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  1. Greetings, I wanted to share this incredible production. Narrated by Nicolas Jellicoe (Grandson to Admiral John Jellicoe, British fleet commander at the Battle of Jutland) Well done, unbiased and very interesting to watch. This is an incredible production, well worth the watch.
  2. Thank you for sharing the news of his passing. Very sad. He did have an incredible helmet collection. Best Regards, JustinG
  3. So I have almost completed this collection. I am just missing two more. Here is a lovely set i picked up. This is a huge lot, these ribbons don't come up too often.
  4. JustinG

    German WWII ships plaque?

    I am not sure but I think this is a letter B not an R. As for what this could be, I am not sure. Best Regards, JustinG
  5. Well, Looking at other accepted variations of this award, I would say this one seems to conform to accepted pieces. I would like to see the catch and the clasp retainer a bit better. If this was in my collection, I would think this is a good piece. This is my opinion. Best Regards, JustinG
  6. JustinG

    Any ideas on these?

    Really depends on when you sell them and who is available. "For every seller, there has to be a buyer to validate the value of something." Items like this are nice, but the market ebb and flow constantly. Perhaps with the right collector, someone might pay £100, but in my limited experience, I would guesstimate £60 for both. Best of luck, JustinG
  7. Great grouping. Thanks for sharing with us. Best regards, JustinG
  8. JustinG

    Panzer Skulls.

    A bit out of my expertise but I think that these are fine examples. Thanks for posting. Best Regards, JustinG
  9. I'm not a fan. I think this is a fantasy piece. By performing a simple google search, you can see that the words National-Sozialistiche D.A.P first is misspelled on Sozialistisc(N)e and the words National should't run down but start at the 8 O'clock and go upwards toward 12 o'clock on the edge. Save your money. Best Regards, JustinG
  10. JustinG


    Lets see what you have? There are some fascinating pieces I have seen in several collections. Let's see yours. Best Regards, JustinG
  11. Well, I would be curious how you could tell this was time period to the 2nd World War and not a post WW2 timeframe? That is the difficult thing with Allied equipment, especially items like this, it is practically impossible to date. Unless, a design was present during the WW2 period that was changed afterwords to a new pattern to help specifically date this piece. It is interesting. I think your assumption of coverall is a better assumption. Most fire suits I have seen always have a collar which could be secured in an upright position to protect the entire neck of the firefighter. These are just my observations. The name you gave "Broud Arrow" does not show up in a several search engine search. Broad Arrow was what was always attempted to try to reference. No manufacturing/ clothing Haberdashery was found. Thanks for sharing, JustinG
  12. JustinG

    Unknown WW2 German Patch ID

    Looks awfully thick. I am a bit more skeptical. Also, the continuation of the long feathers and the short feathers also raises my suspicions. Best Regards JustinG
  13. JustinG

    UK medal collection from WW1

    Nice collection. BR, JustinG
  14. Fantastic thread. Great examples and documents shared. I appreciated looking/reading this thread. Best Regards, JustinG
  15. Greetings, Many of you might know that I am working on building my Imperial German Navy cap tallies/Mützenbänder. Well, I managed to pick up a nice Silver S.M.S. Regensburg on a nice period Tellermütze. Thanks for looking.