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  1. Schuleschiffe

    Artillerieschulboot Fuchs
  2. Who can I trust? Golden Party Badges

    I would suggest looking at the recommended dealer sites and then checking their inventory. Regards, JustinG
  3. Moving House finding lost stuff

    Greetings, Is this in arabic or Farci? Nice personal history mementos.
  4. Linienschiffe

    What do you suppose that is from the top going down to the aft stern of the ship?
  5. I'm hoping to add a couple of nice buttons or perhaps shoulder boards etc.. Unfortunately, I can't find them when I have the funds and permission to purchase from the wife. Have to work on better timing. Nice patches you shared. Regards, JustinG
  6. Raubvogel Class

  7. Looking for a quality appraisal

    I am sorry for my mistype. I was meaning that these particular boots couldn't have been proven that Frank Luke Jr. wore these during actual flights. You know they very well might be flight boots. I have seen other flight boots that were lined with sheepskin or other material to help protect against frostbite and the cold elements that would be experienced. In a Book: "Knights of the Air" By Ezra Bowen TimeLife Books Copyright 1980 Page 42,43 they discuss and show the different actual flight uniforms which mention fur lined boots and showed some great photos of German, British, Turkish, French and other flight suits and boots. This was what I was basing my initial observations. Regards, JustinG
  8. Value of this item please? Any ideas?

    Well, the first question that one should ask regarding this kind of purchase is: What is the value to you? How would you display this? After doing a rough search, looks like they go for under 200USD. http://www.shopmilitarycollectiblesforsale.com/WWI/Wwii-Flight-Suit.html Here is some items to peruse. Some interesting fact is that Michael Eisner (Ex CEO Disney) was the grandson of this company namesake. Best regards, Justin
  9. Ship pins

    Very nice, I have never seen the Emden example you shared. Very nice. Regards, JustinG
  10. Greetings, I didn't see a thread that covered these so I will start. here's a shot of the Cap Arcona
  11. Looking for a quality appraisal

    Well, for insurance I would suggest looking to a place like Lloyd's of London. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lloyd's_of_London They insure quite a bit of rare items. If you can provide the proof, then this would be an option; I have no idea how much a yearly premium would be to maintain the policy. $10K is a great deal of money. I feel you will be greatly disappointed if you were to try to sell these boots on their own. Boots are a difficult thing to collect. These are not flight boots, they wouldn't have been worn during flight times and probably only a few handful of people outside of museums have a WW1 aviation flight tunic, britches, and such to showcase the complete ensemble. I was thinking to myself about if I had these boots, how would I have these displayed? How could I show the provenance that these were indeed, Frank Luke Jr. boots? It's difficult huh..... Well, that is exactly what and why it might be difficult to find a buyer who could afford and then know how to display these boots. This is just my thoughts. A museum would be a great idea. The Air force museum in Dayton is a great place, as is the Smithsonian. If you choose that path. Best Regards, JustinG
  12. E medals Real or Fake?

    Check out the pinned thread regarding member recommendations from various sites. Best Regards, JustinG
  13. Interesting photo postcard. Quite good construction as the blue cotton threads are present and plentiful. Very nice. Thanks for sharing. JustinG