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  1. christiandbn

    Kriegsmarine Jumper maker

    Hi Eduard, Bruno, I'm bumping this topic back up since I need your help. I went for this shirt, however, I received a totally different one, in much poorer condition. I'm attaching some photos to ensure that at least the shirt and trousers are genuine, and maybe the insignia. Many thanks in advance.
  2. christiandbn

    Kriegsmarine Jumper maker

    Thanks guys, Since you're of the opinion that the jumper is war-time, What's a fair amount for it? Thanks, Christian
  3. christiandbn

    Kriegsmarine Jumper maker

    Eduardo, given your experience and knowledge, should I go for it?
  4. christiandbn

    Kriegsmarine Jumper maker

    Thanks Eduardo. I'm attaching some more photos form the same item maybe you can give me more feedback. Thanks a lot, Christian
  5. Dear All, I'm new here as I came across a post about KM uniforms. I have a question about the maker of this KM jumper, hope you can help me. I've not found anything about it and I would like your opinion about this item. Thanks, Christian