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  1. A colourised version I did a while back, (Source Wikipedia)
  2. Hi all, my main hobby is collecting ODM's but also have an interest in military photography. I look at black and white images and try to imagine what they may have looked like to the photographer taking the photo---in colour, so I thought I would try and replicate that by colourising a few, I am meticulous in trying to ensure total accuracy and hopefully achieve that, so I thought I would post a few, some people like them and some don't, but here goes. regards Alex K
  3. Hi all, not posted for quite a while so thought I would add a few of mine regards Alex K
  4. Sobel

    Order of the Crown

    Hi all, I don't know if you are like me but I collect ODM's mostly British and European, but tend to concentrate of a few specific ones. One of my favourite is the Romanian Order of the Crown, I find them particularly attractive both 1st and 2nd types so have started a small collection which I hope in time will grow. Attached are mine so far, It would be nice to see any that members may have regards Alex K
  5. Sobel

    Order of Civil Merit

    Hi all, I thought I'd post this as an example of my earlier varied collecting mix, the Order of Civil Merit, 3rd class Commander awarded to Romanian 1st Secretary Alexandru Zamferesko at the Romanian Embassy in Bulgaria, can't find much info on him yet but he's listed on Wikipedia!! Ignore the case, it's homemade purely for safe storage. regards Alex K
  6. Hi all, attached is my collection of Mutterkreuz's, with minatures, At the time the photo was taken, they were frame mounted for wall display, I find them quite an attractive award. Unfortunately, as with most TR decorations, they have been heavily faked, (I know in the earlier days of collecting I've had my fingers burnt). hope one day to obtain a genuine early piece with the original reverse inscription of "Das Kind Adelt Die Mutter" but these are extremely rare, and once again good copied exist, (An example attached this is not mine) regards Alex K
  7. Hi all, it may sound like an odd title but I actually don't collect hats!, over the years and travels however, I've ended up acquiring a few (As you do) so I thought I'd post them as I can't think of anything else to do with them, My grandson plays with them, nothing special but enjoy. regards Alex K
  8. Another one Heerfliegertruppe early dark grey, light grey piping dated October 1967 manufacturer Bamberger
  9. Josef Fitzek Walter Nowotny Bodo Spranz
  10. I have a bad habit of picking a subject and then colourising suitable images until I decide enough is enough (For the time being) I then I move onto the next subject. One subject was POW's and I did quite a few, so to have a clear-out, the ones a consider to be OK are attached. hope you don't mind. They show resignation, despair, confusion, arrogance and glad to have made it regards Alex K
  11. Hi Bart thank you glad you enjoy them. Larry nice weddings as usual. regards Alex K
  12. Hi Patrick it's not too bad at all actually taking into account a very early attempt, the uniform looks quite neat, as I mentioned before, faces can be the most difficult to make realistic, it does take a lot of practice to achieve all the different skin tones and shades found on a face, but the more you do the more confident you become so well done and keep at it. Alex K
  13. Hi Larry, thanks, You'll have to post some more of yours, I like the weddings ones. I admit that whilst I'm fairly familiar with military uniforms, civilian uniforms are not my strongest point, but I like to have a go, Here's a Reichsbahn employee I've had a quick go at, I think it's about right, what do you think, you seem quite familiar with civi uniforms regards Alex K
  14. Von Runstedt and Meinhard Rosenmuller (A WW1 fighter ace who was given an honourary rank in the Luftwaffe)
  15. Thank you Morten regards Alex K
  16. Hi all and thanks, Patrick I had Gimp, but it didn't suit me, I actually work with a very old version of Photoshop, it's version 4.0, this was developed for operating system Windows 95!, I have upgraded my operating system through Windows 98, Windows 2000, XP and am currently on Windows 2007. For the technically minded, Photoshop 4.0 is 16bit software, XP was 32bit but would operate 16bit, so no problem, Windows 2007 is 64bit and it tells me it can't run 16bit software but it does for some reason, admittedly a few tools won't run but I never used them anyway, they are sort of Gimmicky. It's not a quick fix colourising software, but has the ability for you to use your brains and accumulated expertise to produce some really good stuff, I am quite happy using it. Some of my later work
  17. SS Flemish Officer Karel Lagast
  18. Karl Koch, camp Commandant Buchenwald KZ (For those that like the White summer uniforms)
  19. Hi Patrick, thanks, I have no problem with you saving them, at least you asked (many don't and my colourisations have appeared on numerous other sites without my knowledge). With regards to colourisation, it's really a case of practice, after a while it does become quite easy, faces are the hardest thing to make realistic. A few more Rudolf Hess Otto Dietrich and an unknown SS man, this is so "Over the Top" I had to colourise it. regards Alex K
  20. Hi all, Hitler congratulating a general, at the Wolfschanze I think, anyone know who he is? Regards Alex K