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  1. Blood Order holders gallery

    Who are the other three SA officers? tvonk
  2. Hi, Who is Major Hermann Freiherr von Stetten? Sorry I can not find any his information. Tvonk
  3. Hi, Who is Generalmajor Karl Sauter? Sorry I can not find any his information. Tvonk
  4. Could you please tell the link of the colour pic from ebay?
  5. Hi, The police man is IDed as Harald Wilcke somewhere. But I do not find any information about him. You say it is Hans Griep. Then I do not know who he is. tvonk
  6. Hi, Why do you ID the police man as Hans Griep in the colour pic? tvonk
  7. Who are these Generals?

    Hi, It looks like Günther von Kluge tvonk
  8. Who are these Generals?

    Hi, It is Richard Ruoff with Hiroshi Ōshima tvonk
  9. Color photos of foreing figures.

    NO, it is not Jány It is György Rakovszky, Major General actually tvonk
  10. HI, Ernst Schnarrenberger and Gerhard Müller tvonk
  11. Hi, Do you have the clearer pic of the unidentified Luftwaffe officer? tvonk
  12. Color photos of foreing figures.

    Hi, The Heer general with Ante Pavelić is Edmund Glaise von Horstenau tvonk
  13. HI, It is Friedrich Materna tvonk
  14. Hi, It is Hermann Flörke actually. tvonk