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  1. Hi Martin, Sadly, you would have to do that every year because the fakes just continue to get better and better. And once these fakes are shown, the fakers would immediately change all the little "red flags" that are pointed out and then you have a new set of fakes to have to write about The best advice I coudl give is to continue to study the originals, and use all the information shown in the Para book and forums to analyze an item. Especially the dimensions, that would have eliminated this fake immediately if they had been taken and compared with the Para book. But even without these, you guys were noticing many little red flags and that is awesome! I know it is sometimes tempting to overlook a red flag or two if the rest of the badge looks good (I do it myself on occassion). But when you start racking up multiple red flags, then you have to sit back and really analyse what you are looking at because 99% of the time it will be a good fake! Here we racked up many flags (poor obverse detail, rivets that are close but not exactly correct, weird catch (both in thickness and silver-color metal), poor maker mark that looks cast rather than struck in, pin end not correct, no eagle flaw, etc.). If you add in the smaller dimensions, the overall picture should immediately reveal you are just looking at a well made fake. Tom
  2. Hi guys, Trust your gut!! If there are little things that don't look right or don't match what you see in the para book, then I assure you there is a reason for it. This is a well made fake. Very, very close to an original, but many little red flags that you guys have picked up on. The biggest give away with this type of fake is its smaller size. I bet if you measured it, it would be a good bit smaller in height and width of the wreath. Weight is also a good indicator, but this varies too much between originals so a much more reliable determiner is the height and width. Tom
  3. Thomas Durante

    Show your Bomber Clasps

    Nice clasps guys! Peter, your bronze is indeed an Unmarked Juncker in post 15, very nice! Tom
  4. Thomas Durante

    CCC in bronze

    Beauty for sure, very nice AGMuK clasp Tom
  5. Thomas Durante

    Hollow Deumer

    Hi Kevin, Gorgeous example, very nice early Deumer. Tom
  6. Thomas Durante

    FLL Air gunner - zinc

    Hi Adam, I can only agree with the others, a very nice FLL ROAG in great condition. Sloppy soldering of the hardware is a signature of FLL production Tom
  7. Thomas Durante

    Pab - Ha

    Hi Charlie, Great PAB in excellent condition. These Aurich's have really nice detail, one of my favorite PABs. Tom
  8. Thomas Durante

    My Para Badges

    Hi Jan, All very nice my friend. I have seen them before posted on WAF, but never get tired of seeing your Paras, there are some very rare ones in there. Congrats on some very nice badges. Tom
  9. Thomas Durante

    ROAG - Imme

    Hi Charlie, Very nice ROAG in great condition. Clearly an IMME-produced product with their signature rivets, hardware and typical silver finish. Congrats on a nice addition. Tom
  10. Very nice Sven, lovely character on this one! Tom
  11. Nice original AGMuK clasp. Looks to have a little bit of zincpest, but still a very nice clasp with almost all its finish remaining. Tom
  12. Thomas Durante

    Opinions on a P/O badge in cloth

    Hi Pierre, Cloth badges have to be some of the hardest things to authenticate. While the obverse of yours looks OK, I don't like the type of thread used on the reverse. That grey-looking thread is pretty typical of fakes. Not sure if it can also be found on originals, but I don't recall seeing that before and knowing it was used on fakes would make me leary of this one. Tom
  13. Thomas Durante

    J1, J2, J3 pilot badges

    All very nice Mark. Can we see some closeups of each? Tom
  14. Thomas Durante

    Luftwaffe Panzer Badge

    AGREED, very poor fake. Wish all the fakes were this easy to detect. Tom
  15. Thomas Durante

    J4 Fliegerschütze

    Hi Michael, I can only agree with the others, a very fine original Juncker ROAG. Tom