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  1. Hi Hans Here is the L/10 mm on the Staigemier badge I posted. Best Regards, fischer
  2. Hi Hans Pay close attention to the reverse of the Staegemier fakes...you will find flaws that replicate on the two badges.
  3. Notice these are the same basic pics as the badge in question...
  4. Hello For me, the Deschler IAB is a fake often found on the Staegemier web site. Here is another one.
  5. Hello As Stewy stated, this one is a fake. It is referred to as the UK fake (this one purportedly first showed up in the UK) and can be found on re-enactor sites. Here is one I have for comparison....the leaf/vein patterns are a match.
  6. Hi BMB I agree with the others; you have a nice hollow "Egghead" example. To date, the Egghead is the only example found with the teardrop shaped hinge plate in use. The variant the Hans N shows is the rarer of the two hollow Eggheads having the smaller block hinge hardware. Here is one I have to compare. Best Regards, fischer
  7. As stated, an interesting badge...The value is in the artistic lure of the piece as direct wartime lineage is impossible to prove. Best Regards, fischer
  8. I can only echo what has been stated...a very interesting piece and visually appealing. As you state, provenance will be difficult to prove. Cheers, fischer
  9. Fischer


    As we are discussing crimped in hardware BSW examples, I thought I would show the other crimped variant. This one is referred the BSW smooth crimped-in ISA Best Regards, fischer
  10. Fischer


    Hello Thanks Bart! I was fortunate to get two of these box sets when this BSW horde find appeared on the collector market. As you can see, I left one cloud box set fully intact with the brownish tissue paper still covering the ISA...just as it was when it left the factory. As my willpower is not that strong, I unwrapped the second one... Here is a better scan of the my waffle crimped BSW example. Note the late war chrome-silver type coating was not very durable and with time, the zinc base is showing through. Best Regards, fischer
  11. Nice one with a great bronze finish... This one is an unmarked example, correct?
  12. Fischer


    Nice example Mate...this is the BSW variant that is usually found with the so-called cloud boxes.
  13. Very nice Stewy mate! I am fond of the badges with unusual hardware. Best Regards, fischer
  14. Fischer

    Bronze GWL PKA

    Nice Mate...as you state, tough to find. Congrats on this new addition...
  15. Hi Mate Glad to see you got a scanner; I look forward to you getting it squared away and seeing all your examples in HD. The obverse looks spot on...I'm guessing the grey balance got out of whack somehow on the reverse as Sven mentioned. Cheers, fischer