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  1. Some trade insignia and eagles

    Justin, those insignias are really nice and rare, congratulations
  2. Some trade insignia and eagles

    Nice photos and insignias mates, I love these
  3. Some trade insignia and eagles

    Well done Larry, this looks better each time, you have found some rare pieces
  4. Kriegsmarine men wearing cufftitles

    Sold today on ebay, an extremely rare KM man wearing the fieldgrey uniform with the KURLAND cuff title
  5. Great picture Morten, not easy to see the "students" in their practices on board
  6. Hi,

    First time on the forum so not sure if its the right way to contact yet!
    Need a little help with a recent purchase,
     A 1942  Reichskriegsflg, Kiel, 85 x 150 (2nd Pattern)

    I have a few genuine flags but have attached images of this one and could do with some info.

    The construction is cotton, not nylon, and its a lightweight weave with only 2 x basic rows of stitching, so if genuine could only have been a bunting of indoor flag.
    I cant find any reference to this size although I know all sizes were made.
    I'm happy with the print, I'm even fairly sure the material itself is of date....however, the Iron Cross has been stitched right at the top of the flag.
    The distance from the centre disc would appear to be correct but I cant tell if A) it is simply, an in date second, or B) a Fake.
    My usual hedging would be Fake but as its such a glaring mistake it would be less usual for a copy than a genuine second??

    Any help/input would be much appreciated.   KR Sean






  7. Need help of these photo!

    Hi André, nice to see you here again. Probably you are right about the first specialist insignia, only one side of the chevron is visible, but for sure looks like that, good eye.
  8. Die Kriegsmarine

    These uniforms were displayed for the book, the model did a good job
  9. Top collection my friend, love to see them all together
  10. Deutsche Handelsmarine
  11. Kommandantur Wilhelmshaven
  12. Kriegsmarine Book by Eduardo

    The first copies of the book already have arrived to their owners, finally after a lot of time and effort. The first feedbacks that I received and have seen in the forums has been very positive, which I thank wholeheartedly and reward me amply, I think that the objectives that I set myself when I started the project have been fulfilled, many thanks to all. Especially Gordon thank you very much for your words, coming from such renowned author and researcher filled me with pride.
  13. Hi Justin, nice original set IMO. This “tall” wreath variant is IMO a very early model.
  14. Ostsee Station (Baltic) Ship Cadre Battalions
  15. Rare combination of shoulder boards metal devices, the naval transport battalions insignia with a Gothic “K” above, maybe used by the Kanal transport units.