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  1. Hello, I don't like this one. The eagle's head is weird, also this hardware is similar to a post war used S&L to me..
  2. Nice one, I like that it is on a parade mount!
  3. Jenny

    KVK-2 Deschler

    Top set congrats! The only missing part is the paper bag.
  4. Jenny

    ROAG Imme

    Beautiful example Sascha!
  5. Hello, are there any news about this cross? War-time made or not?
  6. Hello Tom, no its without a packet.
  7. Thank you very much guys!
  8. Hello guys, I would like to show you a smaller addition this week. Kind regards, Jenny
  9. Hello Ger, thats a stunning example you have, finding a hollow SchuCo with this finish is very hard!
  10. Hello guys, I would like to show you a new addition, an unmarked Brehmer, without pedestal. I hope you like it! ;) Jenny