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  1. Heya Bart!

    Check your messages when you get the chance as its about Alfonse Boesl's death card!


  2. That's true but I am already 2 months waiting for any response. I don't get any but he stills visits various Fora around for 2 months. His PM box on WAF and GCA are full so I cannot send any PMs over there anymore. He doesn't reply to email, a pay request via PayPal, PMs via here and so on.. I gave him the benefit of the doubt for two months already I asked him two months earlier if there are any problems, let me know and so on.. I didn't care if it then took a year or longer but I asked him, no problems and so on.. Suddenly all contact stopped after the package arrived. I don't know what to think, although he has been around very long, it is hard to be in this situation and not think something else.
  3. Unbelievable, he still owes me money! I send him PM via here, WAF. and I email.. I sent pay request via PayPal.. No answers for 2 months... He owes me 250 EUR! But he still comes online on Fora?? My patience in running out.
  4. Thanks, Nicolas, for letting me know.
  5. I can't check when he was last active there, can anyone check? I am trying to reach him since he still owes me money for a grouping I send him and I don't hear anything anymore even after two months.
  6. I remember this one, it should have a photograph, thought it was in LW uniform since he came from the LW to the 12th SS. He was Dr. of the SS Pi Btl 12.
  7. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Stewy? Anyone in contact with him or hear from him recently? Please, let me know.
  8. Great little set you've there, Chip. Thanks for sharing it with the Forum!
  9. Thanks to everyone who renewed their Subscription! Also thanks to @Michael1000 for his most generous Donation to the Forum!
  10. Thanks, John, that is a great compliment. Thanks!
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  12. Rudi, thanks already for helping out @Smithers1357. Maybe also @TinLid also can fill in any (extra) information?
  13. Excellent presentation of the VGAD Personal Buch, Stephane! Outstanding, thanks for doing so. You've learned me and many others something new.
  14. Another great and stunning addition to your ever-growing collection, Jim. Thanks for sharing. Isn't that plaque expensive? Thought I saw it once for sale in a bidding and it went quit a lot.
  15. Just had to have this Urkunde after I saw it for sale. It's a Iron Cross 2nd Class Award document from Grenadier Johann Kvetinowski of the 5. Kompanie/ Grenadier-Regiment 423, dated 5. Januar 1945. So definitely for actions during the Battle of the Bulge. Since his name is not a common one I thought why not run it through the Volksbund database.. I found a match.. There is only one Kvetinowsky listed.. First name: Johann... Rank: Grenadier ... Killed in Action on 22 December 1944. His final resting place is the Military Cemetery in Sandweiler (Luxemburg). He most likely fell during the attack on Consdorf. On the award document is a not so little signature of Generalleutnant Franz Sensfuß