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  1. TinLid

    HSAT MK1 ?

    No, I'll give you 5. and on and.....
  2. TinLid

    HSAT MK1 ?

    I'll pay you double what you paid for it 20 years ago. Price, well what anyone's prepared to pay for it, ebay prices swing quite dramatically. You might get £1800, another day £2400.
  3. TinLid

    HSAT MK1 ?

    Apart from a loss of a nut and bolt, that's a lovely HSAT.
  4. TinLid

    HSAT MK1 ?

    Yep, Mk1 HSAT, fibre rim, if you want to sell it for petty cash I'll buy it. But I can assure you, you will get considerably more than petty cash. A few more pics would be good though, date, pic of outside rear, chin cup. Thanks for showing.
  5. You can pick them up from £45-120 in the UK.
  6. A nice standard British army Mk2, date 41/42.
  7. An Mk1 HSRAC (Helmets, Steel, Royal Armoured Corps) British made, but as it has an Canadian liner, maybe the flash is Canadian too.
  8. TinLid


    Here's a few.
  9. TinLid


    DC, Decontamination, white initials on black helmet?
  10. Looks like something out of doctor who. Very nice and collectable, and rare.
  11. I'd go British helmet, refurbished/used by the Greeks.
  12. What lovely items and condition.
  13. Known Heat Stamp Marks of M1917 shells. UC. YJ. ZA. ZB. ZC. ZD. ZE. ZF. ZH. ZJ. So ZC-305 thought to belong to Columbian Enameling & Stamping Co. Known M1917 Helmet Liner Manufacturers Stamp Marks. Leatherwear Co of America - Brooklyn - New York. A.J.Bates - Webster - Massachusetts. L.C.C.&.Co - 1917. R.H.Long.&.Co - 1917. A.E.Little Co - Boston. F.M.H.S. Co