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  1. Falcon1

    My New Panel JU88 5J+ER

    Richard, The ju 88 was in the beginning of the World War 2 conflict a bomber and belonging for that purpose to a l Kampfgeschwader. The Bf 110 had his role to play as a Zerstörer and therefore belonging to a Zerstörerunit that is why each airplane was built for a well known role to play in the whole. So You can not start to doubt on that fact. And I agree that ofcourse in archives their are gaps in the records but we can not deny the sunlight coming only from the sun. Here in this case, Your panel does NOT belong to a Ju 88 and if it was only a paint sample than we had an issue to discuss but the insignia gives it a 100% provenance to a Kampfgeschwader. You must face the fact that altough somebody tells You that it has lain undisturbed for 70 years this is not the truth as no Ju 88 flew with Messerschmitt structure. But this said, if You still want to believe that this part is genuie, whow am I. You can bring a horse to the water but You can not force it to drink! Here I end my contribution to this issue.
  2. Falcon1

    My New Panel JU88 5J+ER

    To me this has more the typical Messerschmitt structure but impossibe to say 109 or 110. But ofcourse that does not match with the emblem as that is typical from KG4. And no Zerstörer unit is flying with a bomber emblem. But that is why I know that sadly Your part is one of those forgeries. The forgers were in the beginning selling them like hotcakes as everybody likes such emblems. But in their haste in making a lot of money, suddenly too many emblems from JG 51-JG 52, JG 27, KG30, nightfighter emblems turned up in the same period and that was very suspecious. That is when I started to look closer and saw the obvious faults. But the forgers know that 95% of the collectors do NOT have that knowledge so they took the risks. Once ofcourse the information was spread the panels desappeared as quickly as they had seen the surface. But ofcourse those already sold now see after nearly 40 years change hands as those collectors have grown old and sell their collections and NOBODY is that honest to tell an interested party that it is in fact a forgery and that he has paied a lot of money for that forgery. He simply wants his money back that he paied at the time. A natural behaviour.
  3. Falcon1

    My New Panel JU88 5J+ER

    The picture on top of the 2 Ju 88 cockpits is my Ju 88A-4 cockpit but I have also the fuselage,engines, wings etc... Now to Your panel again. The Luftwaffe in the beginning of the war painted out-and inside of the skinning of the airplanes to protect it from corrosion.And You date Your panel as 1940 period so the internal skinning was 200% sure painted. And it is very suspicious to see a panel on the outside with nearly all its paint as on the inside their is simply none left. But this was typical for the guys forging these panels as they often used panels from wing panels and they had other colours schemes as the cockpit area. And I'm perhaps the cause of these clever adaptions because in the eigthies I saw the first panels pop up in aereojumbles in the UK and gave my critics and comments why they were forgeries and a year later those panels suddenly popped up with the internal colour on the inside of the panels completely gone. So the forgers had learned from my critics. I should better have shut my mouth!! The inside of the Ju88 has a typical structure on the reinforcement strings and Your panel does NOT have that typical structure so it can not be from a Ju 88. I have a Ju 88 A-4 version but in compairason with an A-1 or A-5 the structural view is nearly identical, only the equipment is different. And ofcourse rivetting is typical german so ALL german airplanes from the outside look identical on the rivetting as they use the same sorts of rivets in that period.
  4. Falcon1

    My New Panel JU88 5J+ER

    Hello, I must desappoint You but this part is NOT from a Ju 88. Having a Ju 88 myself I can see inside my cockpit that the internal side is not matching with the original inside of the Ju 88 cockpit. Also, having outside practically 90% of the paint surviving and NON surviving on the inside is very odd?? Their are already decades scrupulous guys selling such artifacts to collectors that have not the knowledge to judge what they're buying because they lack the technical expertise and knowledge to do so. I can send also pictures from other so called original artifacts that are in reality 200% fakes.