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  1. Hello friends My last post: Werner ROHRER " ... did he see combat action ?..." " ... did he survive the war ? ..." I found (with help) the sad answer ... The boy was killed on April the 24th 1945, only 6 days after his 16th birthday en 8 days after becomming a member of the Berlin Volkssturm .... A week later, the battle for Berlin was over ...
  2. Hello friends, This week I managed to find a simple, but at the same time very meaningful Volkssturm document that illustrates the downfall of Germany in April 1945. This is one of the (for me) most precious items in my collection. Imagine you're the father or mother when your son comes home with this ... and the more if you consider the date(s) ... Take care,
  3. Hello friends, Recently I found the Wehrpass of the Berliner Alois KNOBLAUCH. There is nothing special about it; it just shows how the Germans were struggling to fill the ranks. This man had, after his first classification a.v. Heimat, two new klassifications, G.V. Heimat, and later Bed. K.V. So the military administration almost succeeded in what the medical world could not achieve : curing the man ... Here follows his - short - story. Take care,
  4. Hello friends, I would like you to present some editions of the magazine "Deutscher Volkssturm - der Dienstappell" This was a "weekly magazine" intended for the Volkssturm Company commanders to give propaganda and political guidance. These editions are nowadays scarce They have no date on them and most likely there were only a good dozen editions printed between November 1944 and March 1945. The Bundes Archiv holds 10. In my collection I have 7 of those Edition 1 Edition 2 Edition 3
  5. Hi guys, Thanks, but Bart was joking ... A while back, I posted this document below. The line : " Diese Bestätigung gilt auch gegenüber die Kartenstelle", (This certification is valid for the Kartenstelle as well) I could not explain. Now I think I can ... HABERLACH was "activated" in the 19th Battalion between February the 24th and April the 20th 1945. In this timeframe he was considered to be a Wehrmacht-member. The civil population received on a monthly base ration cards for bread, fat etc ... As a drafted Volkssturmmann, HABERLACH did not recieve his civil ration (food) card any more, as he was fed by the Wehrmacht. Berlin counted many "Kartenstellen" where these ration cards (Bezugscheine) were handed out. (Below those of TREPTOW, where HABERLACH lived) On April the 20th 1945, HABERLACH was dismissed from the Volkssturm and became an ordinary civilian. He needed this document to proove that fact at the Kartenstelle, most likely for him in the Kopenicker Straße nr. 42, and to apply again for his civil rationcard as an inhabitant of Berlin. Take care,
  6. Good afternoon friends, A happy 2018 In these days off, I found the time to write an other article... The military training of the Volkssturm ... Not to deep going but perhaps of interest for some .
  7. Show us your Best of 2017 !

    Hello friends ... Most prized piece .... mmmmmh, to make a father choose between his kids ... For me the best thing in my collection is always the next thing to be discovered ... Here some of my new items 2017 Make it a sparkling 2018, and enjoy the hobby wit lots of happy hunting ...
  8. For those interested ... The back of the handwritten paper holds a small list with names... The list with names: Most likely these were Volkssturmmen from the same "Gruppe SCHELENZ" I managed to indentify some of them ... Gruppenführer SCHELENZ Josef, Südwest korso 7 Volkssturmmänner - HAEUSLER Alfred, Bank beamter, Kaiser Allee 66 - PRÜTER Arno, Ing., Mainauer Straße 5 - ZUNKER Willy, Dentist, Kaiser Allee 63 - MARQUART Otto, Ing., Senta Str. 1 - TEMPE Willibald, Schreiner Fehlerstr. 8 I did find some other names from this list, but IMO those had their address (all in Friedenau) a bit to far from the "main area" with the positively identiefied men. Following regulations, members of a platoon should all come from the very same neighborhood ... And this would be the area in Friedenau where they lived (highlighted yellow) Take care,
  9. Good morning, The "Geburtenbücher" are online (with subscription) but as far as I know only up to the year 1899. Knowing that the Volkssturmmann Alfred Heinrich Rudolf HAEUSLER was born on Juli the 25th 1897, I looked him up. All the documents I have, have his name written as "HAEUSLER". The screenshot shows my search for HAEUSLER and you can read what came up: the same man now written HÄUSLER Even in the Berlin addressbook 1943, the name is written as HÄUSLER The boy (possible his son), Klaus HÄUSLER, born 1929 is not researchable Take care