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  1. Thanks very much for your continued comments - its very highly appreciated. The plinth was commissioned by John Horne in the early eighties, I have some paperwork that does confirm this. I totally agree Jim it does set the bronze bust off nicely. Its very true about the candle on the DE grave, it is often lit and I actually know the gentlemen that does this. Over the next few weeks I will be taking the bust to a contact who has many, many original photographs of the original when it stood in position at the memorial. Certainly the bust in the Ulric book does have identical cast markings to mine, this is a strong pointer to it being the same bust for sure. It will be a case of proving the bust in the book is the original from the braunhaus - I think it has every chance of being so, and then that of course makes mine the one and same. Keep you all informed. Regards to all. Dave.
  2. Here is the plinth that came with the bust and its certainly post WW2 and sold as that. Regarding the Eckart bronze I still feel it has a great chance of being the braunhaus piece. The photos below show the braunhaus DE bronze and the bronze owned by John Horne pictured in the Ulric book. Certainly John Horne is listed in my providence as past owner of my bronze. I will continue to investigate and keep you all informed. Regards to all. Dave.
  3. I have just gained evidence that this DE bronze "may be" the actual bronze from the Munich Braunhaus. I have the full purchase history and it does verify a certain ownership that did own the NSDAP memorial DE bronze. I will keep you informed. Regards Dave.
  4. Holden

    three allach

    Herend is a Hungarian porcelain manufacturer - very popular in the USA. Below is an example of their work, I purchased this piece recently. Best regards Dave.
  5. Holden

    three allach

    Very nice items and the quality is sadly missed in many of the porcelain we see produced today - only only Herend comes close as a modern manufacturer in my opinion. Thanks for showing. Regards Dave.
  6. Thanks very much for your comments Gentlemen. Best regards Dave.
  7. Thanks Erich for your kind comments - I will PM you shortly as I can fill in a few more gaps. Unfortunately it may not be the end of my collecting - its a drug as you know and from what I am hearing, many wonderful items will surface over the next couple of years. All the best. Dave.
  8. A belated Happy New Year to you all!! I will only post this on very few forums, but I feel the HWF should be included as your content and polite approach is always a pleasure to see. I have just obtained this and with the additional paperwork I have acquired at its root source, I firmly believe it is the Dietrich Eckart Bust from the DE Roomat the now demolished Platterhof Hotel. From the plans you will see the design was to mount on a shelf that was screwed to the wall. This arrangement was identical to that of the DE rooms bronze bust. I am continuing to research and will inform later. Kind regards to all. Dave. www.broadswordmilitaryhistory.com
  9. Holden

    Great Forum.

    I would just like to say congratulations on the running of this forum. Its not only a wealth of knowledge, but also a very pleasant place to spend a little time - very rare in this hobby we love. A very top job BartV. Best regards. Dave Holden Collector - TR Art.
  10. Thank you kindly for your comments Jim - I now know 100% who the MK was given to by AH. I will post later in a week or two. Thank you again. Dave Holden.
  11. Hello all. Below is an item that has just come my way. Its the second edition MK with the blue linen cover - dated 1930. This edition I believe is one of the very early editions of the second editions. The picture of AH internal cannot be seen in any other edition and I think it altered after 1930, so was only present in this particular edition - I am researching this at present. The dedication inside is the typical early Adolf Hitler signature. Below this it is stating basically "Congratulations on your 40th Birthday - Munich 25th June - 1930". I know who this book is dedicated to, but will inform in a few weeks as its been requested of me. Its a great find direct from the Family - could I please ask you to be as kind not to post your opinions who it might have belonged to at present. Thanks for your understanding and I will let you know in a few weeks. Best regards to all. Dave
  12. I have been collecting TR Art for more years than I actually would like to remember. I always keep my ear close to the ground with reference to any new TR related works of art that may shortly be on the open market. The feeling in Germany over the last 3 to 4 years has been an actual realisation of the great works of art produced during the TR period - i.e. by Breker, Thorak, Ziegler, Liebermann etc, are just that - GREAT WORKS OF ART and away from the ideology supposedly that they support. There is the Breker museum and rumoured very shortly a museum dedicated to Thorak, the attitude is changing and to be quiet honest looking at these incredible pieces - no one can deny that the beauty and pure talent that it has taken to create them, is of the very highest order - and NOT a swastika in site!!! I believe as the acceptance increases of these wonderful pieces, then the demand also - this goes hand-in-hand with the value, which can surely only increase. I consider that Allach pieces belong in the framework of art from the TR era - so in turn this will go up in value greatly. This is my philosophy on the subject, hope it goes someway to explain my opinions. Regards to all. Dave Holden.
  13. As usual very nice items from both of you - Allach values will increase ten-fold within the next 5 years, buy it why you can. Regards Dave.
  14. Lovely little flag. These actually hung from bicycles most commonly - used as a general showing of support for the NSDAP. Of course they could have been used elsewhere for sure, but I have seen photos of these in use on cycles. Nice flag and thank you for posting. Regards Dave.