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  1. Hello all, I have been always very interesting in the Wehrmacht units insignia's, and even more in Kriegsmarine. I wrote this for myself a while ago and would like to share with you. Please share your own pieces and knowledge with us to complete or correct it. I hope you enjoy with it. File upgraded in May 2018 with some new information Kriegsmarine Feldgrau Shoulder Straps 2018.pdf
  2. Eduardo D.

    Insignia of the Marineküstenpolizei

    Finally I have closed my MKP display.
  3. Hello, I would like to open a thread to show period pictures, or original jackets and tunics, from Kriegsmarine men wearing any kind of cufftitle, what is very unusual. To start one of the rarest, KURLAND.
  4. Hello, I'm very interesting in all the auxiliar services of the Kriegsmarine, as the Marine helferinen, these ladies held a very important job during the war and are often forgotten by the collectors. Please show here your KM female pieces or pictures. Some day I would like to have a complete Marinehelpherinnen uniform, but is not easy. I have this set from a woman, personal-ausweis with picture, ID tag, ... a rare cufftitle in green. I also have two nice caps.
  5. Eduardo D.

    Some trade insignia and eagles

    Great photos Moten, can we see them. I have one of them in my collection
  6. Hello all, we want to present you our first title, due for release at November 2018, available in English and Spanish. SPANISH BLUE DIVISION COMMEMORATIVE MEDALS by Angel González Pinilla and Antonio Barrera Govantes The book is in full color in the format of 6.7" x 9.5" (17 x 24 cm), hardback with dust jackets, around 200 pages and more than 300 high resolution photos. This book is the first one studying in detail the commemorative medals created by both Germans and Spaniards in recognition of the important contribution to the German war effort on the Eastern Front of the Spanish volunteers, which was quite disproportionate in relation to its size. The first part will guide the reader into the historical context in which these medals were conceived, followed in detail by the regulations and decrees that originated them, their design, their different manufacturers and identifiable features, their concession documents and their distribution. THE BLUE DIVISION THE BLUE SQUADRON 1st SQUADRON 2nd SQUADRON 3rd SQUADRON 4rd SQUADRON 5th SQUADRON COMMEMORATIVE MEDAL FOR THE SPANISH VOLUNTEERS IN THE STRUGGLE AGAINST BOLCHEVISM CREATION AND REGULATIONS THE MEDAL - Design - German made medals - Spanish made medals - Copies MINIATURES PRESENTATION ENVELOPE CONCESSION CERTIFICATES COMMEMORATIVE MEDAL OF THE RUSSIAN CAMPAIGN CREATION AND REGULATION THE MEDAL - Design - Manufacture - Copies MINIATURES PRESENTATION BOX CERTIFICATE OF CONCESSION USE OF THE MEDALS IN SPAIN USE OF GERMAN MEDALS USE OF MEDALS ON THE SERVICE UNIFORM USE OF THE MINIATURE MEDALS SPECIAL OFFER: Pre-publication price 48,00 € (20% off the sale price). PRE-ORDER NOW, send us an email to: gutiksland@gutiksland.com
  7. Book is now printed and ready, you can buy it here: www.gutiksland.com
  8. Last days for the pre-publishing offer, we will attend any order received until next October 15th. Books will be send on the first week of November.
  9. Hello again, thanks to all of you who have contacted us interested in the book. Until next October 15th we continue with the pre-publication offer at a price of €48.00 plus shipping costs. If you are interested send us an email to gutiksland@gutiksland.com or a private message here. We show you some inner pages of the Spanish version so you can see the content and the level of detail shown. Thank you and greetings.
  10. Hi Morten, really busy lately closing my first publishingcompany book. I will do in some weeks when it will be closed and I have the time, sorry.
  11. Ni picture Morten, these are also rare to find. I have update my field-grey shoulder straps collection with some niceand rare addition, will try to show them here.
  12. Eduardo D.

    Kriegsmarine dagger by WKC

    Is easier than you are thinking ...
  13. Great Picture Morten, never seen the use of a metal device over the bicolor tab. Also note the he ois wearing the Winter Campain medal ribbon, what I have seen in other men with these shoulder boards. Some information about it in the last page of the my file.
  14. New info about this shoulder boards devices combination, Gotic "N" (not "K") with the Naval Transport Battalions insignia, used by the 2.Marine Kraftfahr Lehrabteilung
  15. Eduardo D.

    Collection of JustinG

    Great collection Justin, always love to see it
  16. Eduardo D.

    Some trade insignia and eagles

    Justin, those insignias are really nice and rare, congratulations
  17. Eduardo D.

    Some trade insignia and eagles

    Nice photos and insignias mates, I love these
  18. Eduardo D.

    Some trade insignia and eagles

    Well done Larry, this looks better each time, you have found some rare pieces
  19. Eduardo D.

    Kriegsmarine men wearing cufftitles

    Sold today on ebay, an extremely rare KM man wearing the fieldgrey uniform with the KURLAND cuff title
  20. Great picture Morten, not easy to see the "students" in their practices on board
  21. Eduardo D.

    Need help of these photo!

    Hi André, nice to see you here again. Probably you are right about the first specialist insignia, only one side of the chevron is visible, but for sure looks like that, good eye.
  22. Eduardo D.

    Die Kriegsmarine

    OK, as nobody is showing his collection, I post the first thread here and show my Kriegsmarine collection, I hope you enjoy. I have a small war room of 12 square meters, very well used ... pictures are not very new but I have not enought light now, I have to chance the complete system after a while.
  23. Eduardo D.

    Die Kriegsmarine

    These uniforms were displayed for the book, the model did a good job
  24. Top collection my friend, love to see them all together