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  1. Yes, R, for rescue, being white for an rescue party foreman. The two small black horizontal bars are unusual, but there was a lot of different markings when it comes to home front helmets. They could have been just perculiar to that one area. Helmet is most likely dated 38/39.
  2. Well, that is unusual, M for factory name, rather than Messenger?
  3. If it's in the book, must be right. Nice one
  4. The Mk2 helmet was still being used by the British army up until the early 50's. 1950-53ish. Here's an 55 dated one, not seen any later, but there could be.
  5. Not seen a net like that before, what helmet is it on.
  6. Anyone who worked on the home front, after March 1939 as a general rule, HF helmets were painted black.
  7. An helmet that was mostly used on the home front, smooth khaki green paint, as apposed to textured khaki green for the military.
  8. If they are stamped with an M or asterisk, they will be magnetic, and not for military use. But they look the same.
  9. & I was going to ask you what they were.
  10. Although not my area of collecting, I'd go for US civil defence. The way the liner is fixed, plus the anchor stamp.
  11. An double decal, as with these and the Mk4, they had a long hard service life.
  12. Most likely Stretcher Party, as used in London only. The rest of the UK F.A.P. (first aid party/post)
  13. Probably some did not add their letters, or other helmets were not used by the ARP service.
  14. It's an Mk2 No.1.not an Mk2 No.2 (1-4 holes in the brim) meaning it is made of manganese steel, and if it were painted in textured paint on the outside, would have been issued to the military. Being smooth khaki green inside and out means it was used on the home front, when in early 1939 they tried to standardize ARP helmets, they painted them black from the factory. Hence others that were painted khaki green, but not always followed, were over painted black. That's why you see so many with khaki green paint on the inside, but black,white (promotion), or other colours on the outside.
  15. TinLid

    HSAT MK1 ?

    No, I'll give you 5. and on and.....