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  1. Thanks so much, did not know much about these camps. Ris
  2. Thanks so much I found this thread very fascinating.
  3. Ris

    Merry Christmas!

    Seasons greetings to one and all and thanks for all the information imparted during this year and in the past. Ris from Surrey England
  4. Bart, such information brings the individuals war experiences to life. Ris
  5. Looking through Brian Leigh Davis's book "Badges and Insignia of the Third Reich" the Forestry Service has this colour scheme.
  6. Lou, very nice modelling, smart paintwork. Ris
  7. Never forget the sacrifice of those so young who gave all for their country.
  8. Thanks, fascinating to see.
  9. Looks fantastic even if it is only just starting, good luck with your collecting and await more photos. Ris
  10. Hi Snoman, Using Brian Leigh Davis's book "Badges & Insignia of the Third Reich" it shows this badge as a Flag Bearer's Insignia. The Picture in his book on Plate 62 item 2 is more yellow than yours but that may be due to the printing. This item is identified on Page 194 as Jager (rifle) and Gebirgsjager (Mountain Troops) units. Hope this helps. Ris
  11. Dave, an interesting film, thanks for posting. Ris
  12. I always was under the impression that WD meant War Dept and the broad arrow indicated "Utility" ie made during war time. I have a very nice bureau with the large broad arrow across the back. Hope this information assists. Gerry
  13. Dave, I only remember being taught about the flag and its make up and reasons for the method of flying when in the Scouts back in the 50s. Regards Gerry
  14. Dave, nice flag but you have photographed it upside down, the broad white stripe should be at the top. A bit picky I know but it bugs me that Brits do not know how to fly the flag correctly. With the narrow white band at the top it indicates distress. Maybe the country is in !!!. Gerry
  15. Recently visited whist visting friends who live outside of Maastricht a museum which I believe is relatively new at Beek. The address is Maastrichterlaan 45, 691 AB Beek. Their web site is www.eyewitnesswo2.nl which shows snapshots of the 13 dioramas in the museum. "The museum exhibits the European history of the Second World War in words and images by means of film, photography and display cases containing original uniforms and attributes". It does concentrate on the occupation of The Netherlands and follows the path of August Segel a Fallschirmjager from training to the final days of the war in Berlin through his letters home. Most impressive was the large collection of "original" medals and badges and original artifacts showing the Fuhrer signature on a Knights Cross Award Document and at least one item I would just love to have a salesmen's display case of medals and badges from Steinhauer & Luck. Would be interested in hearing of any members visit and their thoughts. Regards Ris