false activity. The Subscriptions are solely used for the forum do know that! Therefor I did everything correct and added a separate business set-up with all correct data of the non-profit organization however it changed all information apparently ! Please excuse this error ! As said, the subscriptions are solely used for the forum and only the name and info of the non-profit organizaiton got mixed up with the Forum set-up ! I corrected everything again. Do know that everything is genuine. Yours truly, Bart
  4. Stewy

    Dear Kevin, thanks, I have patience but it ran out. I have contact the Norfolk Police today and will await their answer and what precisely I can do or legal actions I can take. Luckily I kept all correspondence etcetera..
  5. Stewy

    Seems he is still alive.. He canceled my money request yesterday...
  6. Great posts and reference material, Graham. Thanks for your hard work.
  7. Unknown Items - Help Requested

    Belgian berets, commando green, first with LE cap badge and second for Troupes de Marine (French Army).
  8. Officer whose promotions confuse me

    Don't think he was demoted, there seems no reason or change in his career for such a demotion. I think he earned his Patent in 1941, with the little search I made it seems not so rare for KM officers to held a officers rank ohne Patent and then getting it a year later for example. Think he just did the same, reactivated was promptly promoted to Charakter Konteradmiral z.V. because he held the rank of Charakter Kapitän zur See (ohne Patent) since 1920 and later earned the Patent for Kapitän zur See.
  9. Could be an interesting thread. Here one of mine.
  10. Officer whose promotions confuse me

    Could it just mean he just passed the officers-exams for Kapitän zur See in 1941 but remained 'Charakter als Konteradmiral z.V.' ?
  11. Officer whose promotions confuse me

    What is the actual source for the promotion of Kapitän zur See in April 1941? Seem strange. Maybe it is just an error.
  12. Officer whose promotions confuse me

    Giving the name could help so we can track his career or do a little research because we need to know if he retired from the KM before or not. Probably there is confusion with the Rangdienstalter and mit Wirkung von. Because it seems otherwise like a demotion. Officers who were called up from Reserves and were reactivated also did sometimes receive a (new) R.D.A. Could be he was called up again as z.V. for the Kriegsmarine in April 1941 as Kapitän zur See and was (simultaneously) promoted to Konteradmiral with a Rangdienstalter from 1940. But it is difficult if you don't give important information like his Name and Service.
  13. Added a few more items such as a death card (interesting one), a group from Radfahr-Aufklärungs-Abteilung 212 who fell in Krassny Bor, Russia and an award document. Sanitäts-Obergefreiter Karl Koch got wounded for the third time in August 1944, the end fightings of the 212. Infanterie-Division. The Division was practically destroyed in Lituania, August 1944.
  14. Peter, when is your book coming out on the Volkssturm? Great presentation and research again.
  15. Happy New Year

    Found this, thought it was funny..