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    Jerry, has the inside had an heavy textured repaint as well?
  2. British made helmet, Harrison Bros. & Howson, but the colour of the paint looks like post war Dutch civil defence.
  3. What a nice helmet to start with, plenty of use,with a marking to the front. Which I have no clue to what it is. Now for your next British helmet
  4. The liner might be Israeli, helmet probably WW2 British but used by Israel post war.
  5. If it wouldn't have had the all singing all dancing diamonds, I might have thought it was one of those Irish CS marked helmets. But yours is lovely.
  6. Read up on helmets here, and other forums before buying. Or, post up pictures of helmets you see, so others can advise if good or not.
  7. Need help

    It all points to being an Australian helmet, lugs, cruciform pad, the make up of the liner, raw edge, the only thing that is different is the way the lugs are fitted to the shell. They should be rivets and not nut and bolt, or all the ones I've seen. Being magnetic could be that it has been contaminated over the years, or like British inferior helmets, they were used on the home front only.
  8. Need help

    From those not so good pictures, I'd go for an Australian WW2 army Mk2. There should be on the inside of the liner some date/maker name.
  9. Not my area, but I'd go with it being an US M1917 or M1917A1, used post war by one of the European Countries like Holland or Belgium.
  10. A nicely used army Mk2, textured outside, smooth in 1938-41, 41 onwards textured inside as well.
  11. Lovely, and rare, you certainly have been busy recently.
  12. Looks like a rank marking for the NFS,company officer.
  13. Mk1 HSRAC

    An Mk1 HSRAC with an flash to the side of the Royal signals. Liner is dated 1943.