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  1. Greetings, Well, I did deviate a bit. I purchased a large grouping of Mützenbänder from non-Jutland combatants and I thought I would start a thread showing our collections of S.M.S, K.u.K and imperial time Mützenbänder. I look forward to seeing what tallies you all have in your collections. Here we go:
  2. I managed to pick up a lovely grouping. Many are duplicates or other variants. But I acquired some new ones in here. The Rostock, Moltke, and Von Der Tann. Thanks for looking.
  3. There are several opinions given. I believe that there might have been constructed tallies produced but never issued. I have contacts with several very well known collectors and no one has ever seen a period Tirpitz or Bismarck tally in photo or in any collection. I believe that there might have or could be possibility of a ship tally. They weren't made available or issued. The Zerstörer Anton Schmitt is the last believed ship to have a tally made before the OKM order to convert and have all go with the "Kriegsmarine" designation. The timeline when launched vs commissioned is within the timeline when named units/ships would have constructed their Mützenbänder order placed. I have never seen one. As the years progress, I am a bit more skeptical, but I have a Kreuzer Lützow tally that I purchased from Weitze and many were amazed of it's existence. For Imperial tallies, I remember that several thought there was no Ubootflottille konstantinopel tally, But there was an it showed up in a private collection. Perhaps in an old safe at the Blohm-Voss shipyard there lies a horde of unissued/unreleased tallies of the Bismarck or in WIlhelmshaven for the Tirpitz? The fortunate thing is that all period constructed tallies have a very specialized jacquard looming construction to them. Besides the Schlachtschiff Scharnhorst (HMS Belfast) fake, (Never buy a shortened cellon or cotton Scharnhorst tally) There just aren't the fakes like you would find in any other cloth insignia group. The back is so recognizable of a period vs a non-period constructed tally. I never like to say never, especially with these two ships. The timeline and launch date are within the time when a tally might have been ordered/produced. There is no photographic evidence to my knowledge of a period named tally for these ships. That is what my feelings are with regards to the Tirpitz and the Bismarck and the possibility of a Mützenband for them. Best Regards, JustinG
  4. Congratulations. I am glad you are happy with your purchase. Looks super mint. Best Regards, JustinG
  5. Collection of JustinG

    I made a photo collage for my first pattern Sboat badge.
  6. I have photos of the event when Hitler in Memel during this time. It is impossible to see the name on the tally but it's a safe bet it was this.
  7. Collection of JustinG

    My completed collection of the 22 named Zerstörer Mützenbänder has to be shown next. A task that took about 11 years to complete and help from fellow collectors keeping eyes open in my hunt to achieve this. Tip of the hat to those gentlemen: :) Best Regards, JustinG
  8. Thanks for looking at my collection. I wish to say that I am going to put up items from my collection and share them with you fine individuals. If you have an item that you would like to share or a question on a particular piece that is not in my collection, I humbly ask that you do not post it here. Please start a separate thread. Comments, if you have other questions or requests are appreciated. I am posting this because on several other sites, others have jumped in and posted their items or asked opinions about originality of an item like a Mützenband or a Schiffswappen. I thank you for looking at my collection. Greetings, Well, It is about time to share some of my collection. I recently acquired this grouping from another long time collector. I am grateful to him for giving me the opportunity to acquire this. This ship has a well chronicled history. A unit that operated very successfully despite being up against incredible odds. If you have never heard of this ship or it's exploits, there are several good books out there to check out. On the lifebouy, the words SMS Emden are written in Gray lettering. it is very faint and is difficult to photo but I assure you it says S.M.S Emden. Thanks, JustinG
  9. The old age debate!

    Greetings, I am a medical device specialist/salesman. It is starting to warm up slowly. We are gaining about 5 minutes of daylight every day now until the solstice, when we will have about 22.5hours of daylight. I believe that we are at the peak of the collecting prices and interest. Just look around at the shops and see how long it takes to move a particular item, especially a more common item like an EK1 or EK2. Copies are a problem and did sour me a bit. One of my first pieces I purchased was a fake Wound Badge July 20th version. I was out $1000. I had little to no idea that forgeries like this were made. I still have it and it serves as a reminder to never get too excited or make an irrational decision. That old saying: " If something seems too good to be true..... It probably is." My collection is for me and for my enjoyment. I don't look at it as an investment. I know fully that I will never sell or get even remotely what I paid for my collection. The people who are looking at purchasing items and thinking that they are an investment, I believe they are going to be sorry. Unless the item is extremely rare or noteworthy, It will be hard to move at the prices that seem to be what the "consensus rate" is. I am sure we all have different values of what we are willing to pay. To each their own. Being in the right place at the right time and being a good person has paid dividends to me. I have had the help of many forum friends here and elsewhere who have helped me in my collecting endeavors. Some have sold me items from their collections by giving me first crack. My 1st pattern Sboat badge, A great S.M.S Emden grouping, a 1940/41 Panzerschiff Admiral Scheer Yearbook, My metal KM Rating/trade badges, the U-boat tallies grouping that Gordon Williamson sold me. I have been helped by many in this hobby and I am grateful. Well that's enough rambling. Best Regards, JustinG
  10. Subscriptions - Help HWMF

    I had the same issue. I see you were able to resolve it. So, I thought I would share the work around: Please clear your internet browser history from whatever browser you are using (google chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc...) Then re-log into the HWMF forum. This will clear that error preventing you from payment and helping this forum as a patron. All the best. JustinG
  11. The old age debate!

    I feel that for many it really depends on where they are in the countries. Those with historical interests nearby and able to take in articles I imagine would have a greater opportunity. I live in Alaska and the turnover for WW2 items is very poor. I can't go to a bazaar or a flea market and have a possibility of uncovering a great piece of imperial german, French, British items from WW2, WW1 or earlier. You Rich, while it might be hard to find items, you could possibly come across a DDR piece or something else, a commemorative broach or stein, perhaps an old walking/swagger stick, a tinnie or two. I am envious of your geographical location with regards to collecting. :) We have a similar age and introduction section here. Feel free to check that out. I am 37 just FYI. My collecting began at around 25 after I got out of the service, finished college and got a decent paying job. :) Best Regards, JustinG
  12. Here is a super rare one. I have never seen another one. This is believed to be for the Kriegsmarine honor guard that was present during the visit when Hitler visited Memel. Thanks for looking. JustinG
  13. SS document

    I Haven't seen a document like this before. The Company: W.F. Mayr in Wiesbach Germany did produce these kinds of documents. I wasn't able to find a true reference. It was listed in several war crime trials to prove association and membership in the SS. This document seems rather large. I had assumed that this document would be smaller or put directly into a soldiers Soldbuch. Both K98 and the 15657 didn't turn up anything. My hunch is that K98 might be the forum number and the serial number 15657 would be the sheet to log into a journal to show who/which soldier was associated with that particular oath ceremony. (Germans love nothing more than to document the heck out of things and then reference) :) This is a loyalty oath as stated by others. Please share the dimensions of the paper. Perhaps it is just the way you have photographed it but it does appear quite large. This is simply my observations. I only offer my opinion. Right now, I say I am intrigued and look forward to you producing the measurements of this please. One thing that I am curious about is there is no depot stamp location or witness or officiating officer who was present at the time of this oath. Kind of like a witness. This I find a bit strange? It is only my assumption however. Best Regards, JustinG
  14. Military Intelligence lot

    Lots of stuff to go through. Thanks for sharing.
  15. The second from the bottom looks like a Franz Joseph order. The longer leg of the bottom leads me to believe this. Best Regards, JustinG